10 Best Cycle Under 5000 in India You Must Know

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Is taking a break from your busy weekdays or busy weekend schedules to go for a bike ride something you’d be interested in? However, hesitating to spend a lot of money on a bike.

You shouldn’t purchase an expensive bicycle if you’re just starting out or don’t travel every day, and I agree with that. The concern is, though: Are there high-quality Bicycles in the Indian market that cost less than 5000?

It is my duty as a bicycle adviser to assist you in finding the highest caliber bike for less than 5,000 rupees. This is the reason mainly why I conducted a ton of online & offline research using social media surveys, offline visits to bike stores, etc.

Ultimately, the purpose of this review post is to make it simple for you or a loved one to locate the best cycle under 5000 in India.

Let’s look at the list of the top bicycles under 5000 in India right now.

What Makes a Cycle Under 5,000 Worth Buying?

Each person may have a different response. Purchasing a bicycle for less than 5,000 is a smart choice if you’re just starting out with a tight budget (let’s say 5,000) or if you don’t commute every day. If you’re not going to bike every day, why spend so much money?

Stop Stressing! Under 5,000 INR, you would receive the highest caliber bicycles. However, they would only be single-speed or non-gear bikes.

But, if you want to ride your bicycle every day to work, school, or college, you shouldn’t get a bicycle under 5,000. It’s advisable that you get a bicycle for less than 10,000. You might also get some of the best-selling geared bicycles for under this money.

Not sure which kind of bike to buy gear or a gearless bicycle? To learn the differences between bicycles with gears & gearless those without, read this tutorial. Need to Read

What kind of bikes under 5,000 are available in India?

There are numerous different kinds of bicycles, including city bikes, fat tire bikes, hybrid bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes, ranger bikes, and electric bikes. Furthermore, it has been categorized according to gender, including

  • Men’s, 
  • Women’s, 
  • Kids’
  • Geared, 
  • non-geared bicycles and single-speed, are all available.

You have very few alternatives available when it is about bikes under 5000 rupees. Normal bicycles like city, hybrid, and ranger bicycle models would be available to you. There will be v-brakes and a single-speed transmission on each of these bicycles.

Indeed, men, women, and even children may ride these bicycles. You should read this post on the best bicycle for kids if you want to get your 12-year-old child a high-quality bike.

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Best Cycle Under 5000 in India: A Comprehensive Review

We’ll take a closer look at the top 10 uncompromised features of cycle under 5000 in India.

1. Urban Terrain Zion 27.5t  MTB

Urban Terrain ZION 27.5t MTB

First up is a mountain bike from the Urban Terrain brand, which is among the best adult unisex MTBs available for less than 5,000. The 18-inch steel frame body of this MTB bicycle is incredibly solid and dependable, making it ideal for rough terrain.

As a bicycle with only one speed, Its robust front suspension fork guarantees a comfortable ride on a variety of terrain.

The Urban Terrain Zion has high-end linear brakes that are set in both the front and back wheels with the rider’s safety in consideration. Regarding its tires, it comes with two choices: 27.5t and 26t.

In addition to being incredibly reasonably priced, this bike has some unique features including an adjustable, properly cushioned seat that can be quickly released to make riding more pleasant.

Benefits & Drawbacks of Urban Terrain Zion


  • Simple, gender-neutral bicycle.
  • With the Cultsport App, get a free three-month diet and exercise plan from a registered dietician.
  • Comes in two colors: black and green.
  • Bicycle warranty: six months.
  • 27.5t and 26t wheel sizes are available.


  • The mudguard is absent.
  • The cost of the assembly service is 500 rupees.

Our Opinion 

For bikers ranging in age from 15 to 45, Urban Terrain Zion is a fantastic sub-5k ride in India. It’s a reliable bicycle that can easily handle extended journeys. Choose 27.5t wheels if you are taller than 5’7″ or 26t wheels if you are between 5’6″ and 5’6″.

