Do you Need a License to ride an Electric Bike in India in 2023? What you should know

by | Sep 6, 2023 | Electric Bicycle

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Customers are switching from traditional bikes to electric ones as a result of the introduction of many EV. It is an affordable and environmentally responsible solution. Electric car introductions have been quite groundbreaking in the previous ten years, from Tesla to REVA. In India, though, there hasn’t been much discussion regarding electric bicycles. 

Keeping up with transportation laws in a constantly changing world might be challenging. The majority of people are aware of the laws and that conventional cars need a driver’s license. Those who have purchased an electric vehicles, however, could find themselves curious about the laws pertaining to it.

Consequently, the majority of us are unaware of the requirement for an Indian license to ride an electric bike. You might be wondering that do you need a license to ride an electric bike in India? 

You will also learn about the official RTO rules and regulations regarding the prerequisites for an electric bicycle license in this post.

Have you considered if owning an e-bike would be practical for Indian roads other from that? What distinguishes it from standard push bicycles? Does riding an electric bike need any prior experience?

We will investigate if an Indian license is needed for electric motorcycles.

Note: Electric bikes, or e-bikes, are what are meant to be understood here.

What exactly is an Electric bicycle? Types of E-Bikes, Their Benefits & Drawbacks

An electric bicycle, also known as an electric cycle, electric bike, or e-bike, is a motorized bicycle that uses a battery and an electric motor to generate power propulsion, according to Wikipedia. E-bikes often come in two varieties.

1. Electric bicycles with pedals (Pedelec)

Another name for these bikes is electronically powered assisted cycles. Within the bike’s front hub, rear hub, or pedals, there is an electric motor mounted. One of the most widely recognized kinds of e-bikes are these vehicles.

Pedelec electric bicycles are incredibly easy to ride; all you have to do is use the key to turn on the motor’s power and begin pedalling. As you pedal, the motor will start on its own and increase in power.

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Pedelecs are particularly notable for its electronic controller, which, when the rider is not pedalling or is travelling at a speed restriction of around 25 km/h, automatically cuts off the motor’s power supply. By simply adding motors and batteries, you may transform your standard push bicycles into pedelecs electric cycles, which is their finest feature.

On the other hand, S-Pedelecs are one type of e-bike that generates power whether the user is pedalling or not.

2. An E-bike Arcade-Style (Moped)

These bicycles are throttle-operated, so you won’t need to pedal very hard! You can easily produce power for your motors by pushing or twisting the throttle on your handlebar.

You’ve probably seen those Yulu Miracle electric bikes in big cities; they resemble mopeds because they only have a throttle mode.

Bicycles that resemble mopeds can be very handy in traffic when you need to abruptly change your speed. For such bicycles, will a license be required? Let’s review the RTO guidelines for e-bikes that the Indian government has established!


Benefits and Drawbacks of Electric Bicycles

In our world, there are always benefits & drawbacks to anything. Like anything else, there are benefits and drawbacks to using an Ebike. As we talk about the:


  • When considering public transit, private vehicles, and motorcycles, e-bikes are among the least expensive modes of mobility. In addition, recharging the battery on an e-bike is far less expensive than buying gas.
  • In addition to being less expensive to maintain than other types of motor vehicles, electric bicycles don’t need a license, insurance, or registration.
  • Electric bicycles are another type of bicycle that include motors & batteries instead of pedals. Riding an e-bike requires you to pedal, which uses your muscles and body. Improved general health and fitness levels are some health benefits of it.
  • The ideal vehicles for commuting to work or the office are electric bicycles because they don’t take much energy to pedal and don’t produce sweat. If you want to ride them, you can dress formally as well.
  • Ebikes are safe for the environment because they don’t produce any pollution, just like regular bicycles.


  • Compared to conventional bicycles, electric bicycles are more costly. Because of this, not everyone in a nation like India can buy these kinds of bikes.
  • In addition to the absence of infrastructure for electric bikes, they are not secure due to the high likelihood of theft in India.
  • Both the weight and the expense of maintenance of electric bikes are much more than those of regular bicycles.

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Does an Electric bike need a License in India?

When considering or planning to purchase an electric bicycle, this is the most common question that you might come across. It’s also common for citizens to question whether or not electric bike permits are required.

Now the answer to do you need a license to ride an electric bike is No you do not need one if the power of your ebike motor is only 250 watts and its top speed is only upto 25kmph.

A motorbike license is required if you wish to ride any kind of electric bike. Here, the only exceptions are those with a low-speed cap. You are only permitted to ride a two-wheeled motorbike with a motorcycle license.

Electric motorcycles are sometimes confused with electric bikes, e-bikes, and scooters, which is an issue. Additionally, because of the legal ambiguity surrounding the term “motorbike,” some people may be confused between both.

It is mandatory to own both an electric bike insurance coverage and a license, regardless of the kind of bike you own. You can ride an Yulu rental electric bicycle without any license, But you must know how to ride yulu bike and aslo need to know best places to ride yulu in your city.

Now let’s see why you should get a license and what are the conditions to be met in order to get a license to ride an electric bike.

Why is a Driver’s License necessary?

