Can We Do Cycling After Dinner? 6 Advice for Novice Cyclists

by | Aug 31, 2023 | Tips & Guide

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When you first start riding a bike, you could run into problems such, “Can we do cycling after dinner?” Can one cycle while having a full stomach? You may get questions similar to these. Is it not?

Let’s comprehend. Can you cycle with having a full stomach?

If you have a modest meal for supper and not too much, it will be OK. It is advised to consume a light meal if you intend to go cycling after supper.

In order to allow for digestion, you should ideally wait 2-4 hours after a heavy meal and half a hour to 2 hours after a moderate meal before riding.

If not, riding a bike after a large meal may cause bloating, stomach pain, and vomiting. Ideally, you should ride on an empty stomach to help you maintain your body weight.

What shouldn’t be consumed just before a bicycle ride?

An image showing a balanced diet.

There are a few foods you should not consume just before cycling. 

Fats: First, avoid meals heavy in fat, such fries and burgers, as well as spicy foods that may make you sick. These might slow down your reaction speed and make you feel lethargic. 

Massive meal: Eating large meals might cause pain when riding, thus you should also avoid doing so.

Sweet food: Secondly, stay away from sweet meals and beverages. Although they might provide you with a little energy boost, they will wear you out soon.

Caffieine: Third, stay away from caffeine. It may become harder for you to concentrate on your journey as a result of this increased anxiety and jitters. 

Alcohol: Finally, stay away from alcohol. Biking becomes risky as a result of your balance and coordination being compromised.

It is best to avoid eating too near to your ride ultimately. Indigestion and discomfort might result from eating within an hour after biking. Therefore, attempt to complete your meal at least two hours in advance if you intend to go for a bike after supper.

In conclusion, you should avoid certain meals before riding a bicycle and must know foods to eat before a bike ride in order to be comfortable and safe. They consist of heavy meals, sugary snacks and beverages, coffee, and alcohol. Eating within an hour of cycling is also advised.

When it comes to boosting energy, how much food is too much and what is the ideal amount?

We must not gloss over this issue. what is the limit & how much food to consume  that can give an energy boost?

Some people will not be able to ride a bicycle on an empty stomach, which is why they need to eat something before starting their ride in the morning. Before your morning ride, you should take an energy supplement if you also experience weakness and fainting on a regular basis.

What to consume, then, to get a rapid energy boost is the concern. For a rapid energy boost, small, light meals like oatmeal, peanut butter sandwiches, bananas, and energy/granola snacks are advised.

Your body will use them as fuel.

How long should one wait before riding a bicycle after eating?

A girl riding her orange e-bike.

However, you are free to eat or not before going for a bike ride. If you find that your body is weakening and you are unable to ride, it is exclusively your responsibility. Then, eating breakfast ought to be your top priority.

Waiting two hours after a large meal and one hour after a moderate meal is advised. If you have had a light dinner, there’s no need in waiting.

Getting up early, eating breakfast based on your needs, and taking as much rest as needed are the greatest ways to make riding a bicycle safer.

Is Riding a Bike While Fasting Acceptable?

Indeed, It’s quite safe to ride a bike on an empty stomach. The efficacy of a solution may vary among individuals, What works for you may not have the same effect for someone else.

Knowing how your body responds to being without food before riding is essential to solving this issue. Since I plan my meals in a methodical manner, I never feel hungry during the day in my situation.

It’s important to arrange your food meals as such that it doesn’t leave your body feeling lethargic.

This is the recommended riding meal schedule from the cycling expert.

  • 7:00 am: Eat a small breakfast, such cereal or a banana, after waking up.
  • 8:00 am: Take a moderately paced ride to work.
  • 12:30 pm: Eat lunch, preferably with some fruit.
  • 5 p.m.: Take a ride home
  • 8:00 p.m.: Eat a simple supper of meat, chapati, or veggies.

This meal plan is ideal for new cyclists planning long rides also and for those who are unable to ride on an empty stomach.

When is the ideal time to ride a bicycle?

If you cycle in the morning, it’s actually quite effective for your body. But you may do it in the morning, at night, or in the evening. For the entire body, though, a morning ride is highly beneficial.

  • It’s better to ride in the morning when the air is fresher.
  • It increases your productivity at work.
  • There are no disturbances like noise or traffic.
  • Individuals who bicycle in the morning tend to lose weight.

Three Health Advantages of Cycling on empty stomach

Cycling on an empty stomach has several health advantages. It’s a difficult challenge for some cyclists to do; they could be wondering how they’ll manage to go for a trip without any fuel.

Still, it’s not required. You shouldn’t bike without eating if your body responds negatively.

However, there are several excellent advantages to cycling on an empty stomach. Let’s comprehend them.

1. It Enhances the Burning of Fat.

Image depicting burning of FAT written on a paper.

Cycling is an excellent fat burning workout, and it is even more effective when done first thing in the morning. In the absence of food, our body converts fat stored in our bodies into energy. This makes sense.

The UK’s University of Bath has provided scientific proof of this reasoning. Your question about whether we could go cycling after supper seems to have been answered. Read on for more fantastic advantages of riding without food if it isn’t.

2. Hormone Production is Increasing

can we do cycling after dinner- HGH hormone production.

It has been scientifically demonstrated that cycling while emptying your stomach positively affects the synthesis of hormones. Let’s examine how.

Prior to cycling, make sure you get a decent night’s sleep because hormone production really benefits from this type of rest.