2. Leader Scout 26T MTB

Leader Scout 26t Cycle in Blue Colour

An other MTB-style bike under 5,000 is the Leader Scout, which is ideal for outdoor riding, fitness, & sports. The lightweight, 18-inch carbon steel frame has the most stiffness, making it best suited for off-road experiences.

Other than that, Leader Scout is equipped with double-wall alloy rims and 26-inch tires. It incorporates front and rear V-brakes that provide smooth braking in addition to increasing ride safety.

Measuring only 18.5 kg, this bike is incredibly light and features a front stiff fork that doubles as a wrap. Additionally, the grip handlebar with adjustable height & the soft, comfy saddle enhance this bike’s excellent functioning.

The Leader Scout boasts several unique characteristics, including mudguards, an excellent braking system, reflectors, a robust side stand, & a protective chain guard.

Benefits & Drawbacks of the Leader Scout 26T MTB


  • Frame guaranteed for life.
  • It has two mudguards included.
  • Strong high-tensile frame with optimum crank length.
  • Chic appearance, complete with all the extras.


  • The brake pads may require frequent servicing.
  • does not feature a seat post quick-release clamp.
  • Unsuitable for off-road excursions.
  • There are no silicon gel pads on the chairs.

Our Opinion: 

Well worth the money, the Leader Scout is an excellent sub-5000 Indian bicycle that is ideal for riders beyond the age of fifteen. It is one of the most dependable and long-lasting models available.

3. Lifelong Escape LLBC 2701


A single-speed MTB-style ranger bicycle with an 18-inch high-tensile steel frame, Lifelong Escape is another of the finest bikes under 5000 in India, boasting incredible features and robust construction.

On both smooth roads and rugged riding trails, the 27.5-inch MTB tires (wheels) that come with this frame offer superior traction.

Anybody over the age of twelve who is between five and five feet tall may ride this bicycle with ease, and it is ideal for both men and women. With the quick-release seat clamp, adjusting the seat height is simple. Thus, a tool is not necessary.

To further enhance the smooth and secure ride, Lifelong Escape is equipped with strong suspension, steel rims, and V-brakes that have increased impact resistance for instantaneous braking.

The other parts, like as the adjustable saddle, handlebar grips, and brake pads, are also good quality, which means they require little maintenance and last for a long time.

Benefits & Drawbacks of a Lifelong Escape MTB


  • Its sturdy frame is beautifully painted with a matte finish.
  • MTB tires that are wide for optimal traction on all surfaces.
  • It comes in two colors, both of which are stunning.
  • It has a frame warranty of six months.
  • The sturdy fork and steel rims act as excellent shock absorbers.


  • The lack of sufficient length in the handlebar frame might provide a problem for taller riders.
  • A lot of use might cause the pedals to wear out because they are not weather-resistant.
  • Lacks a mudguard or side stand attachment.

Our Opinion:

we believe that the Lifelong Escape model bike is among the top single-speed road bikes available on Amazon for riders under 5000 years old in India who have more than 12 years of riding experience.

4. Hero Octane Parkour 26T

Hero Octane Parkour

On my ranking of the top bikes in India under 5000, the Hero Octane Parkour comes in at number four. For the price, this bike offers surprisingly decent features. Because of its beautifully designed slanted frame, this bicycle is suitable for both men and women. Comes in two colors: silver and orange, as shown below.

In addition to its slim frame, the bicycle boasts a wonderful simple style. To keep the weight and cost of the bicycle low, the manufacturer only includes absolutely necessary components.

Benefits & Drawbacks of Hero Octane Parkour 26t


  • The bike’s lightweight aluminum alloy frame facilitates simple handling and transportation.
  • A handlebar stem that can be adjusted lets you customize the comfort and fit.
  • The stopping power of V-brakes is sufficient for recreational riding.


  • It lacks mudguards and a kickstand, among other things. These would require separate purchases.
  • If 26-inch tires are used over extremely uneven terrain, they may become damaged. More robust tires would be larger.

