How much cycling to lose 10kg? 8 Effective methods (Explained)

by | Aug 26, 2023 | Tips & Guide

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Fitness is quite popular, especially among men who spend hours working out at the gym to lose weight and maintain a youthful appearance.

However, in order to lose weight at the gym without feeling weak, you need to have more energy and follow a particular diet. It also takes time to reach your fitness objective.

Would you believe me if I told you there was a simpler and more effective way to lose a few pounds without having to spend time and money at the gym? Yes, cycling can help you lose about 10 kg in a month.

The reason for this is that cycling is an aerobic workout that strengthens your muscles, improves your heart health, body shape, and helps you burn calories.

Cycling is an excellent kind of exercise for folks who wish to lose weight because it’s simple and excellent for their joints.

Are you still unsure about how much cycling to lose 10kg of weight? Keep reading this post for some fantastic advice on how to ride a bicycle to reduce 10 kg.

Is Cycling a Good Way to Lose 10kg of Weight?

A cyclist riding his red road bike using flat pedals.

Sure, Riding a bike can help you lose 10 kg in 30 days. Riding a bicycle at a moderate pace of 19 km/h may burn around 688 calories in an hour, according to study.

Hence, the body has to expend about 77,000 calories in order to lose 10 kg of weight, which implies you would need to bike for about 110 hours in order to reach your target weight of 10 kg.

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Best Way to Burn 10kg From Cycling

For 30 days, an average of 4 hours and 40 minutes of cycling would be required to burn 10 kg in a month, but it is a very lofty goal. It would be more reasonable to set a target of losing 10 kg in 16 weeks, which would require riding for an hour on average each day. It would take five days to complete a one-hour and twenty-five-minute cycle if you were to add two rest days every week.

Given that it will be simpler to maintain and you will be more motivated to keep going after weeks of cycling, I would rank this as a healthier and more sustainable objective. In the same way, you may mix your riding with both outdoor and indoor cycling. A longer ride once or twice a week might make up for the shorter bike time if you’re pressed for time.

In the end, how much weight you lose depends on your age, gender, degree of fitness, and cycling intensity. Because riding a bike outside is harder than indoors, the kind of bike you ride also matters. Mountain bikes are 10-15% slower than road cycles, thus the style of bike matters. However, there’s nothing wrong with combining different bikes to reach your weight reduction objectives.

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8 Ways to Lose 10 kg By Riding a Cycle

Cycling is a great way to reduce weight, as I’ve already indicated, there are many positive effects on body shape. But thinking about it and then going for a ride won’t help you reach your fitness objective. You must appropriately prepare for being in a calorie deficit if you truly want to lose weight while riding.

Relevant subjects:

So, the key query is: “What is the best way to ride a bicycle to drop 10 kg?”

Simply adhere to the 8 easy suggestions listed below for a full month. Since riding is a pleasurable sport, you may achieve your fitness objective without endangering your health if you carefully follow this instructions.

1. Increase length of the bike trip

How much cycling to lose 10kg - several cyclists riding together.

Since everyone has a different metabolism, you should consider your stamina and metabolism before deciding on an estimated time for your bike ride.

Knowing what your body needs is therefore essential before you execute the strategy you have established for riding a bicycle to lose 10 kg of weight.

You will burn about 688 calories in an hour if you cycle at a pace of 20 km/h. This indicates that you may burn around 77,000 calories every month—or 10 kg of weight—by riding a bicycle and eating a well-balanced diet. It will take at least 110 hours of cycling to reach this goal.

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2. Adjust your cycling schedule

It’s crucial to correctly organize your cycling program, set a schedule, and only ride your bike at that designated period if you’ve already decided to lose 10 kg of weight.

Eating breakfast first thing in the morning is preferable, though, as research indicates that riding a bike on an empty stomach promotes a faster and more effective burning of calories.

It would be fantastic to begin your day with boundless energy and excitement, though, and riding in the morning would revitalize your body and mind. You can feel good overall.

3. Take long rides on your bicycle.

A professional cyclists on a bicycle.

Increasing the distance you ride your bike will provide your body with a fresh challenge each day as it will enable you to burn more calories and consequently shed 10 kg of weight. If you wish to bike long distances without becoming fatigued, read my guide on how to cycle long distance.

So, if you go for a bike ride, choose one with less people around you. This will allow you to ride for longer and burn more calories without having to stick to a tight diet.

4. Calorie Deficit Diet

You will be able to keep up your workout intensity and lose weight more quickly as a result of this. You should aim for a daily calorie deficit of about 500 if you wish to lose 5 kg. In other words, you can cut your cycling time in half to about 27 hours and avoid riding for 55 hours. To ensure you have enough energy to finish your bike ride, don’t reduce your daily caloric intake by more than 500 calories.

5. Pick up the Intensity

As a general rule, you will burn more calories the quicker you move. You won’t bike between 135 and 165 beats per minute, occasionally reaching your maximum heart rate. During a ride, burning calories will take longer if your heart rate is 135 bpm or lower. But keeping up a fast pace over several days for huge distances might be difficult. Do not overtrain, and pay attention to your body.

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6. Keep the right posture when riding

A cyclist demonstrating the correct posture of cycling.

