Top 11 Most Expensive Cycles in India in 2024

by | Aug 20, 2023 | Tips & Guide

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In terms of cost and environmental impact, bicycles are the most economical means of transportation. Still, there are certain bicycles available in India that cost more than four-wheelers and motorbikes. Yes, folks, it is the truth. There are Eleven most expensive cycles in India than a motorbike, according to our research.

Should you spend a lot of money on a bicycle if you’re looking for the priciest model available in India? in addition to the benefits and drawbacks of riding costly bicycles in India. Thus, be sure to read this blog post through to the finish.

Buying an Expensive Cycle in India: Is It a Good Idea?

All we can say is that costlier bikes are made of better components and weigh a lot less. These bikes offer top-notch performance together with outstanding comfort.

Nevertheless, buying an expensive cycle is an option rather than an obligation. It mostly relies on your financial situation, demands, and requirements and whether you should purchase an expensive cycle. You must then make a decision in accordance with these considerations.

A cheaper bike would be ideal if you wish to learn how to ride in your daily life. However, you should choose to get an expensive bicycle if you require it for a high-level racing race or sporting event. When deciding whether or not to purchase an expensive bike, your experience is also very important.

You must realize that purchasing a costly bicycle while you are just starting out or wanting to pursue riding as a hobby is not a good idea. In order to enhance their riding and boost their performance, athletes are better suited for these expensive bicycles.

Benefits of the most expensive cycle in India

  • The frames of expensive bikes are lighter and stronger, making for amazing rides.
  • The superior quality of these bicycles will always maximize your performance, particularly when it comes to mountain bikes.
  • High-end bicycles often have superior components to ensure the comfort and safety of their users.
  • To reduce weight and increase stability, the majority of these high-end bicycles are constructed from carbon fiber.
  • All of the high-end bikes have excellent steering systems and are reduced in weight to make riding more comfortable.

Drawbacks of the most expensive cycle in India

  • Riding a more costly bicycle won’t increase your speed; years of practice will.
  • It’s not at all affordable to buy these expensive bikes. Spending a lot of money is required to acquire one.
  • Those who own these motorcycles find maintenance to be quite irritating. Replacement parts are also available, but they cost a lot.
  • For skilled racers, these expensive bikes have been particularly built. If you aren’t the one, don’t waste your cash on yourself; find someone else.
  • In India, expensive bicycles are easily stolen, thus owners should not leave them unattended in public places like parking lots or in front of stores. Theft of regular bikes occurs in India, as you are aware. To avoid any risks, get your bicycle insured.

Where in India can I purchase these expensive cycles?

Nearly everyone who wants to purchase an expensive bicycle asks this question, which is quite common. When deciding where to go to get these costly bikes, people often become very confused. However, as all clients have access to a variety of options for purchasing these expensive cycles, there is no longer any problem or confusion. If it’s more convenient for you, you may choose to buy these premium bicycles through the official website or from local bike shops or stores.

Note: When purchasing a bicycle online, be wary of fraudulent retailers.

Top 10 Most Expensive Bicycles in India

1. Colnago C64 Disc: India’s Most Expensive Cycle

Most Expensive Cycles in India - An image of a red Colnago C64 disc.

Thanks to its superior quality and attractive design, riders consider the Colnago to be among the most adventurous and alluring bikes available. Of all the cycles in India, the Colnago C64 is the most expensive cycle available in India.

Strength and a comfortable ride are two features that the Italian-made Colnago C64 bicycle offers its user. With its amazing characteristics, this cycle, which was completely rebuilt after over two years of thorough study, demonstrates the company’s advancement!

Despite being the most expensive bicycle in India, this one has everything you could possibly need. Its customizable handling, lightweight design, and extreme comfort make it unnecessary to make any compromises. It used to be rather difficult to choose which road bike was the best because there were so many excellent models on the market. Yet as of right now, C64 is the obvious response. You won’t regret buying it once you have it.

The base model of the C64 costs INR 796000. The price goes up to 1029000 rupees more. The authorized dealer of Colnago premium bicycles is Mastermind India.