Our Opinion:

Performance of the brakes is not very good at high speeds. An upgraded braking system would increase stopping power at high speeds.

5.  Urban Terrain UT7000s


Among the most effective and well-suited city-riding bicycles under 5,000 is the Urban Terrain UT7000S tricycle. Simple yet effective design elements, such as the sturdy carbon steel frame and single-speed gear, are highlighted by this bicycle.

In addition to a front rigid fork and efficient V-brakes that contribute to a powerful braking system and a smooth riding experience, this bicycle’s steel rims on its 27.5-inch wheels are one of its strongest features.

There is nothing heavier than this tube-tired bicycle, and future repairs are usually not too difficult. For daily riding, the Urban Terrain UT7000 is the ideal bike thanks to its straightforward and efficient design.

The fitness-oriented design of this bike means that it costs less than Rs. 5,000 and comes with a complimentary nutrition plan and access to group rides in your neighborhood.

Benefits & Drawbacks of the Urban Terrain UT7000s


  • Movable seat with a clamp that releases quickly.
  • All-terrain tires with a lot of grip.
  • A 6-month warranty card is included.
  • It has a water bottle holder and two mudguards included.
  • Get a free three-month membership to the Cultsport app to track your food and exercise.
  • Comes in five eye-catching color options.


  • The service of assembly is billed.
  • Wet rims can affect how well brakes operate.

Our Opinion:

This bike is ideal for cycling in cities.

6. Leader Sniper 24T City Bike 


It is the best bicycle for children and teens is this category. The single-speed sports theme mountain bike, the Leader Xplorer 24T, is appropriately sized for riders who stand 4 feet 3 inches or less on average.

You should give it a try if the height of your child is close to 4 feet 5 inches. In addition to its tig-welded construction for comfort, it has a 16-inch steel frame for durability.

In addition, the extra-wide tires and 24-inch alloy steel wheels combine for exceptional handling and control on every surface. These tires provide excellent traction control in both wet and dry weather, which is one of its unique qualities.

Additionally, the Xplorer 24T features a V-brake at the back wheel and a disc brake up front. For those bumpy journeys, this bike also features an excellent front suspension fork.

The broad handlebar for an open-chested riding stance and the readily adjustable, cushioned saddle are other highlights of this bike.

Benefits & Drawbacks of the Leader Sniper


  • Kids’ single-speed bicycles require less maintenance.
  • On off-road terrain, a front suspension fork cushions jolt and adds comfort.
  • This bike comes with a toolkit, water bottle, and reflectors, among other riding gear.
  • Free Goqii App subscription for a year, valued at Rs 999.
  • Frame is covered by a lifetime guarantee.
  • The majority of the economically viable cycle with all required attributes.


  • It would be necessary for you to purchase a lock system and mudguard.
  • Not appropriate for serious off-roading.

Our Opinion: 

The Leader Sniper 24t is an excellent bike for about 5000 INR, with reasonable performance on Indian roads & a simple design for teens.

7. The Hero Kyoto  26t  Hybrid City Bike

Hero Kyoto 26t

One of the best hybrid bikes under 5000 INR that is suitable for leisure riding, off-roading, and city riding is Hero Kyoto  26t  Hybrid City Bike.

The Kyoto 26t is a single-speed hybrid bike made by Hero. Completely intact are all other cycle components thanks to its sturdy eighteen-inch steel frame structure.

Because the Koyoto 26t incorporates linear-pull or V brakes on the front as well as the back, it may be used on any type of path, including gravel and city roads.

Additionally, a robust fork is fitted to provide a hassle-free, smooth riding. In addition, 26-inch wide wheels provide traction on wet surfaces.

This bike has several special advantages, such as its lightweight design that allows you to ride quickly and its rapid release.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Hero Kyoto 26t 


  • Both the robust frame and the movable handlebar are quite sturdy.
  • Its small weight makes sprint cycling easier.
  • Because it’s a hybrid bike, it offers comfort on extended journeys.
  • The warranty on the bicycle frame is one year.
  • Two-wall alloy rims without rust.
  • Pedals that prevent skidding and provide reflection.

