10 Things to Avoid When Buying a Bike in India

by | Sep 27, 2023 | Tips & Guide

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Today I’m going to talk to you today about the common things to Avoid When Buying a Bike in India

I asked some friends who own bike shops about typical misunderstandings about buying bicycles.

We saw that many people were looking to purchase new bicycles during the pandemic’s peak. Because of this, there was a severe lack of bicycles and bicycle components

Even with the severe mobility constraints and parts shortage, people were nevertheless eager to purchase and ride bicycles. 

Though many people made blunders when purchasing a bicycle, those who were able to get a new one may have felt fortunate.

The following are some things to steer clear of while purchasing a bicycle:

1. Purchasing Incorrect Frame Size:

A Cycle Frame Measurements

There are many people who have bought the incorrect bicycle frame size, even with the abundance of information readily available on the internet. Your back, knee, and neck may ache and hurt if you ride a bicycle with the wrong frame size. Furthermore, if you don’t treat these little aches and pains, they might worsen and force you to stop riding altogether.

We have a popular shopping guide for bicycles right here. You stop enjoying the activity as a result, and the bicycle is left to gather dust.

Not to that, there have been cases where a store owner has sold a bigger frame size just for financial gain.

Does anyone recall going bicycle shopping with their parents when they were younger? The shopkeeper and your parents came to the conclusion that it would be best to get you a bike that was one size larger. Surely you will grow up? Let’s then purchase a size larger!

To help you choose which frame size is best for you, refer to the viceo below. It’s also possible to borrow or hire a bike with a comparable frame size and use it for a few days.

2. Remember to Test Ride:

Due to the bicycle craze, most individuals would rather stay indoors and purchase a bicycle online. The ideal approach is to test ride a bicycle when you come into a store, though.

Go around the shop a little to get a feel for the bicycle in addition to taking a test ride. The most crucial factor to consider when purchasing a bicycle is how it rolls or feels.

Have a test ride on a bicycle by asking the shops if they have one available for you to try out.

These are our beginner’s cycling tips.

3. Purchasing a Bike That Is Too Expensive or Too Cheap

A black Red NInety One Drago Bike.

If you’re new to riding, it might be tempting to get the least expensive bike. However, you need to have a good first bike experience in order to maintain your motivation to ride more.

I had mostly negative experiences with inexpensive bikes, and I had heard several accounts of individuals quitting riding due to subpar bicycles. Inexpensive bicycles are difficult to ride, heavy, require constant adjusting, and are unreliable.

Put up a little more cash to buy a bike with sturdy, long-lasting parts. However, purchasing a pricey bike might not be worthwhile.

First of all, you could spend your entire budget on the bike and not have any money left over for extras like a helmet or cozy cycling clothes. Second, purchasing an expensive bike doesn’t make sense if you’re not sure riding is a good fit for you as a sport.

Rather, try cycling for a while (maybe on a rented bike like Yulu bike, just kidding) and then upgrade at a later time.

4. Avoid Purchasing a bicycle that does not meet your needs:

a cyclist with his 26 inch bike.

Don’t get a road bike if you want to use it for commuting and then whine about how difficult it is. Additionally, avoid purchasing a bicycle if it requires extensive customization to suit your riding preferences.

The occasional extra room is fine, but costly component swaps should be avoided wherever possible.

5. Visit more than One Bike Store:

Specific brands of bicycles are sold by specific cycling retailers. Being a Trek enthusiast and wanting to ride a Trek bicycle is OK.

However, you should still test several manufacturers, such as Ninety One bicycles, Leader Bicycles Etc.

Either you’ll discover a bicycle that fits you even better or you’ll confirm your love for trek. In any case, you’ve won, isn’t that right?

Adam Rodkey, a manager of Bikesmiths in Bloomington, Indiana. He Said that “Our time is worth the Money”. It’s really a terrible business if i share my knowledge so that someone else may earn from it.

6. Don’t purchase just because you have to:

A bicycle that doesn’t fit well or that we don’t like the way it rides or feels is what usually makes us dislike it.

Our only reasons for buying are that it’s a great offer or you asked for one. But keep in mind that purchasing a bicycle involves an initial outlay of funds.

Consequently, you will ride it for many years and put in a lot of hours. Ensure that the bicycle is comfortable at all times by making the appropriate purchase.

7. Take into account Accessories Budget as well:

Mudguard of a Bike.

The act of cycling continues even after a bicycle is purchased from a retailer. Moreover, you must make additional purchases of bicycle accessories.

Not only may the correct accessories increase comfort, but they also simplify life and improve the riding experience.

To begin started, attempt to get a decent helmet, bottle cage, and pump. Later on, you may get cycling bib shorts, a puncture kit, a spare tube, and other items.

8. Continue your Relationship with the Bike Store:

Purchasing a bicycle marks the beginning of a new journey. Proper maintenance of bicycle and timely servicing are essential for you to have fun riding your bicycle.

It’ll help you a lot if you and the bike store get along well. Some retailers do provide one complimentary service. On top of that, you also receive free counsel and pointers.

Furthermore, bicycle stores offer workshops and maintenance and cleaning guidance. These are only a few of the services they provide. Strive to get knowledge from them.

To join the hands-on experience, find out which days your shop mechanics are most likely to be free. 

9. Selecting a Bike based on TV Commercial

A giant bicycle parked in the snowy mountains

A TV advertisement’s hype may easily enthrall one. They are, after all, intended to sell you a thing, but the product is rarely worthwhile. 

When purchasing a bike, make sure you’ve done enough independent research before relying on advice from others.

My acquaintances frequently tell me tales of how, as soon as a television commercial airs, customers flock to their local bike shops hoping to get their hands on the identical bike that a celebrity rode in the commercial.

But such bikes are more expensive (the advertisement had to be paid for somehow) and offer less value than bikes that aren’t shown on TV.

For ideas, feel free to go through the top bicycle brands.

10. Never Underestimate a Custom Cycle:

A man holding his bicycle in air.

It is quite likely that a normal model bicycle manufactured by the firm will not have all the characteristics you are searching for. It would be a good idea to think about buying a custom-made bicycle in these situations.

We will build a personalized bicycle based on your dimensions. Additionally, you have options for paint treatments, components, and much more.

Summary on Things to Avoid When Buying a Bike in India

I hope this tutorial has made clear the pitfalls you may now steer clear of when buying a new bicycle. 

To ensure optimal riding comfort and compatibility with the terrain you intend to ride on, don’t forget to select the appropriate size and kind of bike.

Other factors, such as selecting a bike within a reasonable budget and using dependable parts, are also crucial.

Please ask any questions you may have about purchasing bikes in the comments section. I’ll be happy to assist you.


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