Electric bicycle under 10000 in India: A guide to affordable options in India

by | Sep 12, 2023 | Electric Bicycle

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Electric bicycles are growing in popularity in India as an environmentally responsible and cost-effective means of transportation. Many bike enthusiasts in the country, yet find themselves wondering if affordable electric bicycle under 10000 in India are genuinely available to buy. Or are such low-cost e-bikes simply too good to be true?

This article is about finding the truth regarding cheap Best electric bicycles in India on the market. We analyze the typical expenses of producing e-bikes and show why the minimum sustainable price point is realistically higher than Rs.25,000. Be aware of the all-time low & cheap prices, as we expose frequent e-commerce scams targeting naive customers.

For individuals on a budget that is limited, converting a traditional bicycle with an electric motor kit is a more viable choice. We look at recommended conversion kits and batteries to help you electrify your vehicle on a budget. Prepare to separate fact from fiction as we find the exact cost of electric bicycles in India.

Can you really buy an Electric Bicycles Under 10000 in India?

A man Riding an Electric Bicycle.

In India, you cannot buy new electric bicycles under 10000 rupees because the motor and battery cost around fifteen thousand rupees, and the average price of a single-speed bicycle is around 7000 rupees. As a result, there is no brand that offers an electric bicycle for less 10,000.

Look again if any brand, website, or store is selling an electric bicycle for less than 10,000. Otherwise, your money will be wasted, and you may be deceived.

When I discovered that many individuals in India are looking for an electric bicycle under ten thousand rupees, I noticed a slew of adverts on Google and discovered a slew of websites offering electric cycles for under ten thousand rupees. I decided to write this essay in order for you to

What should one do if electric bikes are being sold on some websites for around 10,000 Indian rupees?

Avoid them since they are all fake and illegal. You will be deceived. They do not accept cash on delivery for your order and only accept online payment. You will be restricted from their website once you have paid them. There is no way to contact them or request a refund. And, no, the bicycle will not be delivered.

“Your payment information may be shared with illegal websites, and you could be the next victim of financial fraud.” Consider it twice!

I went through those websites since I already knew that no one could sell you an electric bicycle for under 15,000, and I learned that every single one of them was a scam. They are running advertisements in order to rob the unsuspecting populace.

So, stay away from them or you will be duped and your money will be squandered.

As a result, no one can offer you an electric bike for less than 10000 or 15000 INR. Let’s take a closer look at why I’m saying this. To begin, you must comprehend:


Breakdown of Electric Bicycles Costs.

In India, the most cost-effective traditional bicycles cost roughly Rs.7,000. Let’s now add an electric motor kit to turn it into an e-bike. A good quality 250W hub motor kit will cost you around Rs.8,000.

To power the motor, you’ll also need a lithium-ion battery pack and charger. This Electric bicycle component costs around Rs.9,000-Rs.10,000 when considering a battery capacity that can provide adequate range.

When you add up the initial prices of the bicycle, motor kit, and battery pack, the total comes to roughly Rs.24,000 to Rs.25,000. As a result, despite what some websites may claim, it is now nearly impossible to find a prepared electric bicycle at under Rs.10,000 in the Indian market.

The electrical components required in an e-bike are complex technology with fundamental costs that cannot be decreased past a certain point. While ordinary bicycles have gotten more accessible, cutting-edge EV products such as e-bikes cannot currently be expected to be extremely affordable. This breakdown provides a realistic perspective of the required minimum investment.

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What is Electric Bike? Types & Prices of E-Bikes in India

There are two types of e-bikes based on how the electric assistance works:

It is a type of bicycle with certain additional characteristics, such as an electric motor, battery, sensors, cycle computer, e-brakes, pedal assist features, and light. On electric bicycles, pedaling becomes incredibly simple because the motor drives the wheels.

1. Pedelecs bike or or Pedal Assist Electric Bicycle

Pedelecs are pedal-assist electric bicycles that do not have a throttle. A little engine assists you while you pedal, but it cannot propel the bike solely on energy. The top speed is 25 kilometers per hour. In India, no license is necessary to ride these.

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2. Throttle control E-Bikes

Throttle Control: These e-bikes offer a throttle mode in addition to pedal assist. The motor can power the bike even when the rider is not pedaling. The top speed remains 25 kilometers per hour, and no license is required.

The main difference is that pedelecs rely entirely on human pedaling paired with motor assistance, whereas throttle control e-bikes can operate only on motor power. Under Indian rules, both have moderate speed restrictions of 25 km/hr. In terms of rules, this maintains them in the realm of bicycles rather than motorcycles.

So, whether you opt for a pedelec or a throttle-control e-bike, you can ride it in India without a driver’s license. However, the riding experience differs depending on whether pedal force is necessary or not.

S.No.Parts NamesEstimated Cost
ANormal single-speed bicycle price without suspension7,000
B250-watt Hub motor price (conversion kit excluding battery)8,000
CElectric bike battery & Charger9,000
DTotal Cost (A+B+C)24,000

I’m sure you’ll see now that, it will cost around 24000 rupees to convert the electric bicycle.

It is therefore undeniably true that there’s is no E-bike brand that can provide you with electric bicycles for approximately 10,000 or 15,000 rupees.