Drawbacks :

  • Not suitable for motorcyclists with expertise or professionalism.
  • Rainy weather might cause brakes to malfunction.
  • The bike’s low weight might not be ideal for heavier riders.

Our Opinion: 

One of the best high-performance cycles available in India for less than 5000 is the Hero Koyoto 26t Hybrid cycle. It boasts some useful characteristics and might be applied to cycling great distances! These are some long-distance riding tips.

8. Extreme from Leader Bicycles


Although it is another MTB-style bike available for less than 5000 rupees in India, this cycle has a few unique features.

The compact design and comfort of Leader Xtreme are ensured by its high-tensile steel frame. Strong power brakes provide superb stopping power to aid this bike.

Additionally, it features a chain guard to shield your brakes from other moving parts. Not to be overlooked, though, is the rear suspension’s shock absorbers, which contribute to the agreeable ride.

Given that the wide 26-inch tires, sturdy construction, and cozy seats provide optimal support for your journeys, it is ideal for Indian roads.

Benefits & Drawbacks of Leader Xtreme 26t


  • Provides excellent worth for the price.
  • Rubber grips on it work well in the monsoon or for sweaty palms.
  • Added to its functionality is the carrier that is attached to it.
  • Appealing style and coloration.
  • Forever guarantee on the frame.


  • Unsuitable for riders who are tall.
  • In rainy weather, calliper brakes are not particularly effective.
  • There is no quick-release clip to change the seat height.

Our Opinion:

the Leader Xtreme mtb is an excellent bike at this price point and is best suited for riders who are between 5 and 5.5 feet tall if you’re looking for the finest cyclone under $5,000 that has a rear suspension & a carrier.

9.  Urban Terrain Maza 27.5t


The Urban Terrain Maza is the ideal bicycle if you’re searching for a dependable daily city rider that falls inside the 5000 bracket.

A strong eighteen-inch steel frame is welded to them in order to provide additional stability. Additionally, the front stiff fork and V-brakes on the 27.5-inch wheels enhance your ability to ride smoothly on any surface.

In addition, the bike’s lightweight design aids in achieving quick speeds. Without the need for any equipment, you can quickly alter the height of the saddle on the Urban Terrain Maza to suit your needs.

The Urban Terrain Maza hybrid bike is suitable for use on highways, trails, and uneven ground. This bike has several unique characteristics, like soft grip grips, a cushioned seat, and a fast release.

Benefits & Drawbacks of Urban Terrain Maza

Benefits :

  • Bicycle warranty: six months.
  • Offering five eye-catching hues, you may make the appropriate selection.
  • This bicycle is anti-rust thanks to its double-wall alloy rims.
  • Use the Cultsport App to receive a free three-month diet and exercise plan.
  • Easy adjustment of seat height thanks to a quick-release clasp.

Drawbacks :

  • This cycle contains extremely few characteristics.
  • Mudguards are not included.
  • The lock must be purchased by you.

Our Opinion: 

Even for teens and adults, It is a reasonably priced bicycle that is ideal for neighborhood rides and daily commuting. While it is true that there are no accessories included, the bicycle itself is of great quality, so that should be your main concern.

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10. Brooks Myth SS 26T


As of right now, On my list the most attractive bicycle is Brooks Myth SS 26T. In the Indian bicycle market, Brooks is a new brand.

Although TI Cycles Group markets its cycles, the designs are made in the UK. The same business that owns the Hercules and BSA brands.

The cost of the black color is now about Rs 5000, despite the fact the MRP is substantially higher—roughly Rs 8000. The blue color option is a touch more costly, though.

Benefits & Drawbacks of Brooks Myth SS 26t


  • It has a robust steel structure for long-term durability.
  • Riding with handlebars that are slightly elevated is more comfortable.
  • It includes a few practical extras, such as reflectors and a side stand.
  • One-speed design is easy to use and requires little upkeep.
  • V-brakes have sufficient stopping force for everyday use.


