22 Types of Cycles in India: Which is the best pick for you?

by | Aug 5, 2023

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There was a time when no one in India was interested in owning a bicycle because it was regarded as a poor status. Now, everyone is talking about cycles.

Nowadays, the market of cycles is growing and at present consists of many different kinds of cycles that are in high demand in India. Cycling is becoming more popular in India because of Covid.

You’ve probably noticed that there are numerous variations of cycles available for purchase and ride. There are many different types of bicycles available today including, but not limited to, hybrid bikes, road bikes, electric bikes, mountain bike cycles, folding bicycles, and gearless bicycles.

Do you know the features and functions of each type of cycle?

If you weren’t familiar with the different types of cycles and their purposes, this article will change your mind. As a result, you will be able to select the best cycle for yourself.

22 Different Types of Cycles in India.

When the cycle was invented, it had no chain, pedals, or tires and it  was built completely of wood. Bicycles changed over the centuries.

There are now more than 20 different types of cycles, each one designed for a certain activity: road bikes for racing, mountain bikes for exploring, BMX bikes for tricks, hybrid cycles to travel around town, and so on.

Let’s begin by going over them in depth so you know what type of bike you need.

1. Road Bike: Ideal for Professional Cyclists

Types of cycles in india - A red colgano road bike standing on a trainer.

Due to the fact that road bikes are also referred to as racing bicycles, they are generally made for professional riders. Because it has been built of carbon fiber or aluminum, it is extremely light. As a result, it gives an acceptable pace on smooth roads.

Road Bicycle Features

  • In order to reduce drag, the tires on a road bike are significantly thinner than those of other bikes.
  • Because the handlebar of such bikes is curved down, a cyclist must lean down in order to maintain aerodynamics. Aerodynamics aids in the elimination of air resistance.
  • Road bicycle frames are built of aluminum or carbon fiber and lack suspension, making them lightweight. So, it provides an extra 20–30kph of speed (depending on the across riders).
  • Because road bikes are designed to be ridden almost exclusively on paved surfaces, they lack suspension systems.
  • When compared to other bikes, road bikes can be quite expense. In India, the price of a road bike starts at 30,000 rupees and can reach lacs.

2. Hybrid Bike: Excellent Commuting Bicycle

A Hybrid Bike is another form of cycle. This specific type of cycling is essentially a cross between road bikes and mountain bikes. These bikes are intended for long-distance rides and fitness maintenance. As a result, this bike is appropriate for beginning cyclists.

Hybrid bicycles models

City Bikes: A hybrid cycle that is also known as a city bike. It is primarily used for traveling, as well as to reach school or college in your city. These bicycles have a carrier in the back for carrying bags. Baskets can be found on ladies’ city bicycles. A city bicycle is an example of a roadster bicycle.

Important Features of a Hybrid Bike:

  • A hybrid cycle’s tyres are thicker than those of a road bike. As a result, it provides a superior grip on various surfaces.
  • The front suspension fork on hybrid motorcycles makes the ride more comfortable. It is the greatest cycle for city commuting because it can be ridden on any surface.
  • When it comes to its frame, it is built of steel, making it heavier than a road bicycle.
  • Because of their substantial frame composition, thick tyres, and suspension fork, hybrid bikes are slower than road bikes.
  • A hybrid cycle’s handlebar is angled upward to provide maximum comfort to the user. In addition, the wider saddle allows riders to maintain good balance throughout extended rides.
  • Hybrid motorcycles are less expensive than road bikes, with prices ranging from 10,000 to 30,000 in India.

3. Mountain Bike: Ideal for Adventurous Tours

These types of bikes are meant to be ridden on any terrain you enjoy, such as off-road, dirt roads, uphill or downhill, and so on. Essentially, this style of bike is designed for thrilling rides. They are also 6 types of mountain bikes for various other purposes.

MTBs Features:

  • The bike features wider tires than road and hybrid bikes and hence gives exceptional traction on any surface.
  • MTB frames are comprised of steel, which makes this bike heavier than other bikes. This increases a mountain bike’s durability.
  • Hardtail mountain bikes have only a front suspension, whereas dual-suspension mountain bikes have suspension at both the front and the back. These are the two varieties of MTBs that are available.
  • Mountain bikes feature a lot of gears (like 21 speeds), so you can choose from a number of gearing possibilities while riding on various types of terrains.
  • A mountain bike’s handlebar is often flat to ensure optimal balance during challenging rides on rocks and hills.

4. Single Gear Cycles: Ideal for Beginners

Single-gear cycles, as the name implies, contain only one gear combination. As a hassle-free bicycle, this style of bike is ideal for beginning cyclists. You don’t have to bother about shifting gears when riding; simply pedal quickly to increase speed and vice versa.

Single-speed cycles are classified into two types:

Single-speed bicycles or Free wheels are those in which the back hub does not have a fixed or locked position; this allows the rider to freely move the bicycle without having to pedal, and it does not come to a stop.