2. Factor Ostro VAM: Expensive, Lightweight Bike

ostro vam by a company named factor bikes
image credit:

The lightweight aero racing bike, Factor Ostro VAM, features a disc brake frame and weighs just 780g. This bike is incredibly light, giving you the impression that you are flying. Because of its main characteristics, this bike is without a doubt the lightest on the market.

From its lightweight design to its adaptability, the Ostro Vam is essentially a bike eager to win people over. Riders can move between bikes thanks to proper geometry, which also gives you the comfort level you need to win the most important races.

As per user reviews, the Ostro ensures that comfort is not compromised, and its greatest feature is its ability to do the functions of three bikes at once.

The starting price of 749000 rupees is all you need to get this priciest bike. So, why do you hesitate? Grab it now!

3. The Giant XTC Advanced SL 29 O:  India’s Most Expensive MTB

 Giant XTC Advanced SL 29 O model photo
image credit:

An XC bicycle with climbing efficiency built in to help you run smoothly is the Giant XTC Advanced SL 29 O.

In terms of exceptional speed and lightweight design, this hardtail mountain bike is unmatched. Many manufacturers promise the lowest possible weight for the rider, but in practice, they fall short since accessories and hardware components can affect weight in a variety of ways. That being said, every Giant bike is made with the optimum weight and riding comfort in mind.

Available in shiny black or carbon, this high-end bicycle costs around 599000. The official website is where you can get this.

4. Trek Fuel EX 9.9×01: Costly Indian Mountain Bike

Trek Fuel EX 9.9×01 image by trekbikes.
image credit:

In India, Trek has introduced the Trek Fuel EX 9.9×01, a costly mountain bike, for 558,000. Go ahead and get a mountain bike if that’s what you want. The lightest, most accurate, and highly adjustable parts are found in Fuel EX9.9. When the platform becomes uneven, this bike’s knocking block lets you keep firmly on your line.

Reviews also claim that it is extremely sensitive where it should be. This bicycle has the strength to absorb large impacts and offers a smooth pedaling surface.

With this fantastic bike on your back, you won’t have to make any compromises before starting your trip because it comes equipped with everything you need. There are three sizes available: small, medium, and big. Its frame is said to be the most expensive component of the bike, with a maximum weight capacity of 136 kg.

This bike’s ability to reduce noise pollution is one of its most notable qualities from an environmental perspective. Make it yours by grabbing this fun bike for only INR 583499.

5. Lappierre Pulsium Ultimate: An Expensive Road Bicycle

 Lappierre Pulsium Ultimate by lapierrebikes
image credit:

Since its introduction into the Indian market, Lappierre has enjoyed constant popularity. Although there are over 57 different Lappierre cycle models available in India, the Lappierre Pulsium Ultimate is the most expensive model.

Its strong and precise handling provides for a pleasant ride, and because it can hold itself, you don’t have to use much force to stop it. If you want to ride a pro bike ride in complete comfort, choose this one.

Anyone looking to buy a bike in India within the INR 560000–570000 price range should definitely check out this road bike. Therefore, savor the smooth ride with steady handling.

6. Trek Domane SL 7 eTap

Trek Domane SL 7 eTap by trekbikes
image credit:

Trek has also come out with another road bike called the Trek Domane SL 7 eTap that has everything you want.

This is the first bicycle with a 12-speed cassette ever used. The included Sram force e-tap AXS power meter ensures that your rides are effective right off the bat, and the bike’s internal storage is simple to access, leading to loads of riding enjoyment.

IsoSpeed on the front and rear wheels smooth out hiccups on the road, keeping you steady and powerful.

In India, the cost of this bike is INR 533,000. People in India with a budget between 530000 and 540000 would find it most suitable. Thus, this bike is the best option for you if you like long rides and want a smooth, quick ride!

7. Merida Big Nine 8000 

Merida Big Nine 8000 by merida-bikes
image credit:

The Merida Big Nine 8000 is a carbon mountain bike that weighs no more than 13.5 kg and is the most expensive mtb cycle in India. There are four sizes of this mountain bike raging from: small, medium, large, and to extra-large.

