How to Use Yulu Bikes in India: Everything You should Know in 2023

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Yulu bikes are rental electric scooters that are offered in major Indian cities such as Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi. For short travels within the city, they provide an economical and ecologically beneficial transit choice. You may ride a Yulu bike through city traffic and avoid wasting time seeking for parking.

This article will give a detailed, step-by-step guide to using Yulu bikes. We’ll go through how to use their app to find and unlock a Yulu bike near you, how to ride the electric scooter securely, and how to park and finish your rental.

This guide on how to use Yulu bikes in India will help you get started and make the most of Yulu bikes for your urban commute, whether you’re a frequent user or going to try one for the first time.

What are Yulu Bike, Miracle, and Move?

Yulu, a Bangalore-based business, has partnered up with Bajaj Auto to establish an electric bike-sharing scheme. Bajaj Company co-designs and manufactures Yulu electric two-wheeler motorcycles for Indian clients.

Every day, you may ride a one-of-a-kind car to work with Yulu. Yulu delivers the most secure commute option with a smartphone app that enables sharing, solo, and sustainable commuting in an effort to eliminate traffic congestion in India.

The Nearest Yulu zone sites are all strategically placed, such as metro stations, bus stops, offices, residential neighborhoods, and corporate headquarters, to make those first and last kilometers as easy and convenient as possible! This blog post will teach you how to ride a Yulu bike in India.

The Yulu e-bike is known as a Yulu Miracle, while the Yulu Bicycle is known as a Yulu Move.

Yulu bicycles are now available in Bangalore, New Delhi, Gurugram, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, and Bhubaneswar. This startup in India maintains over 3000 electric bikes. Yulu electric bikes may be hired from a neighboring Yulu zone near you.

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This is a step-by-step guide on how to use Yulu bike in India.

Finding a Yulu Bike to Ride

The first step is to locate a Yulu bike to rent near you. Yulu bikes are dockless, which means they have no fixed stations and may be stored wherever within authorized zones.

Open the Yulu app on your phone to find the nearest available Yulu bike. The app will offer a map view of your location, with red dots indicating occupied bikes and green dots suggesting bikes available for hire. You may also examine each bike’s details by switching to a list view in the app.

Yulu bikes are often stationed around public transportation hubs such as metro stations, bus stops, and train stations, as well as marketplaces, shopping malls, parks, and other popular destinations. This facilitates user access.

Once you’ve found an available best yulu bike near your location on the app, go to it. Look for a Yulu bike with a green light in front on the street. The green light shows that the bike has been unlocked, charged, and is ready for rental. If the light is red, the bike is either reserved or has to be charged.

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Unlocking the Bike

When you find an available Yulu bike, you may unlock it using the Yulu app.

Launch the app and choose the ‘Unlock bike’ option. Scan the QR code written on the bike panel with your phone’s camera. Scan the code to connect that specific bike with your app.

When you first use Yulu, the app will ask you to submit a photo of your legitimate government ID evidence, such as an Aadhaar card, driver’s license, or passport, for verification.

You must also make a modest deposit payment using a credit/debit card, net banking, or other authorized payment methods on the app. This payment serves as security and is repaid when your Yulu app account is deleted.

After your one-time authentication and deposit, you may scan any Yulu bike QR code to quickly unlock it in the future. Once unlocked using the app, the bike’s LED light will change from green to blue, signaling that it is now available to use. When your rental period is up, the bike will be automatically locked.

Riding the Bike

You may begin your ride once you’ve successfully unlocked the Yulu bike.

To begin, set the seat height to your height and comfort. The quick-release lever makes it simple to adjust the seat.

Simply begin pedaling to move the bike. There is no start button or ignition switch. The electric motor will detect your pedal action and automatically give power assistance.

Control the motor output with the right-side throttle and accelerate to a peak speed of 25km/hr. The more you turn the throttle, the more power you get. Instead of a throttle, Yulu bikes feature pedal assist. So you must pedal in order for the motor to activate.

Maintain safe speeds while riding in traffic and always wear a helmet. To stop, use both the front and back brakes. As the bike is heavy, apply the brakes gradually and early. Do not press the brakes suddenly.

Ride in designated lanes whenever feasible and obey traffic laws as you would on any other bike. The electronic assist eases pedaling but does not eliminate the need for caution.

Now you know how to use but where to ride your yulu bikes?, Commonly you’ll find them at the places where you can enjoy riding them, or try asking a friend or two firsthand.

Parking and Locking

Once you have arrived at your destination, you must properly park and secure the Yulu bike in order to bring your journey to a close.

Ideally, you should park the bike in one of Yulu’s official parking zones, which are noted on the app. Parking in a zone makes it more accessible to other users.

If no zone is available nearby, park appropriately along the sidewalk so that no pedestrian or vehicle traffic is affected. Parking in ‘No Parking’ zones is strictly prohibited.

End your ride and secure the bike using the app. Wait for the bike’s LED light to turn green, indicating that it is secured. Check that it is securely parked on its stand.

Your ride charges will be computed and shown in the app based on the distance traveled. Charges are quite low, often ranging from ₹5 to ₹10 per km.

Your ride is now complete, with the bike safely parked and locked. The bike is now ready for other people to use on their journeys.

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Yulu Costs and Payment Method

Yulu has a simple pricing structure for their electric bike rentals. There is a base unlocking charge of ₹5-10 depending on the city. On top of that, you pay ₹3-5 for every km ridden on the bike.

For example, if you ride 3km on a Yulu bike with a ₹10 base fee, the total cost would be ₹10 + ₹15 (3 km * ₹5 per km) = ₹25.

