Gear or Gearless Cycle for Weight Loss: Which one should you pick in 2023

by | Aug 28, 2023 | Tips & Guide

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“True wealth is not gold or silver, but health. “As a result, everyone has to engage in some form of physical exercise to keep themselves healthy and fit. Hence, comes a option of choosing between cycling vs gym to begin your fitness journey, Cycling is, in my opinion, is one of the greatest and most efficient ways to lose weight. You may not, however, be aware of the best type of bicycle for losing weight—a gear or gearless cycle for weight loss.

Do not fret! You’re in the proper place. What’s addressed in this blog post includes the differences between gear and gearless cycles and gear vs gearless bikes for weight loss.

In order to get the answer to your chosen search question, continue reading this article about gear or gearless cycle for weight loss until the conclusion.

Please be sure to read all the way through this post as I discuss and recommend the best gear or non-gear bike for losing weight. First and foremost,

Does Cycling Help You Lose Weight? Real or False?

How to lose weight by cycling.

You probably already know that cycling a bike is a healthy kind of exercise that positively effects the shape of body & burns calories. Your chances of burning more calories and losing weight increase with the amount of cycling you do. Cycling does indeed help people lose weight.

According to a Harvard Health Letter article, bicycling at a moderate pace of about 13 mph may burn approximately 288 calories in only thirty minutes for a person weighing 155 pounds.

For this reason, you need to use appropriate techniques if you wish to reduce weight while riding a bike. Simply up the intensity of your cycle, eat healthily, perform cross-training activities, etc.

Riding a bicycle is the first step toward weight loss. Which bicycle is best for losing weight? Let’s find out.

Distinction Between Gear vs Gearless Cycle

On a bike with gears, the back wheel has a group of sprockets called a cassette. It includes shifters for changing between higher and lower gears. Changing gears makes pedaling easier or more difficult.

A gearless bike features a single back sprocket that never changes. There aren’t any shifters here. Your speed is entirely determined by how quickly you turn the pedals. 

People have begun to appreciate riding as a result of the recent Coronavirus epidemic since cycling is a good workout for staying fit and healthy while keeping social distance. As a result, many are turning to cycling for exercise.

However, people may become perplexed when deciding on a weight-loss bicycle. Don’t be scared! I’ve got your back.

As previously stated, there are two types of bicycles based on gearing: gearless cycles and geared cycles. Let’s take a closer look at them.

What is a Gearless cycle?

A Black Mach Gearless Bicycle.

A single-speed or fixed-gear bike As suggested by the name is a bicycle with only one gear ratio and no gear. Because the pedals are hooked directly to the back wheel, you cannot change the gear ratio.  It’s a simple and clear principle: pedaling harder helps the bike go faster. They are simple to use and affordable.

From the standpoint of weight reduction, A cyclist who pedals vigorously expends more energy and burns more calories. As a result, gearless cycles may be the greatest alternative for losing weight.

Furthermore, there are two kinds of non-geared bikes. The first are free wheel cycles, sometimes known as regular bicycles, while the second are fixed wheel cycles.

1. Freewheel Bicycles (Regular cycles)

A bike cassette of a Free Wheel Bicycle.

On this type of bicycle called the “freewheel cycle,” the back wheel can spin easily when you stop pedalling. This is known as a freewheel. It allows you to coast instead of pedaling continually. When riding downhill or halting, freewheel bikes allow you to take a break from peddling.

Freewheel cycles are the most popular bicycles in India.

They are particularly easy to pedal and ride on Indian roads since the back wheel of such bicycles is not attached to the pedal, allowing you to stop pedaling once you have reached a given speed or place.

Furthermore, because gravity assists you in cruising, you do not need to pedal freewheel cycles while going downhill. This bike is quite comfy to ride.

2. Fixed Wheel Gearless Bicycles (Fixie Bikes)

A blue fixed gear bike.

