Top 10 Best MTB Cycles Under 15000 in India 2024

by | Aug 19, 2023 | Mountain Bicycle

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Do you want an MTB bike that fits inside your price range? If so, you’ve come to the correct place. For new riders, choosing the best MTB cycles under 15000 in India is a difficult task. Don’t worry, then! We’ve taken care of it for you.

Since COVID emphasizes the value of health, a lot of individuals are looking for the most effective ways to maintain their fitness. The gym, yoga, jogging, and cycling are just a few of the many ways to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle & stay fit.

Cycling is always seen as the healthiest option, whether it’s for a weekend ride, commuting, or socializing. A high-quality bicycle is essential to realizing your riding dreams whenever you feel like hitting the road. For those who are unsure about what kind of bicycle to purchase, mountain bikes are the ideal option for you as a beginner.

For those who have a great affection for the outdoors and its erratic weather, mountain bikes are ideal bikes. Cycling in mountainous terrain is usually enjoyable for mountain bikers.

So, why do you hesitate? We’ll examine the top 5 best mountain bikes in India that cost less than 15,000 rupees in this blog article.

Which Mountain Bike Size Do You Need? MTB Height-Based Size Chart(Size Chart by Height)

Are you aware of the size of mountain bike you require? Do not fret. Now let’s examine the meaning of the bike size chart.

Wheels and a frame are the two primary parts of a bicycle, guys. They are not of the same size. However, the frame size and wheel size are not the same. An MTB usually has wheels that are 26, 27.5, and 29 inches in diameter. You can select the one that best suits you.

Nonetheless, it’s important to have the right frame size. Should you not, cycling might cause you discomfort or perhaps cause damage. Thus, the key consideration while choosing a bicycle size is the frame of the bike. As a result, always refer to the MTB frame size chart below:

An Image of a Bike Size Chart.
image credit:

Do you need to get somewhere quickly? View Our Top 3 Selections

Triad M2 Pro

Best MTB under 15000

An Image of a Triad M2 Pro.

Firefox Bad Attitude 10-29T

#2 Best MTB under 15000

An Image of a Firefox Bad attitude bike.

 Urban Terrain  UT3000

Value for money Best MTB under 15000

An Image of a Urban Terrain UT 3000.

For whatever reason, you may be in a rush, but don’t worry. The top three mountain bikes are shown in a comparison table, and I’ve written a thorough evaluation of each bike further in this post.

Please read the entire article before choosing the one you like best, and feel free to leave a comment at the bottom if you have any questions.

10 Best Mountain Bikes Under 15000 in India with Decent Features

India produces some of the top Mountain cycles, with dozens of different best cycling brands producing comparable products. Take a look at some amazing best mountain bikes available in India if you’re on a tight but is limited.

The following list contains the 5 best MTB under 15000 for adults in India  that you need to look at if you plan to buy a bicycle:

1. Leader Platinum 27.5T 21 Speed Alloy MTB Cycle

An Image of leader platinum 27.5T 21 speed
image credit:

Ideal for: 12+ years (5.2′′ to 6 feet) | Wheel Size: 27.5′′ | Frame Size: 19′′ | Speed: 21-speed

Are you trying to find a 21-speed High-quality MTB? Do not fret! For individuals with a budget of about 15,000, the Leader Platinum 27.5T is the best option. Known for its excellent build quality and dependability, Leader Cycle is a well-known Indian bicycle Brand.

Frame and Design: The eighteen-inch steel frame of this bicycle is enhanced in strength and durability by an ultra-strong tig-welded alloy frame that is ergonomically built.

The color scheme of this bike was also quite appealing to me. The striking color scheme of blue, green, and black that they have chosen is truly striking.

Handlebar and Suspension: The bicycle has a front suspension. Those who ride bicycles on trails and off-road areas should use suspension forks. For improved performance and smooth riding on various kinds of terrain, this mountain bike has a threadless front suspension.