You have two alternatives if you want to ride an electric bike: either buy a brand-new electric bike or convert your regular bike using an electric bicycle conversion kit.

4 Reason Why Electric bicycles are expensive in India

The main factors that push up the costs of electric bicycles in comparison to regular bicycles are the electrical components required. These include:

1. Electric Bicycles Motor.

The cost of the motor is one of the main factors that can lead an e-bike to be so costly. The motor uses battery energy to help the user in cycling. This kit includes the electric hub motor, controllers, throttle, and other electrical components needed to add an electric engine to the rear or front wheel of your bike. A nice 250W hub motor kit would cost you between Rs. 6,000 and Rs. 10,000.

2. The Battery of Electric Bicycles.

One of the primary reasons that an e-bike costs more than a standard bicycle is the battery. Lithium packs from reputable brands with capacities ranging from 5 Ah to 10 Ah would be suitable. The ideal price range is Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 12,000.

3. Electric Bicycles are still in their early stages.

It has only been in the last few years that e-bikes have gained popularity. Previously, there wasn’t much demand, thus there weren’t many manufacturers creating them. This has resulted in e-bike pricing being so high for a variety of reasons. 

Because large vehicles like motorbikes or automobiles are commonly stolen in India, It is important to secure your bike which you may also achieve by having a decent insurance coverage for your e-bike or bicycle.

4. Electric Bicycles require High-Quality Materials.

A20 E- Bike.

You must check that the e-bike is made of high-quality parts that will not fail and can withstand increasing speeds as well as greater impact. These high-quality parts will raise the price of your bike.

Convert your Regular Bicycle into an Electric Bicycle.

Budget-conscious people may find it more cost-effective to convert their current regular bicycle into an electric one utilizing a DIY kit. You can use these kits to electrify your non-powered bike.

DIY conversion kits are made up of two primary parts:

  • The motor kit includes the electric hub motor, controls, throttle, and other electrical components required to add an electric powertrain to your bike’s back or front wheel. A nice 250W hub motor kit would cost you between Rs. 6,000 and Rs. 10,000.
  • Battery – Lithium packs from reputable companies with capacities ranging from 5 Ah to 10 Ah would be suitable. The ideal price range is Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 12,000.

A conversion kit with a battery costs between Rs. 15,000 and Rs. 20,000, which is still less than the cost of purchasing a ready-made e-bike. To ensure dependable operation, use branded components.

Converting your regular bicycle into an electric bicycle necessitates some technical knowledge. However, an e-bike is less expensive. After the initial installation, maintaining and replacing components is also simplified. This provides a less expensive alternative to expensive ready-made electric bicycles.

Avoiding Fraudulent Websites

The post warns readers about internet adverts that promise electric bikes for less than Rs.10,000. These are most likely fake sites attempting to defraud unsuspecting buyers.

The following are some identifying indications of such fake sites:

  • They accept exclusively online payments such as bank transfers or digital wallets. There is no option for cash on delivery. This suggests the possibility of a scam.
  • There is no indication of a physical store or a dealer network. The sites appear to be exclusively available online.
  • There are no details about production, components, warranty, or anything else. Descriptions are hazy.
  • Names and contact information may be forged or inactive.

The post warns readers to avoid such shady websites that sell e-bikes at absurdly low prices. Only buy from reputable brands via official websites or authorized dealers.

Before making a purchase, double-check for business registration, correct contact information, physical presence, and after-sales support. As a safer option, prioritize trusted sites that accept cash on delivery. To avoid financial theft, be wary of e-bike fraud.

FAQ on Electric Bicycle Under 10000 in India

1. How long does an electric bike last on average in India?

The battery is the most important component of an electric vehicle. In India, the battery of an electric bike can typically last 3-5 years, depending on usage.

2. In India, how much does an electric cycle cost?

In India, the cost of an electric bicycle ranges from 25000 rupees to lacs. Different e-bikes are priced differently, and it also depends on features such as engine, battery, and sensors.

3. Is it worthwhile to get an electric bicycle?

Yes! It’s. Purchasing an electric bicycle is a sensible investment for a variety of reasons, not only environmental ones. It’s really simple to ride, and e-bikes are a great investment because they don’t require a driver’s license and are ideal for commuting in the weather. When making the decision to purchase an e-bike, consider your goal.

4. Should we purchase a cheap electric bicycle under 10000 online?

No! Never purchase anything from such phony and fraudulent websites; your money will be squandered. They only take online payments; once you pay, neither the order nor the e-bike is verified. Ask yourself why they are selling gold at the same price as silver.

Conclusion on Electric Cycle Under 10000 in India

In summary, the article proves that finding an electric bicycle for less than Rs.10,000 in India is simply not possible given the present technology and market factors. An e-bike can be purchased for as little as Rs.25,000.

While many people are looking for affordable choices, excessively affordable electric bikes are likely to be fake and should be avoided. The best alternatives are:

Buying e-bikes from reputable companies through authorized dealers, even if they are more expensive. This assures that you receive a high-quality product with assistance.

Choosing to convert your traditional bicycle into an electric bicycle using branded conversion kits and batteries. This DIY solution is less expensive than buying ready-made e-bikes.



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