Ninety One Cycle Review: Is Ninety-One a Reputable Indian Cycle Brand in 2023?

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As per the Economic Forum 2022, India is becoming a hub for entrepreneurs and start-ups. Among these numerous ventures, one prosperous enterprise in the cycling industry is Sachin Chopra’s Ninety One cycle brand.

Ninety One Cycles, a company whose name is a patriotic play on India’s national code, emerged in 2015 with the goal of transforming the bicycle sector. 

In a sector long dominated by a small group of reliable veterans, Ninety One, founded by passionate bikers and engineers, offers a new viewpoint. 

With a thorough awareness of rider requirements and a great deal of study, Ninety One designs and manufactures cutting-edge bicycles that are particularly tailored for Indian roads and circumstances.

Since Ninety One Cycle is a relatively new company compared to its rivals, the majority of you are curious as to whether or not this is a good brand. Should you decide to buy a bike from this manufacturer? Do not fret! we are here to answer all of this in today’s Ninety One Cycle Review

The best way to answer your question is to learn more about the Ninety-One bikes brand—its origins, mission, bicycle types, differences from more established companies, and whether or not its pricing point is suitable for the Indian Cycling Market.

The most common inquiries concerning the Ninety One bicycle brand have also been addressed in this Ninety One cycle review, along with all the previously discussed topics.

Let’s examine whether Ninety One is a reliable bicycle brand.

An Overview of the Ninety One Cycles

91 bicycle brand custom logo

Founded by an engineer the well-known cycling brand Ninety-One was started in 2015. It was named “Ninety-One” because 91 is the country code for India, and Sachin Chopra was thinking of what else would be best for a MADE-IN-INDIA bike brand.

After noticing a significant dearth of innovation in the bicycle industry and a substantial margin of expansion, Sachin Chopra and his team took action using extensive market research information.

In addition, Ninety One became a lucrative, sustainable, and popular bicycle brand in the Indian market because of his extensive knowledge and the contributions of the co-founders.

What kind of bicycles is Ninety One Producing?

Ninety One is a manufacturer of bicycles that includes road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid city bikes, fat tire bikes, hybrid road bikes, women’s bicycles, mountain bikes, hybrid city bikes, and ranger bikes. Their bicycles are designed by cyclists and are engineered for durability and safety. Included in India’s Top Cycle Brands

Let’s examine in more depth the types of bicycles that Ninety One specializes in manufacturing!

1. Road Bikes

Since off-road bikes account for 85% of the Indian cycling market, there aren’t many Indian brands offering road bikes at reasonable costs. 91 Cycles made the decision to innovate & transform the road bike industry by producing lightweight, aesthetically pleasing, and colorful road bikes for recreational use.

91 Cycles developed their road bikes the least wind-resistant and paid little regard to the design in order to bring innovation and change in road bikes and ensure that they stand out while you ride your road bike. Ninety One Road bikes are a great option for anything from lengthy trips to running errands and cycling in the city.

In addition to these, Ninety One specializes in ladies’ bicycles, fat-tire bikes (FTBs), kid’s premium bikes, cycling accessories (there are several promotions where you can receive free accessories with bikes), riding gears, and much more in an effort to revolutionize the traditional bicycle industry.

2. MTBs, or Mountain Bikes

Ninety-One introduced their MTBs with creative and advanced designs in response to the growing demand for mountain bikes in India. They also include single and multi-speed MTBs to guarantee expandability. It features beast-like performance and excellent support for those daring rides.

For sudden stopping on off-road terrain, Ninety-One MTBs are equipped with quick and dynamic disc brakes along with a zero-shock suspension system.

In addition, their elegant colors and low-rise layout offer them a sophisticated and powerful construction in addition to their comfy, top-notch functionality. One of their best-selling models, the Wolverine 29T, is reasonably priced when compared to other mountain bikes.

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3. Hybrid Bikes 

In India, users like hybrid bikes because they combine the features and reliable performance of road bikes with the plush comforts of mountain bikes. With 700c wheels and steel or alloy frames, Ninety-One creates robust and fashionable hybrid bikes.

Their hybrid bicycles include several unique characteristics, such as unique versions made especially for challenging, hilly terrain or metropolitan streets. One of the bike’s key components, the lock-in/lock-out suspension and light, solid steel fork, supports your confidence and makes every ride better.