If you want to go on lengthy bike rides, a high-quality handlebar is also essential. This bike’s high-grip T-style handlebar, with its soft rubber grips, makes riding comfortable.

Saddle, Rims, and Tires

Long-lasting, premium rubber tires are offered when it comes to wheels and tires. It has double-wall rims and 27.5 x 2.40 Extra Wide tires installed. The longevity of the tires is guaranteed by wide tires.

This bike has a PU saddle with a quick-release mechanism, just like other MTBs. This characteristic makes riding a bicycle simple for individuals of various heights.

Drivetrain and Crankset: The Leader Platinum 27.5t’s front and rear sides are built with the Shimano Tourney Gear System. Although they are often seen on entry-level bicycles, Shimano Tourney derailleurs don’t cause any issues when changing gears. because they move with such ease and fluidity.

A frame made of alloy that is tig welded.There’s no bottle holder included.
It is 90% assembled when it arrives.Offered in a single color only.
Excellent traction is offered by high-grip tires on a variety of terrains.
The age range for it is 12 to 50 years.
A frame made of an alloy that is tig welded.

Our Opinion:

To all the guys out there, I have to say that the Leader Platinum 27.5t is one of the best mountain bikes you can acquire for around 14K–15K from Leader cycles.

You should give this Leader Platinum 27.5t 21-speed MTB cycle serious consideration if you’re searching for a bicycle for someone who is 5 to 6 feet tall. Another feature of this bike that I like was the lifetime warranty it offers on the frame.

2. Omobikes Shillong 27.5T 21 Speed Mountain Bike 

An Image of omo shillong 27.5T
image credit:

Ideal For: 13+ years (5.3′′–6.2 feet) | Wheel Size: 27.5′′ | Frame Size: 18′′ | Speed: 21-speed

With lockout suspension, 21 gears, and even customizable options, OMOBikes has recently introduced the OMO Shillong MTB.

From the OMO Bikes brand, it is one of the best mountain bikes in India for under fifteen thousand rupees. Under a fifteen thousand budget, the feature that appealed to me the most was lockout suspension.

Check out Omobikes Shillong MTB Bicycle’s features.

Frame and Design: The bicycle’s 18-inch steel frame is composed of sturdy material and is quite tough. It is available in two eye-catching colors: golden green and black. The bicycle is made more appealing by the OMO logo on the down tube and top tube.

Handlebar and suspension: The MO Bikes Shillong MTB has a handlebar and suspension built of steel with 50mm of travel with lockout and preload features. It is possible to lock out the suspension and add more preload while riding over uneven terrain. It is possible to lock in the suspension for a smoother and more pleasant ride when traveling on flat surfaces.

Omobikes Shillong MTB Bicycle Video

In terms of the handlebar, the Shillong MTB is made with elevated, broad grips made of rubber that provide an extremely secure hold throughout lengthy rides.

Drivetrain: Shimano 21-speed gears are included with the Omo Bikes Shillong 27.5t. Both the front and rear sides are equipped with Shimano Tourney Derailleurs. Since Shimano Altus thumb shifters are included and are incredibly user-friendly, I had no trouble changing gears.

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Light in weight.The bike has no model name on it.
Frame is covered by a lifetime guarantee.
For more rapid and precise handling, raise the handlebar.
A lockout suspension fork with preload features is included.

Our Opinion:

I would share my opinions and personal experience because, as I mentioned before, I too own this mountain bike. I can’t say enough good things about this bike; it rides well on smooth, uneven, and rainy roads. Additionally, changing gears wasn’t tough for me.

Overall, this MTB bicycle for around 15k rupees is a great choice if you’re searching for anything under that amount for regular and long-distance riding.

3. Urban Terrain  UT3000 Alloy MTB 27.5T

An Image of ut3ooo alloy

Ideal for: Unisex Adults (5.0′ – 6 feet) | Wheel Size: 26-inch | Frame Size: 17-inch | Speed: 21-speed

When it comes to performance, there are many bikes under 15,000, but none compares to the Urban Terrain UT3000 27.5T. This geared bike with rear suspension is the best mountain bike for adults, giving them a fearless and enjoyable riding experience.