  • It does not include mudguards, which must be purchased separately.
  • One speed restricts adaptability; there is no gear-shifting option.
  • The performance of the brakes might be subpar at high speeds.
  • Extremely uneven terrain is more likely to cause damage to 26-inch tires.
  • More expensive than some other versions with a single speed.
  • Only two color options: blue and black.

Buying Guide for the Best Cycle in India under 5000

Before choosing the appropriate cycle, it is crucial to realize that no two people can have the same needs. While choosing the ideal cycle, there are a few things to consider. Keep an eye out for everything we’ve listed below.

  • The Bicycle’s Suspension: We advise choosing a bike with complete suspension if you desire an uninterrupted, smooth ride. Certain cycles have no suspension at all, and some have only half of it. However, full-suspension bicycles are more costly. In addition to absorbing stress, the entire suspension cycle keeps the vehicle balanced.
  • Shape of the Handles: The space between your seat and the handlebars should be sufficient. An excessive amount of space between the grips and the seat would be inconvenient. Your purchase is also determined by the handlebars.

1) Flat bars: Hybrid bikes have handlebars of this style. It’s quite comfy, and the journey would be simple.

2) Drop bars: On a road bike, these handlebars are typical. These bikes are ergonomic and incredibly light. However, you must hump, which may be inconvenient for you.

3) Riser bars: Mountain bikes are the primary vehicles that use these kinds of handlebars. The bars are somewhat enlarged to provide you with more comfort on the slick surface, both upward and towards the back.

  • Gears: One should definitely go for more gears if they enjoy riding on a rough surface. Road bikes don’t require a lot of gear. And there are still the same amount of gears on other bikes.
  • Cost-effectiveness is the most crucial factor to take into account when buying a bike. Select a simple product with fewer features if you’re just starting off as it will save you money. However, choose bikes with additional characteristics if you want them for a variety of road surfaces.

Conclusion on India’s Best Cycle Under 5000 in 2024

In summary, there are several alternatives available in India for under 5000 rupees, including hybrid, mountain, and ranger bicycles.

The majority of cycles come equipped with the essential characteristics, and others have unique features that set them apart.

Your riding style, purpose, usage, and other factors will all play a role in the bike you pick. Find out how to choose the best bicycle among ten possibilities.

This chart might help you choose the correct size bicycle if you’re unsure about the dimensions of the frame.

Please feel free to ask questions in the space provided below if you still have questions or are puzzled about any bicycle!

FAQs on Best Cycle Under 5000 Rupees

Q1. For children, what is the best cycle under 5000?

Bicycles under 5,000 are widely available for children in the Indian market. The Leader Sniper 24t is one of the greatest bicycles for kids. This 16-inch steel frame bicycle with 24-inch wheels is ideal for children between the heights of 4 and 5 feet in 12 years old. To learn more about this bicycle, scroll up higher.

Q2. For women, what is the optimum cycle under 5,000?

The bicycles included in this article are all unisex, meaning that both boys and girls may ride them. Any bicycle that you like can be your choice.

Q3. For adults, what is the best cycle under 5000?

Out of almost fifty bicycles, these seven have been chosen by me. I thus think that every cycle is ideal for grownups. Choose 24 t cycles if the height is less than 5 feet, 26 t cycles if it is between 5 and 5.5 feet, and 27.5 t cycles if it is more than 5.5 feet.

Q4. What bike is most suitable for everyday use?

The bicycles listed below are all the greatest options for daily riding. Urban Terrain Zion, Leader Scout, and Lifelong Escape are my top three choices. You are free to select the one you like most.

Q5. What is the best disc brake bicycle for around 5,000 INR?

It is very uncommon to find a bicycle under 5,000 that has disc brakes. Still, don’t panic! Within this budget, I’ve discovered a bicycle with a disc brake. A Leader Snipper 24t city bike is available for purchase. Read the entire evaluation above.


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