A fixed gear or “fixie” bike has the back wheel directly attached to the pedals, so the cycle moves ahead only when the rider actively pedals. Because there is no freewheel, the pedals revolve whenever the back wheel turns.

This fixed drivetrain produces a sensitive, “connected” sensation between pedal strokes and bike speed. However, riding smoothly and braking with leg resistance to lower your speed needs talent. Fixies are derived from track racing and, once conditioned, perform well on flat terrain.

Fixies provide a hardcore riding experience since braking and speed control occur via controlling your pedalling. However, the inability to coast or brake quickly makes fixies dangerous for beginners, especially on crowded routes.

Professional cyclists primarily utilise these sorts of cycles in indoor racing events. Fixed wheel gearless cycles are among the finest cycles for losing weight.

If you are a newbie and wish to ride such bicycles, practice first. Such bicycles should not be ridden on busy highways or in public places. Riding such bikes as a beginner in a crowded place is quite dangerous.

Can one lose weight using the gear cycle?

A non-gear cycle might be the ideal choice for you if you’re searching for a straightforward weight-loss bike. You just need to concentrate on pedaling and burning calories because there are no gears to change. Furthermore, non-gear cycles are often less expensive than gear cycles.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Non Geared Bicycle

Benefits of Non Gear CycleDrawbacks of Non Gear Cycle
It’s really simple to ride on roads because you don’t have to bother about shifting gears.Lack of gears – Inability to modify resistance to slopes or variations in pace.
Gearless cycles have fewer components and cost less than geared cycles.It only has a single-speed gear, which restricts the speed and is determined by your pedaling pace.
These bicycles are inexpensive and need little maintenance.Increased injury risk – Without gear easing, the knees and legs are put under extra strain.
Reliable functioning, fewer parts mean fewer things can break.Maximum speed is limited on flats since high gear ratios are not accessible.

What is a Geared Cycle?

A Blue Giant Propel Advanced Pro.
Image Credit: Giant

There are several gear ratios on geared bikes. This enables bikers to change gears depending on the terrain’s surface. A geared bike features several sprockets on the rear wheel cassette as well as front chainrings.

 A derailleur is used to move the chain between gear ratios. The cyclist may change gears by using shifters on the handlebars. This is why geared bicycles are in high demand and are ideal for long-distance rides.

Using a geared bike to pedal aids in maintaining a consistent cadence, or maximum revolutions per minute (RPM). Cyclists often ride between 60 to 90 RPMs, keeping their muscles calm and pleasant. 

Changing between higher and lower gear ratios makes pedaling easier or more difficult. A lower “easy” gear lets you climb steep hills without tiring. A higher “hard” gear allows for exceptionally quick riding on flat terrain.

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Can one lose weight using the geared cycle?

Consider the gear cycle if you have any cycling expertise; it is ideal for long-distance riding and all kinds of terrain. The ability to adjust pedaling effort enhances cardio exercise on various terrains.

Geared bikes are far more versatile than single-speed cycles since they have numerous gears to improve pedaling resistance for situations.

Long-distance bicycle riding aids with weight loss. As a result, geared bikes are better for uphill riding, which helps to eliminate belly fat and preserve health and fitness.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Geared Bicycle

Benefits of Gear CycleDrawbacks of Gear Cycle
Gear shifting allows you to ride more comfortably depending on the terrain.Geared cycles are costly since they have many components.
When compared to single-speed bikes, geared bicycles are better for long distances.Geared cycles require more maintenance than gearless cycles.
A gear cycle allows you to bike quicker and accelerate more effectively.Geared cycles have pricey derailers, shifters, and cogs.
Gears reduce impact stress on the knees during climbs.Weight gain – Gearing components add to the overall weight of the bike.
Workouts that are more strenuous – The ability to raise resistance assists high-intensity exercise.Shifting abilities are required – Learning effective gear-changing techniques requires practice.

Quick summary: if you have more experience in cycling and love hilly riding gear cycle is to go for they are great for weight loss in such conditions’

If you don’t hold back any experience and don’t ride in mountain areas choosing a gearless cycle is a better alternative for weight loss as it is very basic and you can go according to your pace.