Fixed Gear cycles, sometimes known as Fixies, have a locked back hub that prevents the bike from moving without pedaling. This sort of bicycle does not have brakes because it is designed for professional cyclists to ride in a cycling race.

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5. Fat Bikes: The Best Cycle for People Who Are Overweight

As the name fat tyres Bike suggests, these cycles are distinguished by their oversized fat tyres. These cycles are appropriate for riding on snow, at the beach, in mud, and on rough steep terrain. If you need a bicycle for a heavy individual, this is the finest option.

Fat tyre bike features:

  • Its extra-wide tyres set it out from the crowd. It also provides good grip and comfort while cycling.
  • Suspension would be found in the front for shock absorption while riding on difficult terrain.
  • Because fat bikes are heavier than other types of bicycles, they are regarded the greatest cycle for heavy people.

6. Folding Bikes: Excellent for Commuting

If you dislike public transportation and prefer to commute by bicycle, consider purchasing a Folding Bike. Folding bicycles, as the name implies, are lightweight and readily folded. As a result, it can be stored in a large suitcase and transported as luggage anywhere you wish. Folding cycles are designed for people who don’t have enough space at home.

Folding Bicycles Features:

  • Folding bikes often feature smaller wheels (about 20 inches) so that they can be folded and carried easily.
  • When the bikes are folded up, the saddle, the handlebars, and the frame can all be adjusted to accommodate riders of different heights. This style of bike is simple to put together and uninstall.
  • The foldable cycles’ handlebars and saddles are elevated (with or without suspension) and can be adjusted accordingly.

7. Touring Bikes are Ideal for Long-Distance Riding.

These bikes, which are similar to typical road bikes, can be used for long-distance biking journeys. Touring bicycles, despite their appearance, are primarily built for riding on paved and unpaved ground. Because its tires are thicker than those of a road bicycle. A long-distance self-supported ride on one of these bikes will be enjoyable and durable.

Touring Bike’s Features:

  • Because of the numerous connection points, touring bikes can be outfitted with fenders, pumps, lights, racks, water bottles, and even other accessories.
  • Touring bikes have broad or semi-knobby tires since they are designed specifically for dirt roads.
  • Furthermore, both the front and rear racks are outfitted with exceptionally sturdy frames that allow for the transport of heavy cargo.
  • A touring bike’s larger wheelbase lowers the center of gravity, giving the rider more control on long-distance rides.

Disc brakes are also present on most touring cycles, which offers the rider more confidence when riding on unpaved surfaces due to their incredible stopping power.

8. Best stunt bike: BMX

BMX bikes are specifically intended for feats and bike tricks. And if you’re looking for something similar, a BMX bike is ideal. This style of bicycle is not appropriate for commuting due of its smaller frame and wheelbase, as well as its lack of comfort.

BMX Bike’s Unique Features:

  • A rider has an easier time performing acrobatics when they are using a BMX bike because it is designed to rotate through 360 degrees.
  • It is one of the tiniest bicycles due to its compact frame and wheels. BMX bikes are also ideal for kids.
  • Because BMX bikes are used for doing bike feats, its components must be sturdy and durable.
  • The flat handlebar on a BMX bike is elevated up and the saddle is down, which does not provide a comfortable riding position for a rider while sitting.
  • Despite their small size, the motorcycles are sturdy and can support the weight of an average adult while doing tricks.
  • Because it is a stunt bike, the BMX bike has only one gear. It also lacks brakes, making it unsuitable for road riding.

9. Electric Bikes: Excellent for Uphill Riding

It’s a standard bicycle outfitted with a battery and an electric motor. That is why it is referred to as an e-bike. Because of its remarkable characteristics, electric bicycles are becoming increasingly popular in India. The battery is rechargeable and comes with a manufacturer’s warranty, so you won’t have to worry about it.

This kind of cycle is available in two variations: a single-speed e-bike and a multi-speed electric bike. Mountain bikes are now available in electric versions.

How an electric bicycle works:

An e-bike allows you to travel quicker while using very little energy. When you pedal an electric bike, the motor activates, increasing the bike’s speed. This style of bicycle makes uphill riding a breeze.

Because electric cycles are more expensive than other types of bikes, it is advised that you purchase e-bike insurance for them. It will protect your bike from damage and cover any form of loss.

10. Recumbent cycle: As comfortable as a chair

The recumbent bicycle can also be referred to as a non-traditional bike since the user sits in a reclining seat. Essentially, a rider distributes his weight comfortably over a larger region that is supported by the backbone and sit bones. While riding, this bicycle offers the impression of being in a chair.

There are two, three, and four-wheel recumbent bikes on the market, with steering either beneath or above the seat.

One prominent disadvantage of recumbent bikes is that its shape and construction make it impossible to stand up while pedaling up hills.

11. Cruiser Bike: Best for City Commuting

Cruiser motorcycles, in compared to other sorts of bikes, are defined as “specialty bikes” that are used for extremely specialized reasons. It is a bike meant for leisurely trips, therefore it is used for leisurely rides around town and the neighborhood. 

