Cycling Vs Gym for Weight Loss

by | Aug 29, 2023 | Tips & Guide

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When we talk about fitness, one important issue that frequently crosses your mind is whether you should continue with your daily gym routine or get outside more frequently by riding a bike. 

 Cycling has always been my preferred method of weight reduction over going to the gym and riding spin bikes, but recently, when I began to take weight loss more seriously, then i became more curious about cycling vs gym, the pros and cons of both and which one provides the best result.

Compared to going to the gym, cycling offers numerous advantages for weight reduction. It burns more calories in less time, it is low impact and can easily be incorporated into your routine, which is better for your joints also.

Of course, both have their own benefits when it comes to losing weight.

But, I’ll go over all the advantages of riding a bike and working out at the gym for losing weight in this post, along with any additional benefits.

We are here to answer any concerns you may have about cycling vs the gym, provide you with an objective comparison of the two exercise regimens, and list all of their health advantages.

Ten Facts: Cycling vs Gymming to Lose Weight

1. Cycling Vs Gym for Weight Loss

Depiction of a child with belly fat.

Cycling is a great form of exercise since it takes little specific equipment and burns a lot of calories. According to research, you will typically burn more calories doing this than you would at the gym for the same amount of time.

Cycling is an activity that may be done both inside and outside. It is an excellent weight loss and heart-rate-raising exercise. Additionally, because it is low-impact, it is quite gentle on my joints.

However doesn’t it make sense to just utilize an exercise bike at the gym?

Yes, you can, without a doubt. It will never, however, be as much fun as riding a bike in the actual world. And it is quite essential.

Cycling is a fun activity that you want to do again because of its pleasing factor. That is not at all like those gym membership cards you keep unused in the bottom of your kit bag.

Top cycling advice: Try to ride between 20 and 30 miles per hour to burn as many calories as possible. Take shorter rides at first and gradually increase to longer ones if you’re new to cycling.

Prior to beginning any exercise, make sure you warm up, and thereafter, cool down.

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2. Low-Impact Exercise: Cycling v Gym (For Weight Loss)

Cycling has several advantages, one of which is its low impact. What is meant by this?

As opposed to jogging or utilizing a treadmill at the gym, cycling does not involve you hammering the ground with every stride.

Because of this, it’s a fantastic option for a variety of folks, especially the following:

Impact-related activities can be excruciating for people with arthritis or other joint issues. In addition to strengthening bones and promoting muscle mass preservation, cycling offers significant advantages to those with arthritis.

  • Pregnant mothers
  • Older people
  • People who have muscle problems
  • individuals having a history of back issues

There are a lot of high-impact workouts and classes at the gym. Consider high-intensity interval training or body combat. These depend on strong joint effects. Eventually, these effects accumulate.

Contrarily, cycling is a traditional low-impact sport.

To help paint a more complete picture, consider the following examples of both high- and low-impact activities:

Low-Impact Workouts    High-Impact Workouts
SwimmingBody Combat
Aqua classesBody pump
Yoga    High-intensity interval training (HIIT)
Pilates                  Burpees
Body Equilibrium         Jump Rope
Cycling               Lunges
Jumping in place
Frog Jump

3. Price: Cycling vs Gym

For those who want to lose weight, riding a bike could be a more affordable option.

Fitness center memberships can get pretty expensive, and many people find that they don’t utilize them as often as they would want to.

A great, low-cost way to get some much-needed fitness is through cycling. For over two hundred dollars or 10000INR , you can get a reasonably good bike that you can ride anywhere, so you won’t need a gym membership.

It’s a great way to get some fresh air outside and lift your spirits.

Plus, if you choose to ride your bike rather than drive to work, you’ll save money on gas. If you’re looking for a less expensive way to get in shape, you may want to think about going on a ride on a bicycle.

Your body and wallet will appreciate it!

4. Motivation: Cycling vs Gymming

Getting and staying motivated when cycling is enjoyable and successful when done with close friends or family.

When it comes to losing weight, motivation is king of the circus. Basically, it’s everything!