Frame and Designing: To provide a smooth ride even in unpleasant conditions and rugged terrain, the UT3000 27.5T MTB bike boasts a high-tensile aluminum frame. It features an internal design center that offers durable, error-free cycling.

Brakes: The disc brake systems on the front as well as the rear of this bicycle guarantee secure braking on the winding route.

Suspension: The rear suspension on this mountain bike is excellent for all kinds of terrain and offers pleasant, shock-absorbing cycling.

Gear Shifting Experience: The Shimano gears on this bike include 21-speed combinations, making gear shifting an experience. Because you can effortlessly alter the gears according to the terrain you ride on, this mountain bicycle has an excellent feature.

It works well on a variety of uneven surfaces. Don’t think about installing fenders and a side stand.
It has a PU saddle that can be adjusted and premium tires.Suitable for experts only.
There are reflectors on the front and back of this MTB.
All around India, installation is free.

Our Opinion:

Due to its impressive build quality and dependability, it has a positive customer rating. With its sturdy frame and high-quality tires, this bike will have an exceptional grip on all kinds of surfaces. Moreover, this company provides three months of free premium subscriptions for the Cultfit app.

4. Caya Split 27.5 MTB with Tires Designed for Mud

An Image of caya split 27.5 mtb
image credit:

Ideal For: 14+ Years (5.2′′ – 6 feet) | Wheel Size: 27.5′′ | Frame Size: 18.5′′ | Speed: 21-speed

The manufacturer of this bicycle is an Indian company, i.e. Caya. There are a few unique characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages to the Caya Split 27.5t Mountain Bike. On Amazon, this MTB has the most ratings and is the most well-known. Also, this is one of the best cycles under 15000 for adults.

The bicycle is available in two gorgeous color options: black and white. Blue Green and Yellow Red. This bike looks like a high-end mountain bike thanks to its color scheme.

Wheels, tires, and frame: A 18.5-inch steel frame is included. While steel frames are a little heavier than alloy frames, they tend to be stronger than alloy frames and have greater durability.

It is equipped with 27.5×2.80 Hartex broad tires on its wheels. Although these appear to be fat tires, they are often wide-type tires. They are what I would refer to as semi-fat tires and a 28-inch mountain bike.

When driving in muddy and off-road conditions, wide tires ensure that you have maximum grip and performance.

Speaking of handlebars, it has a 740mm broad handlebar that makes controlling it on off-road terrain easier. Let’s now discuss the Caya Split 27.5t MTB’s primary features…

Drivetrain of the Caya Split 27.5t

It has a SunRun freewheel and 3×7 groupsets with micro-shift derailleurs. It’s really evident that our rear derailleur breaks or gets damaged a lot. For security, a rear protector is provided in order to safeguard the rear derailleur.

Putting your confidence in micro shift gear components won’t let you down; I’ve been using them for the past 2 years and have never experienced any major issues with micro shift groupsets.

Make sure to learn more about Shimano vs. Microshift groupsets if you’re still unsure.

Suspension and Braking System:  The brand itself provides suspension, which has an 80mm travel. It comes with a mechanical double-disc brake is used. Overall, the suspension and brakes operate rather well.

The frame of the bicycle is guaranteed to be rust-free.This bike is a little hefty because of its steel frames.
Reflectors are included with the bike stand.Suitable for experts only.
Mud-specific tires are made up of a mix of fat and mountain bike tires.A few riders discovered that the frame lacks a model name.
All around India, installation is free.

Our Opinion:

If you have a budget of around 15,000 rupees, I believe you should buy this bike. Although it performs admirably on smooth surfaces, this mountain bike outperforms all others in this price range when it comes to off-road and trail riding thanks to its wide tires.