The exact fare is calculated automatically based on the distance traveled and displayed clearly in the Yulu app when you end your ride. This pricing structure makes short trips within the city very affordable.

Here is a table summarizing the key information on Costs and Payment for Yulu bikes:

Cost FactorDetails
Base Fare₹5-10 depending on city
Per KM charge₹3-5 per km ridden
Total Cost CalculationBase fare + Per km charge x Distance traveled
Payment MethodPrepaid wallet topped up via UPI, cards, netbanking
Wallet BenefitsCashless payments, Track expenses, No need for physical cash transactions

Here is an Example on calculating Yulu Miracle Price

Base Fare (Fixed)₹5.00
Fare for 60 minutes (60×2)₹120.00
Pause Charges (0.5×10)₹5.00

To pay for your Yulu rides, you need to add money to the prepaid wallet in the app. This can be easily done via UPI, credit cards, debit cards, or net banking. The amount is deducted from your wallet balance at the end of each ride.

Having a prepaid wallet allows for a cashless experience. You don’t need to worry about having cash on hand to pay for rides. Just top up your wallet periodically and scan to unlock and ride.

This simplified payment system makes Yulu ideal for daily urban commuting. No hassles of cash transactions or looking for change. The prepaid wallet also allows tracking all your ride expenses easily through the app.

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Yulu bike riding Tips for Responsible Use.

Wearing a helmet is critical for safety when riding a Yulu bike. Helmets protect the head in case of falls or collisions. India’s traffic conditions make helmets an absolute must. Ensure the helmet fits right and is fastened properly before every ride.

It’s important to avoid reckless riding on a Yulu bike. The bikes have a limited top speed of 25km/hr. Riding above the speed limit or dangerously weaving through traffic puts yourself and others at risk. Go slow on busy roads and stick to cycle lanes wherever available.

Parking the Yulu bike properly at designated stations is the responsible thing to do. Don’t leave the bike on the roadside or block footpaths. Locate the nearest station before ending your ride. Lock the bike through the app once parked. This makes it available for the next rider.

If you face any issues with the bike like punctures, damaged brakes, etc. report it through the in-app support section. This helps Yulu maintain the bikes better. Also, rate your ride to provide feedback on the condition of the bike.

Following these simple tips will ensure you and others stay safe. It will also help Yulu optimize its service. Ride responsibly and encourage others to do the same. if you don’t know any places to ride your yulu bikes in your city check out my Guide.

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Is it possible to ride Yulu Bikes in the rain?

Yes, the Yulu miracle (bike) can be used in the rain, but only in moderate amounts. Because it is an electric bike, severe rain may destroy the battery. As a result, avoid biking in certain situations.

You should ride Yulu Move is e-bike can be use in the rain because it is a regular bicycle that requires pedaling. Yulu Move does not have a battery, therefore you may ride it in light rain or heavy rain. In wet conditions, bike gently.

3 Important Rules for Riding a Yulu Miracle: 

Riders must be at least 16 years old. Minors are not permitted to ride Yulu Miracle (e-bikes), and their parents will be held liable for any fines or penalties if they are proven guilty.

Yulu miracle is just for one person and may only be used by one person at a time; riding with more than one person is dangerous and will result in a punishment if caught.

Yulu Bike Review: My Personal Experience

I was quite delighted to ride this bike when I spotted it on the streets of Mumbai. I went on a bike with friends and had a great time. The concept is quite amazing since it allows everyday commuters to save time and money by riding this e-bike. This is incredibly simple to ride; if you know how to ride a bicycle, you’ll be OK.

You don’t need a license to ride this e-bike since Yulu has established a speed limit. When the battery is fully charged, you may ride for up to 60 kilometers. Yes, the fees are higher than those for public transportation.

The advantages of riding the Yulu Miracle:

  • It is suitable for a short ride of 5 to 7 kilometers.
  • It decreases pollutants since it is environmentally beneficial.
  • You don’t have to wait, which saves you time.
  • You do not need a license to ride this.

The disadvantages of riding the Yulu Miracle:

  • It is not appropriate for long-distance riding.
  • It is sluggish because the top speed is about 25km/hr.
  • Because there is no surprise, the ride is not comfortable.
  • The bike is heavily utilized, and it is not properly maintained.

FAQs: How to Use Yulu Bikes in India

1. Could a 14-year-old drive Yulu?

For a Yulu Miracle, the Rider must be at least 16 years old. For a Yulu DEX, the Rider must also be at least 16 years old. For a Yulu Move, the Rider must be at least 13 years old and be supervised by a parent or legal adult (“Permitted Age of Use”).

2. Where I can leave a Yulu?

These are the Yulu Zones that are shown on the app. You can only stop your car in a Yulu Zone near me. If you’re not in a Nearest Yulu Zone by any chance, you can’t end a ride. But you can use our Pause tool to break up your ride and pick it up again later.

3. Do you need a license to ride a Yulu bike?

If your bike can’t go faster than 25 km/h or has a motor that is 250W or less, you don’t need a license or registration in India. On the other hand, the Yulu Wynn has a 250 W Hub Motor and a top speed of about 24.9 mph, so it doesn’t need a license or registration.

Conclusion on Riding Yulu Bikes in India

Finding an available bike on the app, opening it with the QR code, riding carefully with the throttle and brakes, and stopping or locking up at the end of your trip are the steps you need to take to use a Yulu bike.

Electric bikes are made for quick, short trips within cities so that people don’t have to wait in traffic. You can easily pick up and drop off Yulu bikes anywhere with just your phone.

Yulu bikes are affordable, simple to use, and good for the environment. If you follow this guide, you’ll be able to use Yulu bikes for all of your city travel needs. For your next short trip, feel free to ride a Yulu bike!


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