OMO Bikes Shillong MTB review: Is it Worth Buying in 2024?

by | Sep 23, 2023 | Mountain Bicycle

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In India, young cyclists are taking notice of the Omobike brand, which is among the country’s up-and-coming bicycle manufacturers. There are several Best Mountain bikes, hybrids, and children’s bicycles available from this brand.

The Shillong 27.5t, made by OMOBIKES, is a new mountain bike that retails for around 15000 INR. We had the opportunity to test ride and assess this bike.

Along with unique features, riding experience, advantages and disadvantages, and reasons to pick OMO bikes over other bicycle brands, this blog will discuss the OMO bikes Shillong MTB review.

If you’re on the fence about whether or not to get the Shillong 27.5t mtb bike, this review should help you make up your mind.

We’ve reviewed the Shillong mountain bike here!

How Come OMO bikes Bicycles Are Better Than Other Brands?

Why we choose OMOBIKES mountain bike above other bicycle companies is a question that many of you have asked us. There are a ton of causes, including:

The OMO BIKE brand was created in India to meet the need for high-quality bicycles at reasonable pricing in the country.

The ability to customize key aspects of OMO’s bicycles, such as wheel size, frame type (steel or alloy), groupsets (freewheel or cassette), suspension (stiff, suspension with or without lockout), etc., is one of their strongest offerings.

There is a lifetime frame warranty and a 30-day replacement parts guarantee, making their after-sale service second to none.

Excellent quality that is comparable to foreign brands is exhibited by the bicycle. Moreover, original components are used, like the Zoom or Suntour suspension, the Shimano or microShift gears, and the Ralson tires.

Every bicycle is MADE IN INDIA and is excellent for riding on Indian roads.

We decided to get an OMOBIKES Shillong MTB with 27.5-inch tires and lockout suspension for the following five reasons.

An overview of the Shillong 27.5t MTB’s technical specifications

Technical Specification of OMO Shillong bike

OMO Bikes Shillong MTB Review: Highlights, Cost, and Riding Experience

Omobikes Shillong MTB

The Omo bikes Shillong is a budget-friendly mountain bike with gears, disc brakes, and several unique features that retails for around 15,000 in India. Riders of this bike should be at least 12 years old and between 165 and 186 centimetres in height. Read the Shillong 27.5t mountain bike review on OMOBIKES.


Steel, an extremely sturdy and long-lasting material, measures eighteen inches in length and is used to make the Shillong Mountain Bike frame. The mild steel used in the construction of this bike makes it both lightweight and affordable, making it a great choice for a first bike.

But in coastal places, steel frames need particular maintenance because they are prone to rusting. However, this is not a huge concern because the frame’s paint job is superb, giving the bike a really high-end finish that improves its appearance and adds an additional layer of protection for the frame of the cycle.

Furthermore, this bike comes in two stylish color choices: golden green & black. For easy identification, OMO’s marking is branded at the top and bottom of the frame’s tube. In order to secure a water bottle, the frame also has rivets.

Handlebar & Forks

The steel suspension fork on this bike, which has a 50 mm travel with lockout & preload functions, provides excellent comfort and dampens shocks and vibrations on trails and uneven surfaces.

You may improve your speed when riding on level roads by utilizing the lock-in option. If you ride on trails or uneven roads, don’t lock your suspension fork; you will have a very pleasant ride. Which means that you may also utilize this suspension fork in a rigid manner.

Additionally, you may modify the preload feature based on your weight. Don’t raise the preload significantly (stay at medium) if you are overweight.

The raised handlebar on this fork is sufficiently broad to enable faster and more precise handling on a variety of surfaces. During lengthy rides, the rubber grips on it provide an extremely solid and stable hold.

You can select the suspension amongst the following options from the brand:

  • Zoom alloy suspension with lockout + preload (80 mm travel), 
  • Steel suspension (standard), or 
  • Steel suspension with lockout + preload (50 mm travel).

Due to financial constraints, we chose the second alternative. If money is not a concern, you ought to choose the third suspension as it is made by the Zoom company.


A bike’s drivetrain has a significant impact on its overall performance, speed, and comfort when riding. The Shillong 27.5t boasts a total of 21 speeds thanks to its Shimano TZ500 7-speed freewheel, Shimano Tourney (ARDTY500B) rear derailleur, and Shimano Tourney (AFDTY500TSM6) front derailleur, each of which offers three different gear increments.

The Shimano Altus EF500 thumb shifters, which are incredibly simple to use whether riding uphill or down, seamlessly operate these gears. Additionally, for added security, it features a high-precision chain wheel (24-34-42T) with plastic shielding against the chain.