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Which is Better: Gear or Gearless Cycle for Weight Loss?

I’ve gone through the definitions of gear and the gearless cycle, as well as the merits and drawbacks of each.

When deciding between a non gear and gearless bike. Both cycles, in my opinion, are quite effective in losing weight.

However, as non-geared (gearless) bicycles need more energy to pedal on hills and bridges, the majority of riders choose them for weight reduction. Bicycles without gears are therefore useful for losing weight.

As an alternative, consider geared bicycles if you want to combine weight reduction riding with some excitement. The best bicycles for long trips are also those with gears. Thus you may change into a lower gear when you’re fatigued. With gearless bikes, however, this is not possible.

Given that each cycle has its own drawbacks & benefits of cycling. Thus, the decision to use gear versus gearless bikes for reducing weight is a matter of preference.

Final Conclusion:

For the purpose of losing weight, we advise you to use any bike, geared or not. In order to reach your intended objectives of losing weight by cycling, make sure you ride your bike on a regular basis and consume a balanced diet of healthful foods.

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Best Cycle for Weight Loss in India

Road bikes, hybrid bikes, and mountain bikes are the three types of bicycles available in India. If you’re not familiar with this bike jargon, continue reading to get knowledge about the various types of bicycles, each with its own special characteristics and purposes.

On a mountain bike, the wheels range in size from 26 to 27.5 to 29 inches, and the tires are thicker. When choosing a bicycle, tire and frame sizes are crucial factors to consider. In the event that you are unsure, you might refer to this information on the bicycle size chart.

Personally, I think hybrid and mountain bikes are the best options for weight loss when cycling. I do not advise road bikes for weight reduction since it takes longer to lose weight than it does with hybrid or mountain bikes.

Thus, these are my top choices! Look below!

Price (₹)MTB BicyclesHybrid Bicycles
Under 10,000Vector 91 Athens | Lifelong FalconBeast MTB | 91 Freedom
Under 20,000UT1000 | Hero Sprint Growler | 91 Kamet | 91 DefeatrDefeatr Pro | Firefox Bad Attitude | 91 Viper
Under 30,00091 Manchester | Polygon Cascade | Geekay SpartanFirefox Viper | Hercules Roadeo | Polygon Bike

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Which type of Cycle gear or gearless is perfect for workout?

Regarding the question about which type of cycle gear or gearless is perfect for workout? at this point that is just a matter of taste. As I mentioned before,how geared and non-geared bicycles differ from one another.

One of the best aerobic exercises is cycling. Consequently, cycling is an excellent cardio since it increases fat burning, weight loss, and calorie burn.

Cycling on a regular basis keeps the heart and lungs healthy. There are several advantages to cycling, including weight loss, stress relief, stress reduction, muscular building, and bone toning.

I’ll explain to you the general applications for both geared and gearless bicycles.

In general, the gearless bike is meant for beginners who have never rode a bicycle before and are just getting started. Because these bikes are simple to operate and have few technological features, they make commuting in the city at night or in day hassle free. To go forward, all you have to do is pedal them.

On the flip side, gear-equipped bicycles are meant for experienced riders or people who are familiar with how to ride a gearless bicycle. Considering that bicycles with gears have several technical aspects that a rider must become familiar with before hitting the road. As gear bikes are meant for use in challenging terrain, long distance cycling, and other adventurous situations.

Thus, for the sake of fitness, both cycles are optimal. There is only one distinction: gearless bicycles are far more cost-effective than gear bicycles, making the former a more budget-friendly option.

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Plans for a Balanced Diet to Lose Weight

An image showing a balanced diet.

One common strategy for weight loss is dieting. To find the diet plan that would work best for you, though, can be quite time-consuming.

Carbohydrates: This dietary regimen revolves around consuming foods low in carbohydrates, such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Basically, you just need to consume 20–50 grams of carbohydrates a day.