Maintaining proper posture when cycling is crucial for weight loss. Take care to ensure that you are riding in the ideal position and that your pace, grip, and place are all balanced.

Paying attention to these minor details is crucial if you want to lose some weight while riding.

7. Take a Ride Uphill

A cyclist riding his bicycle uphill.

Try riding an uphill after you are comfortable riding on a straight route. Since driving on an incline requires you to exert a bit more physical force than driving on a plain surface.

You may easily reach your goal of reducing 10 kg of weight in a month and it will also help you lose weight more quickly.

8. Include a barrier

Increase the resistance on your stationary bike ride to increase the challenge and engage your heart and legs. The thing that speeds up your workout and burns calories is resistance. You are making it more difficult for your legs to move the pedals by increasing the resistance. Insufficient resistance will make your workout simple and reduce the amount of calories you burn. In order to make your weight reduction journey simple and comfortable, you should heed some of the most crucial advice listed above.

In addition to these recommendations, maintain a healthy diet and exercise schedule. Developing a balanced weight and leading a healthy lifestyle should be your priorities, not only dropping pounds. Find out more about:

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How Much Cycling to lose 10kg of Weight: Hourly Analysis

The most common query from riders is: “How much weight can I lose by cycling to lose 10 kg?” To shed 10 kg of weight, it all depends on how hard you ride and how many hours you can put in.

Can a person easily lose 10 kg of weight by cycling? Yes, you can certainly lose 10 kg by cycling, but only if you put in the necessary effort and pay attention to the instructions. Now let’s examine how many hours of cycling you should do in order to burn off some calories.

Cycling has three different speeds: 

  • Steady riding pace –10 km/h
  • Moderate riding pace –  19 km/h
  • Vigorous riding pace –  25 km/h

Which is quite hard and may quickly deplete your energy.

Therefore, a recommended speed for cycling is at a modest rate of 19 kilometers per hour (km/h). In only one month, cycling at this pace can help you lose a few pounds.

Note: Individual outcomes may differ. If a person has a health concern, please see their physician before implementing these suggestions.

Situation 1: 70–80 kg of weight

For someone who weigh between 70 and 80 kg, if you cycle at a moderate pace you will lsoe 10 kg of weight in 126 hours or so. It will take 166 hours to bike at a steady pace and around 100 hours to cycle at a strenuous pace to lose 10 kg.

Intensity LevelCalories Burned (per hour)Hours to lose 10kg
Light 462166

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Situation 2:  81–90 kg of weight

For someone weighing between 81 and 90 kg, cycling at a moderate speed will take 110 hours, riding steadily at a pace of around 10kmph will take 148 hours, and cycling vigorously it will take 88 hours to lose 10 kg of weight.

Intensity LevelCalories BurnedHours to lose 10kg
Light 516148

Situation 3: 90–99 kg of weight

The average person weighing between 90 and 99 kg would need 100 hours to lose 10 kg at a moderate speed of cycling, 134 hours at a steady pace, and about 80 hours at a robust or vigourous rate.

Intensity LevelCalories BurnedHours to lose 10kg
Light 570134

Situation 4: 102-109 kg of weight

For a person weighing between 99 and 109 kg, riding at a moderate pace for 90 hours, cycling steadily for 122 hours, and cycling vigorously for 72 hours will help you to lose 10 kg of body weight.

Intensity LevelCalories BurnedHours to lose 10kg
Light 630122

Situation 5: 110 kg and above

For a person weighing around 108 kg or more, riding a bicycle will help you burn 10 kg of weight in 84 hours at a moderate rate of speed, 112 hours at a steady rate, and 66 hours at a strong rate.

Intensity LevelCalories BurnedHours to lose 10kg
Light 684112

You may easily lose 10 kilos of weight by cycling for a month if you follow those 5 suggestions. You are ultimately responsible for your own safety when cycling, so keep your eyes on the prize and take good care of yourself.

FAQs: How much cycling is necessary to lose 10 kg?

1. How much weight can I lose in one month by riding a bike?

The length of your rides, the type of diet you maintain, the intensity of your rides, and other variables all have a role. If you cycle and go by the above-mentioned advice, you may easily drop about 10 kg in a month.

2. Can doing an hour of cycling every day help you lose weight?

Yes, It is true that riding a bike for an hour a day, particularly in the morning, helps lose weight. Certainly, an hour of cycling may burn as much as 600 calories.

3. How much time will it take to lose 10kg by cycling?

If you ride a bicycle for two to three hours every day and follow a healthy diet, you can lose 10 kilos of weight in six weeks. However, each person may have different outcomes.

4. Will indoor cycling help me become in shape?

Absolutely! It is possible to burn at least 600 calories in an hour by indoor cycling, which contributes to weight loss success. Burning more calories than you take in is the key to rapid weight loss.

5. Does cycling help reduce belly fat?

Absolutely! Similar to jogging or running, cycling is a type of aerobic exercise or normally called cardio. Therefore, it develops stronger legs and helps decrease abdominal fat (takes time). Get more information on using cycling to reduce belly fat.

Conclusion of how much cycling to lose 10kg

Now that you are done with this blog on “How much cycling to lose 10kg of weight”. I hope you are aware of the exact amount of hours you need to lose certain amount of weight by cycling.

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