5. Hero Reaction 27.5T 21-speed MTB Gear Cycle

An Image of hero reaction 27.5T
image credit:

Ideal for: 12+ years (unisex cycle) |  Frame Size: 17-inch | Wheel Size: 27.5-inch| Speed: 21-speed

Offered in India for less than Rs. 15000, the Hero Reaction 27.5T is a mountain bike featuring twin disc brakes and coil spring suspension. The robust steel frame used in the construction of this bike increases its lifetime.

Frame and Design: This MTB cycle has an excellent design and is constructed with a high-quality steel frame that gives it a sophisticated and stunning appearance. This cycle’s matte finish color is incredibly high-quality and smooth.

Gearing Experience: The front and rear derailleurs of the Hero Reaction 27.5T are made of Shimano Tourney TZ500. The seamless gear changes will provide for a comfortable and lag-free ride.

Braking, steering, and suspension: For safe operation on rough roads, there are twin disc brakes in the front and back. The handlebars’ 680mm width aids in riders’ excellent control over their bicycles. Riders will have a firm grip on both smooth and uneven terrain thanks to the Reaction 27.5 TS suspension fork.

Saddle & Wheels: For an even more pleasant and stable ride, a racing PU saddle is also incorporated into the design. The Hero Sprint Pro Reaction’s wheel and saddle configuration has 27.5-inch MTB tires mounted on Spur XCR double-wall alloy rims. 

It comes with Shimano EF500 shifters installed.Certain users have reported that more smoothness might be achieved by slightly enhancing the suspension’s performance.
Suspension forks are provided with the Hero Reaction 27.5T.Well-made steel is used in the construction of the Reaction 27.5T.
Well-made steel is used in the construction of the Reaction 27.5T.
Alloy rims are used with premium nylon tires on this mountain bike.

Our Opinion:

The bottom line is that this MTB gear cycle under 15,000 is excellent for flat and urban terrain in India. A strong grip is guaranteed on every ride with this, the ideal mountain bike for beginners and those up to 172 cm in height.

6.  Hero Sprint Growler 26T Mountain bike

An Image of hero growler 26T
image credit:

Ideal for: 12+ years (unisex cycle) | Wheel Size: 26-inch | Frame Size: 17-inch | Speed: 21-speed

With its superb structural stability from its hardtail frame, the Hero Sprint Growler 26T is a lightweight bicycle. Riders can enjoy cycling in challenging terrain without any hindrance all thanks to its exceptional manufacturing quality.

Design and framing: To provide optimal performance in all weather conditions, the Hero Sprint Growler 26T is constructed with anti-corrosion paint. You will enjoy a fantastic ride on all terrains because to its robust steel frame and 21 gears.

Brakes and suspension: For a relaxed and enjoyable ride, every time, this mountain bike is equipped with powerful twin disc brakes and a front suspension fork.

Footrest and saddle: A plush PU saddle that’s securely fastened to the seat improves overriding control. Its anti-slip pedals provide improved pedal control even in damp weather.

Ideal for off-road excursions: This bike’s flying mudguard makes it perfect for off-road and urban travel.

The option of twin disc brakes is offered for effective control.It is not easy to put the Hero Sprint Growler 26T together.
For added comfort, a PU saddle is an option.
This bike has easy-grip handlebars and a hardtail frame.
Better gearing is now possible thanks to the installation of the Shimano gearing system.
Available with bright decals and light reflectors.
There is a 3-speed freewheel included with the Hero Sprint Growler 26T.

Our Opinion:

If you’re searching for the best MTB in India for less than 15,000, seek for one with front suspension, twin disc brakes, and a 17-inch frame size. Because it includes every function a mountain bike should have, this MTB is the greatest choice for you.