Proteins: This diet consists of eating meat & dairy products as well as other high-protein foods. The remaining calories in your daily diet should come from healthy fats and carbs such those found in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, with protein making up around 20% the total.

Fats: Eat a low-fat diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, with fat making up no more than 30% of your daily caloric intake. This is the foundation of the fat metabolism strategy.

Regardless of the diet plan you select, be sure it’s a good fit for you by seeing a trained dietitian or specialist.

4. Workouts to Help You Lose Weight

An Illustration of a person before and after a weight loss.

Running: It is regarded as a beneficial kind of exercise for losing weight. Running will raise your heart rate, which will aid in the burning of calories.

Exercise with weights: This is an excellent method of weight loss. Both during and after exercise, it aids in burning calories. Muscle mass is also increased.

Swimming: It is a fantastic cardio workout to consider if you’re trying to find a new way to get in shape. Along with training your muscles, you’ll be able to integrate some cardiovascular exercise.

Yoga: Yoga helps people lose weight when combined with other physical activities and a strict diet.

FAQs: Which is best Gear or Non Gear Cycle for Weight Loss

1. Is it beneficial to lose weight without a gear cycle?

Although it’s not the most efficient way, riding a bike without gears can greatly aid in weight loss because it requires more work to pedal and burns more calories. You might attempt some different workouts or switch to a geared bicycle for a more strenuous workout if you truly want to lose those extra pounds. You’ll feel the fire, I promise!

2. Which is better cycle with gear or without gear?

It actually relies on your demands to determine if a bicycle with gears is preferable to one without. Bicycles with gears can help you ride more smoothly and conquer a variety of terrain, but a bicycle without gears is simpler and easier to maintain. Bicycles made of gear are excellent for long-distance riding, aside from the comparison.

3. What kind of riding is most effective for losing weight?

The greatest method for losing weight is high-intensity interval training (HIIT), which raises and sustains your heart rate. Workouts like these are excellent for decreasing body fat and burning calories.

4. Which type of cycle gear or non-gear is best for losing weight?

The optimum cycle, gear or non-gear, for weight reduction varies on a person’s weight, fitness level, and cycling objectives. However, a gearless cycle is the greatest option if you’re searching for a lightweight, low-maintenance bike. Make a regular cycling habit and get high-quality cycling gear if you want a smooth and terrain-friendly riding experience. The secret to success will also be paying attention to your eating habits and listening to your body.

5. In comparison to the non-gear cycle, does the gear cycle require more maintenance?

Indeed, the gear cycle requires maintenance because of its moving elements, which must be regularly oiled and maintained to keep the gear cycle operating properly.

Conclusion: Gear or Gearless Bicycle for Exercise

Finally, a few words on using a gear or gearless bike to lose weight. Our primary objective is to lose weight through cycling. Therefore, it makes no difference what kind of bicycle you ride. All that’s needed to lose weight is consistent riding.

To ensure that your bicycle performs well on the roads, always maintain its health with routine maintenance such as cleaning and servicing.

Riding geared (multi-speed) bicycles is recommended for avid riders who like climbing steeper hills and down without considering heights or bends.

Gearless (pedal-powered) bicycles, however, are useful for quick trips and short commutes. It also requires less upkeep and is reasonably priced. Weight, upkeep, cost, and riding style should all be taken into account when acquiring a bicycle.

Fitness Goals: 

If you’re interested in losing a lot of weight, a geared bicycle can be the most effective choice because it allows you to ride with maximum resistance, which increases the amount of fat and calories burned.

Budget: If money is short, a non-gear bicycle can be your best bet for losing weight.

Cycling Style: If you’d want to ride a bike quicker, a geared bike would be a better choice. A non-geared bicycle can be better suitable if your objective is to take in the landscape at a slower speed.

I hope this post was helpful to you. Please leave any more questions in the comment section below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you know any cyclists who would like to ride their way to reduce weight, please forward this useful information to them.




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