11 Best Cycle Under 10000 in India: You Must Know

by | Aug 25, 2023 | Commuter Bicycle

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An extensive market for cycles may exist in India as a nation. Indians are equally passionate about cycling, whether they are riding for fun or a living. However, according to several polls, the majority of riders has a budget between 10,000 and 20,000 rupees.

Therefore, in an effort to assist all of our fellow riders, we have produced a thorough analysis of the top bikes under 10,000 in India, which covers some of the greatest gearless and gear bicycles from top manufacturers.

In addition, we’ve explored the critical elements you should consider prior to spending around 10,000 rupees on a bicycle since if you don’t, you risk purchasing the incorrect one.

There are many bicycles brands available providing some great bikes for less than 10,000 rupees on the Indian cycle market, but only a few are preferred by the majority of cyclists. We have created a full assessment with advantages and cons for each of the top 5 best cycles available in India for 10,000 rupees:

Our Top #3 Picks:

Are you in a hurry by any chance? Then take a look at the top 3 best cycle under 10000 in India that we have made for you:

Triad M2 Pro

Best MTB under 15000

An Image of a Triad M2 Pro.

Triad M2 Pro

Best MTB under 15000

An Image of a Triad M2 Pro.

Triad M2 Pro

Best MTB under 15000

An Image of a Triad M2 Pro.

How to Choose a Best Cycle

Establish a budget:

As you are selecting a bicycle, determine how much you have to spend. Don’t forget to keep 10% of your flexibility.

Determine the goal:

How much riding you’ll do each week or month is the second item you need to think about. What makes someone buy a bicycle? Travel, training, or exercise?

Pick the appropriate kind:

There are hundreds of bicycle models and brands to choose from, so it can be difficult to decide which is ideal. After you’ve determined your purpose and budget, you may focus your bicycle alternatives.

Types of Bicycles

It’s a common assumption that getting a bicycle for less than 10,000 rupees won’t provide you many alternatives, but that is untrue. There are many types of bicycles available in india provided by the best brands of the country.

And, anything in between are available in India within this price range.

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Best Cycle Under 10000 in India

1. Leader Gladiator 26t Geared Mountain Bike

It has 21-speed gear combinations, making it one of the best geared mountain bikes you can get at a reasonable price. This Leader model is one of the top-rated MTBs under 10,000 rupees and is best suited for riders aged 12 and up.

For smooth off-roading, the Leader Gladiator comes with a front suspension fork. It also has a strong braking system with disc brakes up front and v-brakes down the back for effortless stopping; the brakes are specially made to adjust to the uneven mountain trails.

When it comes to the wheels and frame, it boasts wider tyres of 262.135 inches (ideal for MTBs) and dual-walled alloy rims. The steel frame measures 18 inches in length.

Furthermore, the leader gladiator has three front gears and seven back speeds. They are the highest quality multi-gear set and thumb shifters for the SHIMANO TOURNEY.

Only reflectors, a water bottle, and a side stand are provided as accessories. The remaining attachments, like as mudguards, a bell, and a bottle holder, must be purchased separately.

This mountain bike arrives semi-assembled and is very simple to assemble yourself. The cycle comes with an instruction booklet, Allen keys, and a spanner to make this job easier.


  • A budget-friendly geared bicycle with a front disc brake.
  • The frame comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • TIG welded frame with a robust construction.
  • Handlebars are raised for a more comfortable riding stance.
  • Saddle (seat) with PU cushioning that is comfortable.


  • Mudguards are not included.
  • Tall motorcyclists (5’8” and up) are not permitted.
  • The rear disc brake is not available.

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2. Decathlon Rock rider ST30.

If you live in India and are seeking for a premium geared bicycle that costs less than 10,000 rupees, the Rockrider ST30 from Decathlon would be the ideal mountain bike for you to purchase within this price range. This bike boasts 7-speed gears, microshift derailleurs, and a grip shifter.

The frame is made of steel and available in four sizes: small, medium, big, and extra-large. You can choose your size based on your height. It boasts a stiff fork for increased speed and control.

In terms of wheels, it boasts 262.125 inch wide mtb tyres that provide a strong grip on all types of roads. These tyres are mounted on single-walled aluminum rims. Overall, this bike’s wheelset provides a really comfortable riding experience.

It has v-brakes at both the front and rear ends for braking. It is the next strongest brake after disc brakes and is ideal for mountain bikes. The brake levers are sturdy and match the color of the handlebars.