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7. Firefox Bikes Unisex Bad Attitude 10-29T, 21 Speed MTB Cycle

An Image of firefox bad attitude 10-29T
image credit:

Ideal For: 13+ years (5.4′′ – 6.0 feet) | Wheel Size: 29′′ | Frame Size: 18′′ | Speed: 21-speed

The multi-speed mountain bike Firefox Bikes Unisex Bad Attitude 29T is made of high-quality materials and has features that will last a lifetime. In India, it is among the top mountain bikes under 15k.

Frame & Design: Constructed with an 18-inch premium-quality frame, the Firefox Bad Attitude MTB cycle has an impeccable design. It has incredible features that are simple to use.

Brakes, suspension, and rims: In order to provide a comfortable ride, this bicycle has an adjustable suspension system with a shock absorber. It also has strong disc brakes on the front and back, along with double-wall rims for robustness. You won’t have to worry when riding across rough terrain because it won’t break readily under strain.

Seat: The triangular PU saddle on this MTB’s seat makes for a smooth ride and is a nice touch from Firefox Brand.

Assembling: Eighty-five percent of the components of this mountain bike have been assembled when it is purchased. You may assemble the remaining components at home by following the manufacturer’s instructions or by visiting your neighborhood bicycle technician.

Equipped with strong disc brakes.There is a room for slight improvement in the paddling system.
Featuring a front suspension that can be adjusted.
Great seat with a polyurethane saddle.
It is made with heavy-duty rims and tires.
The frame of this MTB bike is made of premium, long-lasting material.

Final Verdict:

In conclusion, this mountain bike, which costs less than fifteen thousand rupees and has a sturdy frame, comfy seat, and disc brakes, is among the finest in India.

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8. Cradiac Squad 21 Speed MTB for Adults

An Image of cradiac squad 21 speed
image credit:

Ideal For: 14+ Years (5.0′′ – 6 feet) | Wheel Size: 29′′ | Frame Size: 18′′ | Speed: 21-speed

Because of its incredible frame and ideal wheel size, the adult 29-inch MTB Cradiac has an excellent customer rating and is regarded as one of the best mountain bikes under $15,000. There are double-wall alloy rims and 29-inch nylon tires on this bike.

Frame and design: The 18-inch frame of this mountain bike is made of high-quality steel. This MTB bicycle under $15,000 comes with everything you need to put it together fast for your thrilling ride.

Brakes and Suspension: There are two disc brakes on this bike, which helps riders stop quickly. This mountain bike’s suspension fork will assist riders overcome large bumps, so they won’t have to worry about bumps on the road.

Gear and Handlebars: The Shimano Tourney Gears, with 21 speeds, are a feature that makes riding this bike on winding routes more enjoyable for users. Because they offer a solid hand grip, the broad handlebars of this bike make riding comfortable and simple.

Assembly: The Cradiac Squad mountain bike is quite straightforward to put together. Handlebars, front wheels, pedals, and gear system tuning are all that’s left to do. Make sure to visit a bicycle technician for a fast repair if this is your first time purchasing a gear cycle. This Cradiac Squad MTB comes with an Allen key and a wrench.

Light in weight.The bike has no model name on it.
Frame is covered by a lifetime guarantee.
For more rapid and precise handling, raise the handlebar.
A lockout suspension fork with preload features is included.


  • It’s a lightweight mountain bike.
  • constructed with a strong eighteen-inch frame.
  • There is a two-year manufacturer warranty on this Cradiac MTB bike.
  • The handlebars are simple to grip and extremely comfy.
  • There is a side stand and mudguard available for free with this bike.


  • There aren’t any drawbacks yet.

Last observation: With two disc brakes and MTB-wide handlebars, this is an amazing gear bicycle made in India for less than 15,000. You will receive excellent customer care to resolve any issues you may have if you purchase this bicycle. Those who are between 5.5 and 6 inches tall should use this cycle.

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9. Ninety-One- Samurai 26T

An Image of a Ninety One Samurai 26T.