Once again, among the top sellers are the Endurance 700C & Trooper 700C, which have a handy price range of 15000 to 30000 rupees.

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4. ATBs, or All-terrain Bikes

With a wide spectrum of professional cyclists who undertake extended tours, Ninety-One observed a significant need in the Indian market for all-terrain bikes. Ninety One developed a range of straightforward, eco-friendly, secure, and cozy all-terrain bikes to close this gap.

Each of their ATBs is built on a single-gear, high-tensile steel frame and comes with a selection of tire sizes, from 24 to 29 inches, to suit individual preferences.

Disc brakes are standard, but based on the model you select, they also have quick and reliable V-brakes with guaranteed zero shock suspension. Among their top-selling bikes are the Viking 27.5T, Blizzard 26T, and many more, which provide various features and performance specifications for a variety of terrains. We must not ignore their wonderful and brilliant traits.

5. E-bikes, or Electric bicycles

With a broad selection of electric bicycles for adults, both men and women, Ninety-One has always sought to become a sustainable company. Being one of the top e-bike companies in India, this company makes sure to have something to offer everyone. As a result, the frames of their e-bikes range in price from cheap to high and are made of various materials, including stylish carbon and steel.

Meraki electric bikes from Ninety One are built with high-quality parts and long-lasting lithium batteries, earning high marks in electric bike reviews. Prices for their e-bikes range from 30,000 to 60,000 rupees, with the Indian market in mind.

The Meraki Electric Bike offers an unmatched level of quality and convenience.

The following are a few of Ninety-One Bikes’ top electric bicycle models:

  • Meraki 27.5T
  • Meraki S7 29T 
  • Meraki Ultra 27.5T and S7 Alloy 27.5T

Specifications of the Ninety One Meraki e-bike line:

  • Bikes have strong BLDC motors installed.
  • 7 high-speed Shimano gears are installed.
  • Motor and battery warranties are offered by the company for two years.
  • In addition to a 720 mm handlebar, bikes include an 80 mm travel zoom suspension.
  • Riding in the sun or rain is also safe.

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Testing Ninety One Motorcycles

A black Red NInety One Drago Bike.

I thoroughly tested a number of Ninety One models to assess their build quality, real-world performance, & design. Here is my conclusion on it

Handling and Quality of Ride

The carbon forks & aluminum frames offer a superb mix of comfort, control, and reactivity. Vibration-damping technology maintains a smooth ride even on gravel, mud, and cracked pavement. The geometry keeps the rider’s posture comfortably upright while enabling rapid, agile handling. Whether negotiating through city traffic or speeding down mountain slopes, the bikes respond with precision.


High-quality parts enable every Ninety One model to provide exceptional powertrain and brake performance. With almost any click, rapid-fire shifters quickly transition between a wide range of gears. Disc brakes adjust stopping force for any situation, from muddy terrain to dry tarmac. The broader tire treads provide traction on steep inclines, uneven straightaways, and curves. Because of its comprehensive performance features, Ninety One bikes are enjoyable to ride.

Sturdiness and Dependability

Despite hundreds of kilometers of trail rides, the bikes exhibited no loose components or indicators of failure. The frames withstand bumps and vibrations without any problems. After a lot of riding, the bikes continue to run smoothly thanks to high-quality bearings in the wheels and other moving components. Reliability and lifespan are incorporated into Ninety One motorcycles through meticulous construction and carefully selected components.

The Difference Between Ninety One and Its Rivals

NInety One Cycle Review

I was interested to see how Ninety One, an established bicycle brand, would compare against well-known Indian companies like Hero, TI, and Atlas which have dominated the market for many years. Ninety One was launched in 2015.

As Ninety One joins the Indian market, it brings a new viewpoint that focuses on creating high-quality cycles that meet the demands of modern riders, while the established brands enjoy the advantages of widespread name recognition and extensive dealer networks.

Ninety One is able to eliminate dealer profits and offer better value as well as technology at every price point in comparison to established brands since it sells directly to customers online. Let’s compare the Ninety One bikes to the competitors in a few important categories:

Frame Construction and Materials: Ninety One’s frames are mostly made of carbon fiber and lightweight aluminum alloy, which are put together with the newest methods in welding and molding. This build quality is on par with or better than that of the larger brands.

Components and Technology: At the same price point, Ninety One bikes have better quality brakes, broader gear ranges, smoother shifters, and more speeds than Hero, TI, and Atlas models. They use contemporary technology in their motorcycles.