Our ability to produce hormones is enhanced by up to 20 times if we fast for a whole day. Building muscular tissue, Reducing fat, and enhancing bone quality are all benefited by growth hormone. If you get adequate sleep, it works much better.

3. Enhances Recuperation

Riding a bicycle offers several advantages during fasting. Hormone synthesis is increased, Which enhances engine performance and glycogen storage. Your body becomes more efficient as a result of these advantages, hastening your recuperation.

Empty stomach cycling, as opposed to cycling after meals, activates muscle protein and promotes muscle growth more quickly, according to the study.

Things to Know Before cycling on an Empty Stomach

1. You Won’t Burn Off as Much Fat Cycling Right After Meals

Depiction of a child with belly fat.

Riding a bike after supper or any heavy meal will decrease the likelihood of burning fat if burning fat is your goal. This is problematic because your body will first burn off the carbs you just ate instead of turning to your fat reserves.

It’s not only relevant to cycling; the body will always do this. It seems obvious that your body would choose to burn off carbs first since it is far simpler to do so than it is to burn off fat. [Refer to Source]

However, if you’re seeking for an activity that burns fat, it’s important to remember that your body will respond in that way.

2. You Might Experience Discomfort in Your Stomach

Suppose you are eager to ride your bike after supper and you feel the need to do so.

There’s a significant probability that you may have some kind of stomach discomfort, however this is not a given.

All of this is related to your digestive system once more. Your body hasn’t had enough time to expend energy on properly breaking down meals if you conduct this.

Rather than that, you have compelled your body to concentrate on metabolizing food and maintaining bodily functions. Because of the type of food that is left behind, it becomes problematic.

This is the last thing you want to experience when cycling: stomach pain of any kind. It is not encouraging for a pleasant journey.

Consuming food prior to cycling is not a good idea if you want to lose weight since your body will burn carbs instead of fat.

3. Eating An Oily Meal Makes Cycling Worse

Post-dinner riding is not a good idea if you’ve had a very fatty meal and are aware that it was quite so.

Because cycling puts stress on your gut, the oil in the diet will not metabolize efficiently. It is absolutely necessary to wait at least two hours after eating a meal high in oil before getting on your bike.

There’s nothing more unpleasant for a cyclist than having to stop their ride because they’re feeling sick because their blood sugar dropped below that critical level.

4. Cycling Decreases Endurance Capacity When Done Full Stomach

As per several research, your endurance capacity is increased when you ride practically empty-handed.

Based on this, biking when hungry will have the exact opposite effect. Additionally, it has been shown to enhance physical capacity. Your body burns fat instead of the carbohydrates you just ate for energy.

In the process of burning fat, your body increases mitochondrial density. Consequently, a VO2 max is produced. That indicates that your body is absorbing extra oxygen, which produces superior outcomes.

When your stomach is full, all of the endurance-related stuff is redundant.

5. Glycogen Stores Won’t Be Used First

In case you are aware that your body uses glycogen stores as fuel, then fat stores are what we are referring about. Instead of using glycogen stores as fuel, your body will use blood sugar if you simply eat and then go for a bike.

When it comes to transforming your body into a fat-burning machine, this affects the body’s capacity to consume glycogen.

The transformation of glycogen is a skill that your body must acquire, and it cannot be developed when you force it to digest other tissues before tackling the glycogen.

Frequently Asked Questions on Is it okay to cycle after eating?

Q1. What should I eat before riding a bike?

In order to prevent digestive issues, it is advisable for cyclists to stay away from eating fatty meals just before cycling. For cyclists, bananas, oatmeal, cereal, energy bars, chia seeds, and other items are the finest pre-ride foods.

Q2. Can I go for a bike ride after dinner?

It’s acceptable to ride after supper. Make sure you don’t overindulge in supper. It is advised to give yourself one to two hours before riding. Digestion will be enhanced by this. When I need to settle my stomach after a meal, I go for a short bike ride.

Q3. Can I lose weight by riding my bike after supper?

No, it won’t aid in your weight loss. Cycling on an empty stomach can aid in weight reduction instead. After supper, your body isn’t in the right state to burn fat since you’re exhausted. We burn calories when we exercise without eating breakfast, which causes us to lose weight. However, if you find it tough, you can have a little meal before cycling

Q4. How much time to wait before working out after lunch?

Waiting before engaging in any type of exercise is crucial. Ideally, you shouldn’t ride a bike or do any exercise for at least 1.5 hours once finishing lunch.

How long after supper should you wait before exercising is another topic. In this scenario, the response is comparable. Eating a light supper at seven or eight o’clock and waiting two hours before exercising is the best course of action if we intend to work out after dinner.

Final Thoughts on Can We do Cycling After Dinner

It is common for pro cyclists to ride their bikes mostly after eating, and sometimes even before. thus they must recognize their bodily type and respond appropriately.

Identify your body type first if you’re a newbie, then begin eating to suit your needs. As previously said, quantity counts when it comes to eating—amount is not the problem. Therefore, it would be ideal if you gave riding a bicycle a few hours’ rest.

I hope you got the idea of this subject. Every time anybody asks, “Can we go cycling after dinner?” Should we go riding after breakfast? Is it possible for us to cycle after eating? Afterwards, recommend this post to them so they may read about this advice as well.

For any further query you can contact me, i’ll be more than happy to help you. In the meantime browse more about bikes.




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