Ideal for: 13+ years (unisex cycle) |  Frame Size: 17-inch | Wheel Size: 26-inch| Speed: 21-speed

If you are looking for an MTB for 15000 Then, Ninety-one – 26 T is the bike of your dreams, Samurai as cool as a Warrior comes with 26-inch wheels, disc brakes, front suspension, and 21 gears. The bike is offering quite similar specifications that are available in the market.

Designing & Frame: The 17″ high tensile steel frame and robotic TIG welding are included with the Samurai MTB bicycle.

Gearing: The chain is moved from one sprocket to another by the front and rear derailleurs. To provide an effortless shifting experience, we guarantee thorough testing of the FD/RD under various driving situations. As you descend more quickly and ride a little more easily, the ST retiree A Miia) Rolo Rig Tale BAU): f) assists you.

Wheel & Seat: In addition to offering the rider the extra confidence and grip they need on the road, the premium nylon tires’ 26″ X 2.1″ width also makes them more puncture-resistant than typical cycle tires. A foam saddle is included with the Mountain Bike Samurai. With its harmonized colors, it appears quite elegant.

Suspension, Braking & Steering: With its 80mm of travel, the V91 suspension fork is suitable for light off-roading and uneven terrain. For those who are just starting to ride, this function is extremely important for a jerk-free experience.

Each disc brake on the MTB bike has a 160mm rotor disc in the front and back. In order to brake quickly and without skidding even in wet circumstances, this gives the bike more braking power.

On a bicycle, the steering mechanism is referred to as the handlebar. An upright riding stance is recommended for mountain biking, and the 91 bike’s steel handlebar is part of its design.

Equipped with seat clamp as well as Quick release front wheel.It is quite heavy as it made of steel.
It comes with both front and rear disc brakes.The wheel size could have been better.
Available with double-walled alloy rime that comes with rust free
It is quite heavy as it is made of steel.

Our Opinion:

Looks are really nice paint job. The looks are really cool and we love the frame geometry, While the bike is packed with features, we would have preferred 27.5 inches instead. The bicycle is surely on the heavier side as it is made from Mild steel and comes with 29inch wheels

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10. Triad M2 Pro

Best MTB Cycles under 15000 - An Image of a Triad M2 Pro.

Ideal for: 15+ years (unisex cycle) |  Frame Size: 18-inch | Wheel Size: 26-inch| Speed: 21-speed

With the superb stable hardtail frame equipped with dual suspension, the Triad M2 Pro is a perfect lightweight beginner’s Mountain bicycle. It is a well-famed bicycle with a budget of 15000.

Frame: The Triad M2 Pro is built around a lightweight yet strong Alloy frame. Extra standover clearance is made possible for the rider by the top tube’s slight slant. Although steel frames are offered by competitors in this category, the overall weight advantage of an alloy frame makes riding easier.

Braking & Suspension: Front and rear mechanical disc brakes provide the stopping power on this All-Terrain full-suspension mountain bike. On both flat and uneven ground, their brakes are strong, secure, and well-balanced. A large 80mm travel Triad custom suspension fork that can absorb all trail vibrations is included with the Triad M2 Pro. Riding over uneven roads relieves a lot of strain on the rider’s back thanks to the usage of the rear suspension. To change the amount of travel, this rear suspension has two additional steps of adjustment.

Handlebar: This bike’s alloy handlebar is wide enough to allow the rider to adopt an open-chested riding position while still being comfortable.

Tires & Gearing: The bike’s DSI 26″ x 2.0″ MTB tires have extensive treading to provide plenty of grip on uneven terrain. The bike can roll over uneven sections with ease thanks to the tread design, while the 26″ diameter manages the quick-rolling resistance. Additionally, a Shimano Tourney 21-Speed transmission is included with the bike. For short, rapid gear changes on rugged urban roads and trails, these derailleurs were perfect. Shimano trigger shifters were conveniently located near the handlebar grips and were simple to operate.

The Bikes comes 90% Assembled.Not suitable for tough trails & Terrain
Equipped with dual suspension.
It comes in Rust free AL tech 6061 alloy hardtail frame.
Available with Shimano Tourney Gears.

