What is the Average Cycling Speed in India? How Can I Ride My Bicycle Faster? Everything You Need to Know

by | Aug 24, 2023 | Tips & Guide

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What is the average cycling speed in India? It is a common query, which is quite an interesting question. Unfortunately, no easy answer exists to this topic.

Due to the fact that a bicycle’s speed is influenced by a number of variables, including the kind of bike, the surface, riders’ fitness, etc. So, it’s hard to give a straight answer. But don’t worry, all of your questions will be answered in this blog post.

After finishing this article, you will have a general understanding of the speeds that are typically achieved by road bikes, hybrid bicycles, mountain bikes, and electric bicycles. To make this procedure easier, data from many credible sources has been gathered in Table format.

So keep reading to find out what the average cycling speed in India is in kilometers per hour.

What is India’s Average Cycling Speed? Explained

It is not a good idea to point to a specific speed because the average speed of a bicycle varies from rider to rider. We also have a variety of motorcycles, each with a unique function and speed. 

Let’s look at the variables that influence the speed of the bicycle.

Factors Influencing Your Average Cycling Speed

  1. The average cycling speed may vary depending on the terrain and surface. Your average speed is low when riding in mountainous terrain. When you cycle on a smooth surface, your cycling speed increases.
  1. Cycling speed is also affected by the type of bike used. Road bikes are designed specifically for fast riding on paved roads. As a result, road bicycles go faster on smooth roads than hybrid and mountain bikes.
  1. A cycle’s average speed is also affected by the rider’s fitness level and weight. If the cyclist is in good shape and weight, he or she will travel quickly. Learn how much cycling you should do to lose weight.
  1. Riding position and weather conditions are important factors in increasing a cyclist’s average speed while riding a bicycle. When the cyclist pedals while leaned forward (to maintain aerodynamics), he pedals quickly.
  1. An experienced biker outperforms a novice cyclist. Because he knows how to ride his bike in a variety of situations. As a result, the average riding speed for novice cyclists is lower than that of professional cyclists.
  1. Obstacles on the route can reduce a cyclist’s average cycling speed. Red lights, speed bumps, traffic, circular turns, and gravel roads are all examples of barriers that slow down a bicycle.
  1. Total distance is another major aspect that can affect average cycling pace. Cycling becomes difficult after a given distance and reduces bicycle speed, and vice versa, if the distance is lengthy.

How to Calculate Your Average Bicycle Speed

It is as simple as dividing your total ride distance by your whole ride length (Total Distance whole Time taken) to calculate your average cycle route speed.

For example, total distance traveled is 30 kilometers, and total journey length is 1 hour and 30 minutes.

The average speed is calculated as (Total Distance Covered/Total Time Taken).

Average Speed = 30 km x 1.5 hours = 20 km/h

Average Beginner Road Cycling Speed

It’s natural for a beginner cyclist to travel at a slower pace than an experienced biker. It is difficult for a newbie to boost his bicycle pace right away. As a result, the average cycling speed for beginners is between 13 and 19 km/h.

Simply because despite appearances, cycling is not as simple as it may seem. Riding a road bicycle or any other type of bicycle requires a variety of tactics and methods. Cycling entails pedaling, controlling the bike handle while sitting on the saddle, using good breathing techniques, paying attention to the road, and so on. Read my Guide on cycling tips for beginners for more info. 

It takes time to learn these riding tips and skills. These methods and ideas assist a cyclist in increasing his average cycling pace. As a result, the average. Cycling speeds of skilled road riders range between 19 and 26 km/h.

Cyclists LevelAverage Speed (km/h)
Beginner Cyclists13-19 kmph
Intermediate Cyclists19-26 kmph
Advanced Cyclists26-39 kmph
Professional Cyclists35 kmph plus

Average cycling speed worldwide

Strava is a social media riding app for bikers all over the world. In 2018, this app presented data about the average speed of bikers worldwide. This data is based on 287.5 million rides taken worldwide. However, many riders do not make use of this software. This should also be considered before reaching a conclusion.

Strava’s Global Cycling Speed Average in 2018

Male Cyclists22.04 km/h (13.7 mph)
Female Cyclists19.47 km/h (12.1 mph)
Global Average Speed21.72 hm/h (13.5 mph)

Average cycling speed by Age

You’ve probably heard the phrase “Age is just a number,” but this is only true for a select people. Who are physically active and care about their health. As a result, a person’s age influences average cycling speed. riding speed may naturally drop with age because age is indirectly connected to riding speed.

The majority of bikers complete an hour ride at an average pace of 15 mph (24kmph). As a beginner, you should be able to reach speeds of up to 24 km/h, but 16 km/h is a reasonable starting point.

If you train on a regular basis, your average speed could reach 28 km/h (18 mph), while 35 kmph (22 mph) is possible.

However, speed can vary from child to child. Children’s speeds may be slower than teenagers’, and teenagers’ riding speeds may be slower than adults’, and so on.

Let’s see what the average cycling speed is based on age, with all other things remaining constant:

AgeAvg. Cycling Speed (km/h)
18-25 years27-30 km/h
25-35 years33-35 km/h
35-40 years30 km/h
40-50 years24 km/h
50-60 years22 km/h

As seen in the table above, the average cycling speed in India varies according to the age of the cyclist. The average cycling speed rises until the age of 35, then begins to fall. This will differ from person to person.

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Average Cycling Speed in India Based on Type of Bicycle

In India, we have various bicycles brands producing all sort of bicycles, each with its own set of features, purpose, and speed. As a result, it is critical to compare apples to apples. We can’t compare apples to oranges, can we?

As a result, we determined the average cycling speed in India based on types of bicycle.