When it comes to the Shimano Tourney groupset on this bike, it is of the highest caliber. It shifts gears smoothly (with only a single push or pull) and silently. Additionally, the crankset (Force 1) and chain (KMC Z7) are of outstanding quality.

I have noted that OMOBIKES allows for some degree of individualization in the bicycles’ drivetrain. There are two options: cassettes or a freewheel with seven or twenty-one speeds. I chose the freewheel option because I wanted to buy a gear cycle with 21 speeds for commuting on highways and off-roads. Compared to the freewheel, the cassette will improve your bike’s efficiency and ride quality.

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Wheels & Tires

There are two sizes available for the Shillong mtb: 27.5t and 29t. The 27.5t nylon tire (Alpine Trail type) that we offer from the Ralson firm is broad enough to be used for riding on highways and trails. Excellent grip is provided by the tire treads on both wet and dry terrain.

About the wheel’s rims, they are black, dual-walled alloy rims with a chrome finish on the side that give it a highly glossy, appealing appearance.

All things considered, these alloy rims for mountain bikes are of excellent quality.

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Brake Mechanism

Since they enable you to regulate your bike’s speed while riding, the brakes on every bicycle are just as crucial as the transmission. Mechanical disc brakes with alloy Shimano levers manage the Shillong 27.5t’s 160 mm rear and 160 mm front disc rotors.

These types of brakes performed admirably both at high and moderate speeds during our journey across a variety of surfaces. We also experienced that disc brakes function really well in rainy circumstances.

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Seat Post and Saddle

The bike’s saddle is broad and sufficiently comfy for extended rides; it is available in a black hue. Do not fret! There will be no rubbing between your thighs.

There were no rough spots throughout our long-distance trail test. All things considered, the Shillong MTB saddle is really good.

An adjustable quick-release clamp allows you to change the seat post’s 10-inch length. In other words, you may modify the seat height without the need of a tool.

Advantages & Disadvantages of OMO bikes Shillong MTB 


  • Preload and lockout suspension combined.
  • MTB bicycle that is lightweight—just 16 kilograms.
  • Fast release for both the front axle and the seat post.
  • Frames are covered by a lifetime guarantee, while parts are covered for 30 days.
  • More traction is offered by wider tires on all kinds of terrain.
  • includes a bottle holder, side stand, and mudguard.


  • The mudguards’ quality might be raised.
  • The saddle should have some artwork on it.

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Where Can I Purchase Omobikes Shillong 27.5t Mountain Bike?

Online sales for Omobikes bicycles are conducted via the company’s main website,, as well as a number of e-commerce sites, including Amazon, Flipkart, Bajaj Mall, and Indiamart.

In search of a good mountain bike with a little of room for personalization, we shopped on the Omobikes website and settled on the Shillong 27.5t. To experience the same advantages, which I have previously listed above as well as a few more, purchase from the brand’s official website.

  • You may also take advantage of the NO-COST EMI option on major credit cards, HDFC debit cards, and Bajaj Finance if you’re short on cash.
  • If not, COD is another choice available to you! However, in order to prevent abuse of the Cash on Delivery option, a prepayment of 999 is necessary, and the remaining balance will be collected upon delivery.
  • There is no need to stress over your PIN CODE since we offer free shipping to 30000+ pin codes in India.
  • As a company owner, you may also receive GST input credit if you wish to buy bicycles for your enterprise.

Additionally, you would receive a flat 6% discount on your purchase if you bought through the Omobikes store rather than Amazon or Flipkart.

Final Opinion: OMO Bikes Shillong MTB Review

If you’re buying an online bike, you won’t have the opportunity to test ride, so after reading the evaluation, you should be aware of how the OMO Bikes Shillong mtb cycle handles different kinds of terrain.

This MTB was put through its paces on a variety of terrains throughout our journey, from smooth pavement to gravel paths to muddy trails. Thanks to its well-cushioned seat and 50 mm travel suspension, it worked well on all of them and offered exceptional comfort. Together with the tires, the braking system provided rapid and secure stopping power.

Our top speed on smooth roads may be up to 30 km/h, while on uneven ones, it could be as high as 20 km/h. The pedaling was exquisite and fluid. The nicest thing about riding a geared bicycle is that it makes climbing hills easy, especially with the aid of 21-speed gears.

When it came to commuting, long trips, and recreational riding, the Shillong 27.5t bicycle performed flawlessly throughout. Thus, if you’re searching for a gear cycle in India for between 15,000 and 20,000 rupees, we’d advise getting this one.

I hope the Omobikes Shillong mtb review was enjoyable for you to read. Please share your opinions about this bicycle with your friends who are considering making an investment in a high-quality, around 15,000 bicycle by leaving a comment below.

Until then, keep it safe and ride hard.


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