This bike has the smart entry, which stops the brake from squealing on uneven terrain. The gearing is ideal for both moderate and difficult climbs.

We recommend buying this bike straight from Merida if you’re not sure where to get it. For INR 509990, you can purchase this high-quality, adaptable bike that will make your journey more pleasant.

8. Pinarello Grevil: India’s Most Expensive Gravel Bike

pinarello grevil by pinarello bikes
image credit:

Prepare yourself to enjoy the rush of riding a bike on every kind of terrain, including rough and smooth routes. This bike comes in a wide variety of styles, making it suitable for handling a variety of terrains. When used on gravel, it performs optimally and offers balanced handling and stability.

Pinarello bicycles are sold in India through Mastermind Bicycle Studio. Because these bikes are so much easier to transport than road bikes, you can ride them anywhere you choose without any worry.

In India, Pinarello Grevil bikes are sold at a price of 499000. So get ready for an exciting and stimulating journey.

9. Giant Trinity Advanced Pro 1

Giant Trinity Advanced Pro 1 by giant bicycles
image credit:

The Giant Trinity Advanced Pro 1, a triathlon bike with an advanced-grade composite frame, is another costliest bike on the list. In order to meet the needs of triathlon competitors and deliver optimal performance during long-distance competition, this bike was specifically created keeping all that in consideration.

While ensuring that it is sturdy and well-built, Giant Trinity Advanced Pro 1 was developed with the rider’s comfort in mind. This bicycle has a down-tube water bottle and a top-tube storage box, which when combined improve the bike’s on-road performance.

Giant efficiency has allowed for the production of reasonably priced bicycles of a high standard. It is offered in a rainbow black color scheme in small and larger sizes. In India, this bike is available for about 479999 rupees.

10. Giant Propel Advanced Pro 1 Disc 

 Giant Propel Advanced Pro 1 Disc by giant bicycles
image credit:

Large Propel Advanced Pro 1, the least expensive bike on the list, is the final expensive model. Out of all the bikes in India, this one is the least priced.

To boost riders’ confidence and provide a smooth ride in severe weather, it has complete disc-brake integration.

The lightweight and readily adjustable Vector Composite seat post on this road bike also helps to minimize drag.

For INR 249999, you can purchase the metallic black Giant Propel Advanced Pro 1 Disc. With this sophisticated bike, you can be prepared to win the race and overtake all of your rivals.

FAQs on Most Expensive Cycles in India

1. Should I buy insurance for my expensive bike in India?

Yes, in India we should insure our bicycles. Even if motorbikes are unsafe in India, we should nevertheless insure our bicycles so that we can ride them across the country without restriction.

2. Why do Colnago bikes cost so much, and are they worth it?

One of the most prominent bicycle brands in the world is Colnago Bikes. The company’s long history of innovation, outstanding comfort, and superb handling are responsible for many of these qualities. Colnago bicycles are divided into three categories: Made in China, Made in Germany, and Made in Italy. As of right now, the Colnago C64 is the brand’s flagship vehicle.

3. Are bicycles made of carbon fiber durable and heavy?

Indeed, bikes made of carbon fiber are incredibly lightweight and robust. The carbon fiber is used to manufacture almost every bike mentioned in this article which adds to the bike’s extreme lightweight, durability, and cost.

Conclusion: India’s Most Expensive Bicycles

It all depends on the type of cycles you want to buy; you may get expensive bikes as well as less expensive ones. Cheap bikes are preferred by those who don’t want to spend too much money, whereas expensive bicycles are preferred by those who have specific needs and a strong interest in them.

In order to provide you the most exciting riding experience possible, several businesses have recently introduced high-priced bicycles. Therefore, if you enjoy riding high-end bicycles, check out  the list above to learn more about the expensive bicycles available in Indian Market. These high-priced bicycles are easier to handle due to their low weight and streamlined design.

I appreciate you sticking with me through to the finish. If you could, please share in the comments area below which of our list’s expensive bicycles you most liked. Share this piece with people who don’t know that a bicycle can cost more in India than a car and a motorbike.


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