Most cruiser bikes have wider tyres than other pavement bikes, providing good grip and stability.It is typically equipped with extremely comfortable chairs that allow for relaxed seating positions, as well as an internal gear-driven rear wheel that facilitates maintenance.

12. Cyclocross Bike: This bike is ideal for cyclocross racing.

Cyclocross bikes are made specifically for conditions such as dirt trails or a mix of paved and unpaved roads with gravel and grasses. These bicycles are mostly utilized in cyclocross races that take place on a dirt trail with numerous obstacles and stoppages put at strategic spots. The goal of such barriers between races is for a cyclist to stop in the middle of the race and carry the bicycle until the obstacle is cleared.

Cyclocross Bike Features:

  • Because this style of bike is utilized in cyclocross racing, it is lightweight and made of robust and sturdy materials.
  • Cyclocross bicycle tyres are somewhat knobby, providing improved traction on any surface.

13. Time Trail Bike 

A time trial bicycle, commonly known as a TT bike, is a type of road bike designed specifically for time trial races. It has a distinct riding position that aids in wind resistance and is primarily intended for speed and aerodynamics.

The handlebars are frequently lowered and placed closer to the rider, in addition to the aerodynamic frame and deep-section wheels. Individual and team time trials are available in road cycling and triathlon, where cyclists compete against the clock. Both of these events make use of time trial bikes.

14. Tandem Bike

A tandem or twin bicycle is designed to be ridden by two or more people. It features a frame with two seats and two pedal sets, allowing many riders to cycle at the same time. Tandem bikes are often used by couples who want to ride together or by blind people paired with seeing people.

Tandem bikes are a fun and convenient method for groups of people to ride together. They come in a variety of styles, including road, mountain, and touring. Tandem racing is a sport in which tandems can travel faster than the identical riders on single bicycles.

15. Utility Bicycle

A utility bicycle is one that is designed for everyday transportation rather than sport or enjoyment. This bicycle stands out for its sturdy frame, helpful attachments, and comfortable riding position.

Utility bikes are commonly used for transportation, errands, cargo transport, and dropping off and picking up children from school. Chain guards to keep clothing clean, mudguards to defend against dirt and spray, kickstands for convenient parking, and racks to store groceries are common features.

16. Go-kart Bicycle

A pedal go-kart, also known as a go-kart bicycle, is a type of bicycle that is designed to look and act like a go-kart. A compact, open frame, a low-slung seat, and a set of pedals for propulsion are characteristic features.

Go-kart bicycles are often marketed to children as a fun and engaging way for them to play and exercise. Hand brakes, adjustable seats, and solid construction are features of some models, while others come in a range of sizes and styles.

Finishing Up

That’s all. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope I’ve covered everything there is to know about “Types of Cycles.” It would be very appreciated if you could let me know if there was anything I overlooked or if you have any reservations about anything I stated. If you found this post interesting, please share it with your friends.

Different types of cycles in India: Based on Gender & Age:

  • Tricycles for Toddlers
  • Kids Bicycle
  • Ladies/Women Cycles
  • Unisex Cycles

Types of Bicycles in India: As per Specialty Cycles:

  • Skate Scooter
  • Tandem Bicycles
  • Hover boards
  • UniCycles
  • Tricycles (Cycle Rickshaws)
  • Quadra Cycles

FAQ: India’s Types of Bicycles

Which type of bicycle should I buy?

You may get any of the many different kinds of bikes that are on the market. You ought to get a bike that meets your needs. In light of the fact that every bicycle is built differently and has special features. In case you are unaware about the variety of bicycles available in India. Go over that above.

Which type of cycle is most helpful for losing weight?

The most cost-effective and optimal choice for weight loss are bicycles. Yes, folks, riding a bike helps you lose weight. So what is the best bicycle for losing weight? If you’re not a novice, you can purchase any regular bicycle, such as a road bike, hybrid bike, MTB bike, or fat bike. You may lose weight most effectively on these kinds of bicycles.

What kind of bike is ideal for extended rides?

The main purpose of touring bicycles is to be used for extended trips. This bicycle is available in both geared and non-geared versions. Choose whatever suits your preferences. When it comes to maintenance, gear cycles require more work than gearless cycles.

What are the benefits of fat tire bikes?

Bicycles with fat tires are bulkier than bikes with other tire types. As such, it is appropriate for supporting a large individual’s weight. For adults who are heavy-weight, fat bicycles are the ideal choice.

Summary on Various Types of cycles in India and Their Applications

You are now aware of every main cycle type in India. If you’d want to purchase a bicycle for yourself, you can choose from any of the models listed above that best suits your needs.

After determining the kind of bike you require, you should look into the other crucial aspects while purchasing an online bicycle in India. You can receive the incorrect bike, which is why I believe it might be difficult to choose the ideal bike that meets all of your needs.

That brings an end to our discussion of the many kinds of cycles in India, gentlemen.

In the event that you have any questions about bicycles or riding. Please ask in the space provided for comments below.