The Rockrider ST30 is a lightweight mountain bike that is ideal for trails. The bicycle is sent 95% built, with tools to assemble the remaining components (handlebar, pedals, and front wheel).

Overall, the Decathlon Rockrider ST30 is the greatest gear cycle under ten thousand rupees in India. Don’t be concerned about the quality!


  • Frame and fork have a lifetime warranty.
  • Seat height may be adjusted with a quick-release clamp.
  • There are numerous color options available.
  • The front wheel incorporates a quick-release axle for simple on/off.
  • Extra padding on the saddle for extra comfort.


3. Urban Terrain UT1000.

Urban Terrain is widely acknowledged throughout India’s cycling community as a market leader and innovator. Under 10,000, the UT1000 is a 21-speed geared mountain bike with a 16-inch steel frame.

As a result, it is one of the most cheap and best-performing bikes available. This mountain bike is suitable for anyone above the age of 12 and with a height of 5 to 5’6”.

Shimano components are used throughout the Urban Terrain UT1000, from derailers to shifters and even gears. The UT1000 sports disc brakes on both the front and rear wheels. Having a twin disc brake makes braking on rough terrain quite safe. This mountain bike’s 27.5-inch wheels are protected by light yet robust double-walled alloy rims.

Another useful feature is the adjustable seat, which you can easily modify using the quick-release clamp. Not to mention the front suspension and super-attractive color and design on the frame, which make the UT1000 one of the best adult cycles under 10,000 in India.


  • It includes a diet plan that may be customized.
  • The design is dependable and adaptable.
  • Pedals that are non-slip and have reflectors.


  • It lacks a mud guard, which is a significant disadvantage for an MTB.
  • It does not come with any night reflectors.
  • Tall riders are not recommended.

4. Road Bicycle Hercules Flunk RF 26t

The Hercules Flunk RF is the next bicycle on our list. It is one of the best road bicycles under 10k in India, with 26-inch tyres and a 17-inch steel frame. If your height is between 5 feet and 5’8”, this is the bike for you.

The double-walled rims of the cycles are made of aluminum, which offers extra support to ensure that the cycle is absolutely strong. Mechanical disc brakes are used on both wheels of the braking system. Furthermore, the front stiff fork improves stability and provides good speed on flat routes.

Hercules Flunk RF is 90% constructed and includes a toolbox for your convenience. A go-to bike for 12+ year olds and adults that is very easy to handle, safe, robust, and, above all, the best bicycle under 10000 in India.


  • Because it has only one speed, it is ideal for beginners and youngsters.
  • Reflectors are included, making them suitable for nighttime rides.
  • This bike is ideal for riders of short stature.
  • Seat height may be easily adjusted thanks to the quick-release clasp.
  • Alloy brake levers complement the handlebar.


  • There is no front suspension.
  • There are no mudguards or bottle holders.
  • Tall cyclists should avoid it.

5. Cradiac Xplorer 29t: The Best Mountain Bike for Tall Riders

Finally, but not least! Cardiac Xplorer is one of the greatest single-speed mountain bikes available in India for less than 10,000 rupees. This bike has dual disc brakes, double-walled alloy rims, a stand, and many more features. The color of this mountain bike makes it stand out in this price range.

The bike includes an 18-inch steel frame and a suspension fork that absorbs shock well and provides a smooth ride on uneven terrain. The 29-inch nylon tyres are a fantastic match for this bike because they do not wear out quickly.

The Cradic Xplorer comes completely constructed and is best suited for riders with an average height of 5’8″ and up. Overall, this is the best bike under 10000 with gear that you can buy. It does the job well and has a beautiful appearance, stable grips, and an adjustable, padded saddle.


  • Saddle is padded with PU foam for comfort.
  • There are two color options available.
  • The suspension fork works well as a shock absorber.
  • It includes a mudguard, a stand, and all reflectors.


  • Not ideal for riders of low stature.

6. Mach City iBike.

We included this bike on our list of the best cycle available in India. This indicates the quality of the product, even though it is priced less Rs. 10,000. This is the ideal bicycle for someone who commutes 10 to 15 kilometers every day.

This bicycle is available on Flipkart and Amazon (links below the image) in a variety of price ranges. The bike is available in Red, White, Matt Black, Blue, and Grey.

