10 Bicycle Maintenance Hacks You Can Do at Home

by | Oct 5, 2023 | Tips & Guide

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For bicycle maintenance or repairs, the majority of us prefer to see a reputable mechanic or cycling store. You may often be charged for these excursions. In these situations, making simple repairs at home can save costs and time. Do you not concur?

Here are some home-based Bicycle Maintenance Hacks if you feel comfortable handling some dirt and are self-assured.

1. Creaks

Wrench & Levers

Don’t overlook any creaks coming from your bike. Take this opportunity to inspect your bike and make sure nothing is loose. Some bolts will loosen on their own as you ride. If you don’t inspect them on a regular basis, you risk losing the bolts or experiencing a major malfunction.

In the event that you are unsure, it can be worthwhile to invest in a torque wrench. Keep in mind that overtightening is just as harmful as under tightening.

2. Tidy up your bike’s chain:

A bike cassette of a Free Wheel Bicycle.

Among the components that move the most and gather a lot of dirt are the bicycle chains. Maintaining a clean Chain as well as drivetrain can provide a smoother ride & grease-free clothing in addition to extending its longevity. Dry out, clean, and then relubricate your chain.

Pril dishwashing liquid should work just well. However, invest in a quality degreaser for greater outcomes. You have several of options when it comes to environmentally friendly degreasers or can make your own DIY Homemade Degreaser at home.

After cleaning, make sure to let the area dry completely before applying lubricant. Make sure you put one or two drops on each roller. Recall that in this case, more is not better!

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3. Grease Dries Out With Time

A person spraying his bike chain with a lubricant.

Even though you may have applied a lot of lubricant while assembling your bike, it eventually wears out. A lot of individuals tend to believe that they only need to oil their seat post once, so when it seizes a few years later, they are shocked.

Make carefully sure to re-grease everything around every six months, and if the weather has been bad, do it sooner.

4. Cleaning your Bike

A person cleaning his green MTB using water spray.

Nothing compares to a Sunday morning ride on a spotless bicycle. Better yet, any time of day or night. And for that, it is deserving of some attention.

To begin going, all you need is the following.

  • A bucket
  • Dishwashing liquid + Water
  • Clean cloth
  • A few brushes

You’re good to go, too.

The drive train (chain, FD, RD, and cassette) should be cleaned first.

Next, proceed with the bicycle frame, fork, and tires. Now is also a wonderful time to give your bike and its parts a thorough inspection. After giving it a good wash with soapy water, give it a good rinse. After giving it a quick wipe, lubricate your bike.

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5. Pressure of Tires

A Bicycle Air Pressure Meter

Do you sustain punctures too frequently?

One possible reason for this might be low tire pressure.

If you have low tire pressure when riding your bicycle, your tube may squeeze against the rim. It may seem a little too bouncy to ride on high tire pressure. In addition, the kind of road you are riding on and the weather have an impact on tire pressure.

Take some time to identify and test various tire pressures that are appropriate for your riding terrain and style. Fill the tire to the maximum pressure (PSI) if you are a larger rider, and then adjust the settings.

Read this article for additional information on tire pressure: 5 Ways to Get the Ideal Bike Tire Pressure.

6. Take good care of your derailleurs

a person repairing a derailleur of a bicycle

As much as they take care of their chains and cables, many individuals overlook their derailleurs. Using your chain lubricant once again, lubricate your derailleurs’ springs from time to time. A tiny bit applied to the cable at the anchor point and, lastly, a tiny bit on the set screws will prevent them from seizing into the derailleur.

With these excellent pointers, you ought to be able to monitor the state of your bike and minimize the number of minor repairs that the technicians at your neighborhood bike shop will try to bill you for.

7. Truing wheels

A Mechanic repairing a Bike Wheel

For most of you, this may seem difficult or complicated. But all you need is a little perseverance and self-assurance, and you should be OK. It might be difficult to align wheels, but with a little effort, you can master it. To begin, all you’ll need is a little pencil, a string, and a mini wrench.

As seen in the illustration below, tie the pencil to the fork. Additionally, you may correct your wheel using it as a guide. Now spin the wheel to choose which side of the rim the pencil tip brushes. After you’ve located the location, tighten the spoke that emerges from the hub’s other side.

After the spoke has been tightened by a quarter, relax the spokes on either side of the newly tightened spoke. Check and rotate the wheel. Proceed to other rim regions and carry out the identical procedure.

8. Examine your Cables

Firefox Karma Handlebar

Not all cables break at random. They will eventually show signs of wear and tear, causing you to brake or shift gears erratically. To prevent your cable from unraveling, replace the end cap as soon as it comes off.

It’s important to lubricate your cables as well as your chai, doing so will keep your cables in excellent shape.

9. Tune Up of Gear

For most of you, this may be the most difficult aspect. If you don’t know how the Bicycle parts work together, doing tune-ups won’t be simple at all when it comes to barrel adjustment and limit screws. Therefore, this could be the time to get the bicycle serviced by a professional if you have no notion.

If the limit screws are turned without knowledge, it might result in a costly error. In these situations, please stop by our workshop for any needed bicycle repair services. 

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10. Hold onto the Valve Cap

Bicycle Tire's Valve Cap

Many people discard the plastic valve cap provided with a new inner tube when changing a tire, but you should definitely keep it in case you find yourself in a tight place.

You may utilize a compressor without a Presta valve head by screwing your freshly adjusted cap onto the valve stem. 

The cap can be used as a temporary Presta to Schrader valve converter if the top is cut off.

While it’s not ideal, you can utilize this quick tip to use the air compressor at your neighborhood gas station in an emergency if you can’t quite get your tires filled off with your CO2 canisters or little pump.

In addition, it’s far less expensive than an actual Presta to Schrader converter.

We always carry a few with cut tops in our saddle bags due to their size and weight, which makes them quite prone to loss.

Conclusion of Bicycle Maintenance Hacks

I hope this article on bicycle maintenance hacks was helpful to you in some way or other, and i want you tell me if you tried the above the listed methods to maintain your cycle at home or not.

Please share any more excellent maintenance advice you may have in the comments area below so that other riders can benefit from it.

Enjoy your ride!

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