Our Opinion:

We think that

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How to Purchase a Mountain Bike Online in India. (Buying Guide)

There are some people who are not familiar with what is a mountain bike and the characteristics of mountains, which may help them choose the best mountain bike that costs less than 15,000. When purchasing an MTB bike for oneself, consumers should know some thing to avoid when buying a bike in mind.

The following are some crucial elements to take into account while purchasing a mountain bike in India for less than 15k:

1. Choose the Correct MTB Bike

Choosing the kind of Mountain Cycle to buy is the first and most important decision that each customer must make. Bicycles that are best suited for flat and undulating terrain come in a wide variety of alternatives. Both full-suspension and hardtail mountain bikes are available.

2. Choose Your Wheel Size Based on your Height

There are three sizes of mountain bikes: 26 inches, 27.5 inches, and 29 inches. For shorter riders, the 26-inch wheel-size bike offers excellent traction and quick acceleration. The bicycle with 27.5-inch wheels is ideal for short riders since it offers excellent traction and quick acceleration. Designed for taller riders, the 29-inch wheel-size bike offers superior traction and gradual acceleration.

3. Robust Suspension Fork

There is no suspension fork on this mountain bike. Generally speaking, they are manageable and inexpensive. These MTBs are no longer available on the market.

4. Hardtail mountain bikes are reasonably priced

Hardtail bikes are described as bicycles with just front suspension. Compared to full-suspension mountain bikes, hardtail bikes are less expensive. Since hardtail motorcycles only have a few moving components and allow users to lock out the front suspension, they are less expensive. Rigid bikes are therefore more sought-after and demanding.

5. Full-suspension Bikes

Bikes with both front and rear suspensions are referred to as full-suspension bikes. Thanks to their increased traction and pleasurable ride, full-suspension bikes are becoming more and more popular.

6. Choose the kind of brakes you want

The most crucial thing to think about when riding a bicycle is the brakes. Before buying a bicycle, buyers should consider these three types of brakes based on their budget.

V brakes: V brakes are straightforward and easy to maintain, and they are found on the majority of mountain bikes. But in contrast to disc brakes, this kind of brake is ineffective.

Disc brakes: Most entry-level mountain bikes come equipped with disc brakes, which are incredibly reasonably priced. Disc brakes can be operated by a cable that has to be adjusted in a timely manner when the brake pads detach. While requiring more upkeep than V braking systems, this kind of brake is still superior.

Hydraulic disc brakes:  Top-tier mountain bikes often come equipped with hydraulic disc brakes. They truly are outstanding when it comes to stopping. It is costly and challenging to handle them.

7. Choose the Appropriate Frame Quality

There are four different kinds of frame materials that are available: titanium, carbon fiber, steel, and aluminum.

Aluminum-framed bicycles provide riders with excellent control. The majority of the cycles have aluminum frames visible. They are affordable and lightweight.

Steel-framed sizes are commonly utilized due to their ease of handling, superior strength, and manageability.

Titanium-framed cycles are a bit pricey, and you’ll need to shell out a hefty sum if you want to get a titanium-framed mountain bike.

Carbon bicycle frames are lightweight, strong, and durable. Manufacturers may also mold the frame to look whichever they choose.

8. Choose Tires that Provide Excellent Traction

Since tires are primarily useful for riding on and off-road, they should be the first thing you look for when purchasing a mountain bike. Every cycle’s heartbeat is its tires. In unsteady terrain, they offer enhanced stability and superior surface adhesion.

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It is important for people to constantly examine the trend. To ensure that the tires have adequate contact with the surface, the tread is a rubber compound used in tires. For improved traction on the ground, consumers should always choose a mountain bike with high-traction tires.

9. Geared vs. Non-Gear Mountain Bike

Mountain bikes with gears, typically ranging from 0 to 21, are readily available. In addition to being popular these days, geared mountain bikes provide other advantages. Cycling uphill is made much easier with a geared mountain bike.