Key characteristics include:

  • It does not include disc brakes or suspension. This helps to keep the weight of this city bike down.
  • Regular wire brakes are utilized on both wheels.
  • The framework is built of lightweight steel.
  • The tire size is 26 inches.
  • It has a 21-speed Shimano gear set with thumb shifters.
  • Both the front wheel and the seat post have a quick release system for simple maintenance.
  • Velodrive-enabled pedals designed to alleviate strain while riding rough terrain.

7. Btwin Riverside 100.

The Btwin Riverside 100 is an excellent hybrid bicycle. You can use it for short commutes or for leisurely rides around the park. It is a very versatile substance that may be utilized in a variety of ways. This bicycle is lightweight and portable, making it ideal for weekend off-road trail trips.

If you want a simple but high-quality product, I recommend this bike.

Btwin Riverside 100 – Best Cycle under ten thousand rupees in India

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Key characteristics include:

  • Steel is used to construct the frame.
  • It is devoid of shock absorbers.
  • Revo shifters and 6 speed gears.
  • V brakes are a type of brake.

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8. VESCO Drift Cycle 24-T.

Assembly Instructions: Vesco Cycles delivered a semi-assembled bicycle (85% assembled). [The customer must assemble it before using the Allen Key and Spanner provided in the box for installation.

Key characteristics include:

  • 24*2.40 (24 Inch) Tire | 16 Inch Frame | Dual Disk Brake | Single Speed
  • Tire Type: Tube | Frame Material: Carbon Steel | Front Suspension | Steel Rims
  • Ideal for: 9 to 14-year-old boys and girls (Rider Height: 4’2″ to 5′)
  • Cycle | Paddle Pair | Seat | Front Wheel | Handle | Mudguard | Toolkit Allen Key & Spanner

5 most important factors to consider while purchasing a bicycle (Buying Guide)

1. Frame Type

Steel and alloy frames are the most common types of frames found in bicycles. In India, however, steel frame cycles cost less than 10,000 rupees. A steel frame is strong and easy to maintain, whereas an alloy frame is lightweight. Bicycle frames are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate riders of various ages. So, measure your height and choose the appropriate frame size.

2. Gearing options

A rider must select their gear set according on their level of technique. A single-speed bicycle’s gearing ratio should ideally be 44/16. A geared bicycle would have 7 or 21-speed gear selections on a gear cycle around 10,000. Shimano or Microshift derailleurs and shifters are always recommended.

3. Brakes

Rim brakes and disc brakes are the two most common types of brakes. Mechanical dual disc brakes on a bicycle would cost roughly 10,000 rupees. When compared to rim brakes, they are significantly safer and provide a more rapid and effective braking experience.

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4. Rims and Wheel Size

Adult bicycle wheels are typically available in four sizes. They measure 26 inches, 27.5 inches, 28 inches, and 29 inches. Choose the appropriate wheel size for your height. The width of the wheels might differ depending on the type of bicycle. If you are purchasing a hybrid bicycle in India for less than 10,000 rupees, choose bigger tyres (above 2 inches) and standard tyres (less than 2 inches).

When it comes to the wheels, they should be double-walled alloy rims because they are sturdy, lightweight, and anti-rust.

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5. The type of fork

On a bicycle, there are two types of forks: rigid and suspension. If you are buying a single-speed bicycle for riding on flat roads, go with a rigid fork because it will save you money, reduce the weight of the bicycle, and provide you with a very good speed.

However, a suspension fork is critical to the performance of a mountain bike on trails. In India, a front suspension fork without a lockout feature would cost less than ten thousand rupees. If you want to ride a bicycle both on and off-road, a bicycle with front suspension is ideal.

These are the five most important factors to consider while purchasing a bicycle under 10,000 in India. We chose the top 10 best bicycles under 10000 from famous manufacturers while keeping all of the aforementioned criteria in mind.

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Conclusion: The best Cycle under ten thousand rupees in India

Whether you spend 10,000 rupees or more on a bicycle, what truly matters is the cycle’s quality, features, and performance. To meet that need, we attempted to map a summarized post on the 8 best cycle under 10000 in India in 2024.

In conclusion, we can see that the many cycle models have pretty comparable qualities, but what really counts is that you choose the one with that one additional special feature that completely complements your riding style. This could be as simple as a padded seat or as sophisticated as a new suspension system.

If you are looking for a bicycle for more than 15000 than see my guide on best MTB cycles under 15000 in India.

We hope that we were able to comprehend all of the main components and lead you toward a more informed bicycle purchase. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments area below.

For any further Query contact us by clicking the button below, Until then Continue Riding and Stay Safe!


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