1. Average Road Bike Cycling Speed in India

Cyclists riding at artificial trainer for testing aerodynamics.

Road bikes are primarily intended for fast riding, therefore they are lightweight and have thin tires with no suspension. Road bikes have excellent aerodynamics, allowing them to travel faster on paved roads.

Speed on Flat Roads23-29 km/h
Speed on Inclined Roads (Flyovers)13-19 km/h

In order to corroborate the statistics indicated above, we conducted a survey in certain bicycle communities on Facebook. On the Facebook group, 50 road cyclists took part in the survey.

The slowest road bike speed was 23 kilometers per hour, and the fastest was 30 kilometers per hour. As a result, we determined that the average cycling speed of road bikes in India is 28 kmph.

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2. Average Mountain Bike Cycling Speed in India

Depiction of a cyclist riding Uphill & Downhill Terrain.

Mountain bikes, often known as MTBs, are designed for an exciting ride through the mountains or through nature. Because it is so hefty, this bike is not designed for fast riding. You can also ride this style of bike on the road. However, it is much slower than other sorts of bikes. If you enjoy challenging rides in mountainous terrain, invest in an MTB.

Speed on Flat Roads16-23 km/h (10-14 mph)
On Technical Trails6-13 km/h (4-8 mph)
On Downhill Trails29-32 km/h (18-20 mph)

3. Average Hybrid Bike Speed in India

Depiction of hybrid bicycle being use for everyday commute.

A hybrid bike is a cross between a road bike and a mountain bike. As a result, they may be easily ridden on roads and medium-type trails. Hybrid bicycle tires are thicker and wider than road bike tires. This sort of bike is designed for commuting.

average road speed of hybrid bikes

As a result, hybrid bicycles are not primarily used for speed. However, the average speed of a hybrid cycle is faster than that of a road MTB.

Speed on Flat roads19-26 km/h (12-16 mph)
Inclined/Uphill Surface10-16 km/h (6-10 mph)

5 Best Ways to Increase Average Cycling Speed

A cyclist riding her canyon grey bike.

Every cyclist needs to be quick. Cycling enthusiasts, whether experts or beginners, frequently wish to speed up their bikes. The advantages of riding a bike at a fast speed include feeling confident and being in good health. Aside from experience and patience, you can speed up your bicycle ride by paying attention to a range of other aspects.

Simple strategies for increasing the average cycling speed in India:

1. Lower your body and bend forward.

One of the most difficult challenges that a cyclist faces is wind resistance. It also slows down the average riding speed. Don’t be concerned! It is extremely simple to solve this problem. Simply lean forward and tuck your elbows to keep your upper body closer to the handlebar. This is known as aerodynamics, and it is the best technique to ride your bike faster.

2. Pump Your Bike Tires

A bicycle’s tires are also an essential aspect in determining average cycling speed in India. Make sure your bike’s tires are properly inflated if you want to ride it faster. Because properly inflated tires roll quicker and with less effort.

3. Avoid unnecessary braking.

Any vehicle’s brakes either stop or reduce speed. So, try not to overuse your bicycle brakes while cycling. Using the brakes will not allow you to ride your bike quicker. As a result, the average riding speed is reduced. So stay away from that.

4. Wear well-fitted bicycle gear.

Always wear cycling clothing designed specifically for cycling. Cycling clothing is form-fitting and keeps your body cool and sweat-free. It reduces wind resistance while cycling, allowing you to go quicker.

5. Ride bicycles in groups and enjoy some quality music.

Cycling in groups boosts average cycling speed more than solo riding. Because bicycle clubs foster a sense of competition among themselves. Members of the group also encourage one another to improve their cycling skills. You ride faster by using more effort and energy.

Music serves as an energy booster in this situation since it relieves stress, alters mood, and pushes bikers to increase their speed.

Cycle Speed in India: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the average speed used by Google Maps for cycling?

Google’s speed is affected by a variety of factors, including the type of bicycle route and traffic patterns. It takes elevation change into account in addition to determining the average halted time. As a result, regardless of distance, Google Maps assumes a normal traveling speed of roughly 16 km/hr (10mph) for all trips.

Q2. What is the typical cycling speed for a 60-year-old?

The average speed of bikers over the age of 55 is lower. Cycling speeds are reported to decrease as bikers age, according to researchers. Taking all external circumstances into account, bikers aged 55 to 65 will travel at an average speed of 17-19 km/h. Cycling speeds for senior riders will vary depending on their physical condition, but they will be approximately 13 kmph on average.

Q3. Mountain bike average speed in km/h?

Mountain bikes are specifically intended for riding on gravel roads in steep areas. MTBs can also be ridden on the roads. The speed of an MTB might vary depending on the surface. An average speed on a flat road is 16-23 km/h, 8-14 km/h on mountain routes, and 25-30 km/h on downhill terrain.

Q4. What is a reasonable average speed for a road bike?

The average speed of road bikes is the fastest. It also relies on the rider’s level of experience. A reasonable average speed on a road bike for beginners is roughly 13-19 km/h, 19-26 km/h for intermediate cyclists, 26-39 km/h for experienced cyclists, and 35 km/h or more for professional cyclists.

Q5. What is a safe cycling speed for long distances?

Many cyclists can maintain speeds of 40 km/h (25 mph) or higher over extended distances.
Especially when the terrain is flat and cyclists ride in groups.

Conclusion: Average Bicycle Speed in India

I hope this post has given you the knowledge to understand what your average speed says about your ride.

Cycling speeds change depending on the type of cycle, among many other crucial criteria affecting a bicycle’s speed, as you now know.

If you want to raise your average cycling speed, you can simply do so by following the above-mentioned strategies to ride your bike quicker.



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