A social network centered around the activity of your choice is essential.

That might, of course, occur at the gym. If so, by all means pursue it! In my own experience, a greater number of people that I know use cycling as a means of social connection.

Along with providing company as you bike, they may also provide you with encouragement if you start to slow down. When you bike with someone else, it is always more fun. Joining a local cycling club might be something to consider if you don’t know anybody else who enjoys cycling as much as you do.

Since there are usually groups available for cyclists of different ability levels, you should be able to discover people that ride at a comparable pace to yours.

Group rides are another common activity that cycling groups organize, and they may be a great way to meet new people and explore new routes.

But in the end, this one actually depends on the person. To put it briefly, I think you should truly do anything you desire! The strongest sign that you will succeed in your weight-loss efforts is if you have a strong preference for riding a bike or going to the gym.

Compared to going to the gym, cycling burns more calories.

The same amount of calories may be burned in the same amount of time by cycling, which is also less expensive.

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5. Cycling and Gym to Tone Your Body

Depiction of toned arms by the help of cycling.

The truth is that working out in the gym or riding a bike are both excellent ways to tone your body and improve it. Joining a gym is definitely the best option if your goal is to build up a considerable amount of muscle mass while attempting to lose weight.

Cycling, however, is undoubtedly an efficient way to tone the entire body. You should reconsiders if you believe that riding a bike just tones your butt and legs.

Cycling is a great method to work out all of your main muscle groups. By strengthening your heart and lungs, cycling is also very beneficial to your cardiovascular health.

Particularly, riding is a fantastic way to tone the following:

  • Quadriceps
  • Hamstrings
  • Calves
  • Glutes
  • Abdomen
  • Arms

6. Time: Cycling vs Gymming.

We live a fast-paced lifestyle and are under time pressure all the time. Due to scheduling conflicts with job, family, and social obligations, the majority of individuals who would want to work out are unable to make it to the gym.

Riding a bicycle is a great way to get places without having to take breaks from your busy day. While using it, you may burn calories at work or at your favorite coffee shop. Thus, you are making use of the time that you would have spent sitting in a vehicle, rickshaw, or bus. More individuals can achieve this aim than finding time in their hectic lives for a single gym session, even if they manage to fit in three or four daily rides, each week.

For those who wouldn’t mind riding in the rain, the monsoon season is an excellent opportunity to work out at the gym.

7. Convenience: Cycling vs Gymming for Losing Weight

The best mode of transportation is a bicycle. It is affordable, wholesome, and environmentally friendly.

Additionally, it’s supposedly not too difficult to get started with. It can be done practically anyplace and doesn’t require a lot of costly tools.

You may ride a traditional bicycle outside or a stationary bike indoors. See your doctor before beginning a cycling program if you are inexperienced with exercise or have any health issues.

While going to the gym feels more like a nuisance, I find that cycling can be smoothly incorporated into my life. However, that may just be me!

8. Cycling vs Gym for Aging & Immunity

An image of a person ageing down from young to old.

Cycling promotes circulation, which improves the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to skin cells while removing toxic substances. Optimizing collagen production also helps to minimize wrinkles and expedite the healing process.

An illness can be avoided by cycling since it stimulates and strengthens immune cells. Folks who bike for thirty minutes five days a week use half as many sick days as couch potatoes, according to a University of North Carolina study.

6. Cycling vs Gymming for Physical and Mental Well-Being

An Illustration of a brain riding a bicycle happily.

Both riding a bike and working out at the gym cause your body to generate endorphins, which improve your mood. Research indicates that consistent production of endorphins might lessen feelings of despair and anxiety.

That being said, this is the best course of action if you want to improve both your health and mental health! Whichever you choose is entirely up to you (hint: I firmly believe in cycling).

10. Cycling vs Gymming for Sleep

a girl sleeping peacefully.

Cycling restores circadian rhythm that aids better quality sleep and lowers release of stress hormone (cortisol). Stanford University researchers noted  that even insomniacs benefited from cycling.

Which is Better for Losing Weight: Cycling Indoors or Outside?