If you ride over mountainous terrain, you ought to have a high-gearing mountain bike. If you bike on flat terrain, though, choose a non-geared MTB.

The Pros and Cons of larger MTB wheels

Although buying a bigger wheel-size mountain bike is usually the goal of riders, there are some advantages and disadvantages to consider.

  • Large-wheeled mountain bikes have advantages.
  • It can roll on obstruction with ease.
  • Larger wheel diameters on MTBs improve traction.
  • For improved ground grip, the MTB with large wheels is the ideal option.
  • Con of 29-inch mountain bikes:
  • Mountain motorcycles with bigger wheels have slower acceleration.
  • Turning around with a bigger wheel is challenging.
  • More force is required to slow down an MTB with bigger wheels.

Pros and Cons of Disc Brakes

When purchasing high-quality MTB bikes in India for less than Rs. 15,000, you should consider the benefits and drawbacks of disc brakes of Mountain Bikes under 15000, despite their low cost and ease of use.

Benefits of MTB Disc Brakes:

  • With disc brakes, stopping a bicycle requires less effort.
  • Installing disc brakes is a simple process, and they need less maintenance.
  • Aids in improving performance even in damp environments.
  • The worn-out rotor is all that has to be changed rather than the entire wheel.

Drawbacks to Mountain Bicycle Disc Brakes:

  • Compared to V brakes, disc brakes are more expensive.
  • You should service disc brakes on schedule.

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In conclusion: Best MTB Under 15000 in India

We usually recommend consulting the buying guide when making your first mountain bike purchase. So long as your budget allows it, you can always find the best MTB bikes. Although every bike on our review’s list is the best cycle under 15,000 in India, we refer to them as mountain bikes.

These are high-quality, reasonably priced mountain bikes that provide superior off-road handling and riding pleasure. But, read this if you’re on a tight budget and want to find the best mountain bikes under 25,000.

Please share this review of the best MTB cycles in India with your friends who ride bikes if you enjoyed it. Please share in the comment section below which MTB bike you find to be the best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Best MTB Cycles Under 15000 Rupees in India

1. Is it safe to ride an MTB bike on the road?

Actually, riding an MTB on the road is rather safe. Not only are mountain bikes designed for off-road riding, but they may also be used in flat terrain.

2. Which gear cycle under 15000 is the best in India?

The greatest gear bike under 15000 in India is the Urban Terrain UT3000, which gives riders easier control.

3. Which MTB brand cycle is the cheapest?

For less than 15000 rupees, the Leader Xtreme MTB brand offers the best value in terms of durable, high-quality mountain bikes.

4. Which brand of MTB cycle is the best?

Indian bicycle manufacturers that offer a wonderful riding experience without any problems include Hero, Firefox, 91, and Cradiac. These brands are among the best under Rs. 15000. Because of the high-end bicycle components and tires used in their construction, these bikes are ideal for long-distance mountain biking.

5. What are the top mountain biking trails in India?

Some of the top mountain biking routes in India are worth exploring if you’re an avid rider looking for the best mountain riding experience. In the northern state of Himachal Pradesh, the first one stretches from Manali to Spiti Valley.

In the second, you may discover the unending grandeur of Northeast India, which stretches from Bomdia to Tawang. Traveling from Goa to Mangalore and Chennai to Pondicherry will provide you with a very unique experience if you decide to visit South India.

6. How to Get Started with Mountain Biking?

Mountain biking is actually not as difficult as many think it is, despite the fact that it frequently appears to be a dangerous and difficult activity. It doesn’t take long to master the fundamentals of riding, especially if you take lessons from more seasoned riders and use their mountain biking guide.
You may become a professional mountain biker by following them on rides, copying their style, and trying out a few basic stunts. In addition, gaining theoretical information and applying it to your performance can be facilitated by viewing videos and reading blogs about the sport.

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