Ride Quality and Handling: Ninety One bikes outperform the big players in every category by striking a better mix of comfort, responsiveness, and control. Their size and shape are more in line with what modern riders want.

Price and Value: Compared to the well-known brands, Ninety One offers much superior parts, technology, and performance for every rupee invested. They save money on direct delivery.

The success of Ninety One Cycles demonstrates that new companies can successfully compete in India’s cycling sector despite lacking established names and a widespread distribution network. They can provide a product that is on par with or better than veterans’ in terms of quality and value thanks to their innovative utilization of materials, business strategies, and technology. The innovative brand Ninety One is what Indian cycling will look like in the future.

Is the Ninety One Cycle Brand Reputable? What goals do they have?

A Ninety One Cycle

How do you define a good brand? We consider What are their offerings, costs, responses to consumer input, volume of sales, income, and profits. Perhaps YES! For a start-up, in particular, the founders or makers of the brand are what truly set it apart from the competition and give it its unique identity.

With excellent founders, Ninety-One is unquestionably a fantastic bicycle brand. The co-founders have worked hard to establish the company’s extensive distribution network and reliable production history. They provide excellent bicycles throughout India and abroad with a wide range of options at reasonable costs, making them a popular choice among riders.

Ninety One Cycles provided exceptional service to a buddy of mine who purchased a bicycle recently from them. Their shipping and assembly services left him quite happy, and he found it easy to work with them. His new bike is fantastic in every way.

The Vision of Ninety One Cycles

Giving customers a premium riding experience at an affordable price was Sachin Chopra and his business partners’ main goal when they set out to launch their bicycle company. Furthermore, riding a bicycle has long been associated with transportation rather than as a pastime or form of physical exercise.

Since the company’s inception, its creators have worked hard to turn Ninety One into a household name by satisfying the wants and needs of their clients. With clever features and well-engineered technology, Ninety One aims to completely transform riding in the future.

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Summary of the Ninety One Cycle Review

With several successful start-up tales, like the popular Ninety One Cycle brand, India is a thriving and expanding country. All aspects of their production, including designing, manufacturing, and producing, are done in India, employing local labor.

Newer companies sometimes face difficulties competing with established ones, but Ninety One shows they can take on established players like Hero and TI head-to-head.

The combination of cutting-edge technology and components with consumer-to-consumer internet sales allows them to provide an unprecedented level of value.  91 meets all the requirements for Indian riders seeking locally manufactured bikes with engineering and quality on par with those of foreign brands.

Ninety One has established a reputation for producing trendy, dependable, and high-performing two-wheelers in a short amount of time.

By offering a large selection of bikes for all age groups, improving features, and setting their prices appropriately for Indians, they have effectively expanded their company.

Ninety One is one of the most promising bicycle brands to emerge in India, thanks to their growing product line and positive consumer feedback.

By providing you with our analysis of this up-and-coming brand, we aim to inspire you to choose Indian bicycle brands for your next purchase. Ninety One offers better riding without going over budget for riders who seek Indian cycling’s future.

Please tell your friends about this article on the Ninety One Cycle Review if you found it interesting. Please feel free to discuss Ninety-One Cycles in the space provided below for comments.

Continue pedaling and be careful!

FAQs on Is Ninety One a Reputable Pedal Brand?

Q1. Is it possible for me to test-ride the bike before purchasing it?

Yes, you can definitely test it out before purchasing by using Store Locator to locate the closest Ninety-One location. You may also properly inspect the bike before purchasing thanks to the website’s abundance of images, details, and augmented reality features.

Q2. Do we need to put the bike together ourselves?

No, 80–90% of the time, Ninety-One cycles arrive pre-assembled; nevertheless, for safety reasons, it is best to have the remaining parts installed by Ninety-One specialists. With the least amount of tools, you can do it yourself if you are an expert or have done it previously.

Q3. Can I make payments online safely on this website?

Without a doubt, you can make purchases on our website with complete security and dependability. Their website is well-designed to ensure that transactions are safe and easy.

Q4. What is 91-Cycles’ refund and exchange policy?

Since Ninety-One is so confident in their goods, they don’t have any return policies. However, if you find a default or a problem, you may email them to inquire about their defect support policy; if the product is delivered incorrectly or has a defect during transportation, they will replace it.

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