I want to inform you folks on the functions of a bike license before getting into the specifics of the question whether or not we need one for electric bikes. I believe that a deeper understanding is the same as a result.

A driver’s license can be used for the following purposes:

  • The government’s recognition (approval) to operate a certain vehicle on public roads is represented by a license.
  • A license is required for riders as it provides information about the rider’s identification.
  • It also serves as confirmation and a kind of certificate, which means the individual has the necessary skills to operate a bike or other specific vehicle, as well as proof that you passed the driving exam to obtain a license.
  • In terms of identification, it is quite useful since it may identify a certain individual in the event of an accident.

We thus believe that these are the benefits that come with having a driver’s license. Obtaining a driving license, if you are qualified, is highly recommended for all individuals who ride vehicles on public roads, since it is immensely safe.

A driving licence in India is issued by the Regional Transport Authority (RTA) or Regional Transport Office of the state (RTO). The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 mandates that every motor vehicle be registered with the local transportation authority. The unique identifying number must be shown on a High-Security Registration Plate (HSRP), which is the industry standard.

What conditions must be met in order for an E-bike to receive a license?

According to ARAI, all bikes with a speed of more than 25 km/h and an output (motor) power of more than 250 watts are required to have an electric bicycle license.

Electric bicycles, or e-bikes, with a top speed of up to 25 km/h are typically powered by 250w motors and are very common in India. Therefore, in India, a driver’s license is not needed for electric motorcycles with 250w motors. Check out the screenshot below:

It is mandatory to possess a driver’s license in order to ride an E-bike on Indian roads if its engine power exceeds 250 watts.

The technical standards listed below must be met by an electric bike in order for it to receive a license. However, any two-wheeler that exceeds these restrictions will draw notice and necessitate caution, therefore obtaining a license is a prerequisite before obtaining one of these vehicles.

RTO’s Guidelines and Policies for E-Bike License

The RTO has extremely specific regulations pertaining to e-vehicle licenses in this age of rapidly increasing e-vehicles. The following are things that electric bicycles, or ebikes with 250w motors, do not necessarily need to include after extensive research:

  • Even though having insurance is not required in India for these kinds of electric bicycles, it is a smart move to get quality coverage.
  • Owners of electric bicycles are exempt from paying road taxes.
  • It is not necessary to register these e-bikes (number plate).
  • In India, it is not required to wear a helmet when riding an electric bike, etc.

Generally speaking, no driving license is needed for e-bikes with powers between 250W and maximum speed up to 25 kph. Teens between the ages of 16 and 18 can ride e-bikes since the majority of e-bikes fall into that speed range, despite the fact that riding a bike in India requires you to be 18 years old or older.

Although the majority of e-bikes you encounter don’t need a license, you still need to confirm the motor power and speed. You will require a helmet, insurance, & a number plate, and a license if your e-bike can reach speeds of more than 25 kmph. (Source)

Do E-Bicycles Make Sense for Indian Roads as an Investment?

Indeed, there are a number of reasons why e-bikes are the best option. The rising cost of petroleum is one of the main contributing causes. With far less money out of your pocket, you may ride an e-bike with the same level of comfort that a gasoline-powered motorcycle provides.

Not only are 250w e-bikes lighter, easier to ride, and quicker than push bicycles, but they also require less maintenance than other motorbikes, making them the ideal choice for students who cannot afford the licensing requirements.

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FAQs: Is a License Required in India for Electric Bicycles?

Q1. What level of bike riding experience is required?

Riding an electric bicycle is pretty easy; all you need to know is the fundamentals of how they work. Afterwards, continue honing your balancing skills while riding the e-bike. You’ll pick up riding quickly and flawlessly through this.

Q2. Are electric bikes a better option than bicycles with pedals?

Sure, For certain groups of individuals, electric bicycles are a preferable option than pedal-powered bicycles. Even while these bikes are excellent for commuting, they are not as effective as a regular bike or bicycle for exercise.

Q3. For whom are electric bicycles most suitable?

Because they are the most efficient way to commute to work, the office, or college, e-bikes are the greatest option. Without a driver’s license, you can ride an electric bike (250w) if you are 16 years of age or older. It is imperative that you adhere to the traffic laws when using an e-bike.

Conclusion on Do you need a License to ride an Electric Bike in India

After reading this post, perhaps your question of whether Do We Need License for Electric Cycle in India has been answered i believe. 

With regard to several issues, e-bikes are the best option. A big factor is the growing price of fuel. For a lot less money, an electric bike may offer the same convenience as a motorbike that runs on gasoline.

I’d like to end this essay by stating that riding a 250-watt electric bike or bicycle in India is legal without a driver’s license. If you are sixteen years of age or older, you are permitted to ride such bikes. Furthermore, although it is not necessary, we advise wearing a helmet for your own safety.

Because 250w e-bikes are lighter, quicker, require less maintenance, and are easier to operate than traditional motorbikes, they are the ideal choice for those who wish to enjoy their commute with no need to be worrying about the licensing requirements.

After all, you don’t need to worry about getting an e-bike license in India to get out and ride your electric bicycle.

Contact us using the form in the comments section below if you happen to have any further questions. Please tell your friends about this post if they have an interest in electric bikes as well as cycling.


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