There has been significant debate among cycling aficionados over the effectiveness of cycling indoors vs outside when trying to lose weight.

Moreover, there are supporters of every perspective. Due of the wind resistance, some individuals think riding outside is more efficient than riding indoors.

There are others who think that burning calories during an indoor cycling exercise is simpler due to the controlled environment. That being said, which is better?

However, you could be surprised by the response.

These findings from a recent study indicate that it doesn’t matter which choice you choose. There was no discernible difference in the amount of calories burnt by riding indoors or outside, according to the study’s findings, which were published in the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport. (Reference)

Key discoveries include the following:

Indoors Cycling 

Three stationary bike next to each other in a gym.

The environment is within your control. You have full control over the ventilation and temperature when riding indoors. In the event that you have allergies or are attempting to avoid severe weather, this is quite useful.

Concentration is simpler. There are less distractions while you are riding inside. By doing so, you may continue to concentrate on your exercise and be safe.

The progress you make is trackable. Your heart rate, the number of calories you’ve burned, and other information are shown on the majority of indoor riding cycles. By pushing yourself to meet your fitness objectives, you might find motivation in this feedback.

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Outdoor Cycling 

Cyclist riding on seperate lanes and cards on the main road.

You are free to explore. The ability to discover new paths and landscapes is one of the fantastic aspects about outdoor cycling. You may increase the intrigue and enjoyment of your rides by doing this.

You’ll breathe clean air. You’ll get to enjoy some fresh air and vitamin D from the sun while you ride a bike outside.

Proceed at your own speed. Riding outside gives you the freedom to move at your own speed. In the event that you are just getting started or are attempting to heal after an injury, this helps. And that’s all, folks. 

Inside as well as Riding a bike outside can be a great way to lose weight. That you can perform both of them is the finest part! For maximum health benefits and to keep things fresh, switch up your stationary bike riding between indoor and outdoor sessions.

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Top Cycling Techniques for Quick Weight Loss

Riding frequently: Maintaining a regular workout regimen is essential for weight loss. Attempt to go for a 30- to 60-minute bike ride at least three times a week.

Interval training: Add higher-intensity cycling intervals to your rides to change things up. You’ll burn more fat and calories as a result of this.

Keep an eye on your nutrition: Eating a healthy, balanced diet is essential to losing weight. Eat a balanced diet that avoids processed & sugary foods as much as possible.

Keep yourself hydrated: Being hydrated is crucial when working out, especially if you’re attempting to lose weight. Drink prior to, during, and following your rides, please.

Join a group: Staying accountable and motivated while cycling in a group might assist. Even more enjoyable than biking all by yourself!

Cycling is a fantastic method for losing weight and fitness. You will be well on your way to reaching your weight reduction objectives if you heed this advice.

Additional Causes of Weight Loss

Although it may seem impossible, losing weight is possible! Creating a strategy that works for you starts with understanding how losing of weight works.

Lower Calorie Consumption

Lowering your daily calorie intake is one of the most popular and efficient strategies to lose weight.

Choosing better foods will help achieve this. For example, lean protein and fresh produce are healthier options than processed snacks and sugary drinks. As another way to manage how much you eat at each meal, consider reducing your portion sizes.

Enhanced Metabolism and Digestion

Improving your metabolism and digestion is another way to lose excess weight.

To do this, make sure the food you eat has a sufficient quantity of fiber. Fiber helps to ensure that the processes in your digestive system continue to function properly.

Along with drinking enough water and avoiding late-night meals, these practices can help guarantee that your digestive system has enough time to properly work before you turn in for the night.

Not to mention, there are a number of foods and substances that may assist increase your metabolism, including coffee, chili peppers, and green tea.

Conclusion on Cycling vs Gymming

Although there isn’t a definite victor in the battle of exercising more or less to lose weight, cycling has the upper hand, as the some facts in this article have demonstrated.

It depends on your preferences and situation alas.

Cycling is a better alternative if I had to choose just one since it burns more fat and calories, is easier to fit into a busy schedule, and is less expensive than the other.


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