Leader Cycle Review: Is it Worth Buying in 2023?

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There are many bicycle companies in India, all vying to provide top-notch, useful bikes, and so on. It becomes quite difficult to distinguish between brands and make a decision in such a fiercely competitive industry.

One of the brand’s unique selling points in this market is that it produces its own cycle components, which makes Leader stand out from the competition.

Nevertheless, before determining if the Leader cycle is a good or terrible brand for bicycles in India, there is a lot more information to consider, including type of cycles, cost, durability goals, and a lot more.

We’ll provide a summary of the Leader cycle review in this post to assist you in making your purchasing decision. Stay tuned towards the conclusion to learn about Leader Cycles’ special features and frequently asked questions.

Leader Cycle Overview

Leader Cycle Review

The history of Leader Cycles dates back to 1997, when the company began producing bicycle parts, even though it was founded in 2011. In order to supply India with cycle components of superior quality at reasonable prices, the Jindal brothers, Aman & Sahil, founded the company.

This brand was created because they recognized a gap in the market for a fully made-in-India cycle with reliable parts that are simple to repair in the future.

The cleverly designed and meticulously crafted components of Leader Cycles’ bicycles are what set them apart as one of the top bicycle companies.

Ensuring that every cycle underwent a usability check during the production stage was another way that Leader Cycles strived to surpass customer service standards by providing a range of features at a very reasonable price.

They work on the product from all angles and make continuous improvements, whether it is contemporary designs or cutting edge technology.

Leader, as a brand, offers more than only high-quality, creatively designed bicycles; they also sell a wide range of other bicycle and riding-related accessories.

What Kinds of Bicycles Are Made by Leader?

To make sure there’s a bike for everyone, Leader Bicycles have improved the manufacturing quality of a wide variety of bikes. Getting their products in front of as many people as possible, from those who use them for commuting to those who ride for pleasure, was one of their main objectives.

We’ll now examine the features, types of cycles that Leader offers, and whether or not they live up to the promise.

Electric Bikes

Let’s start with the fact that the e-bike market has been growing recently, and that bikes from different manufacturers have been adopting essentially the same design. What makes Leader’s e-bikes unique from the others, then?

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Leaders should first ensure that they have a small but efficient collection of electric cycles with numbered major components. It maximizes practicality & guarantees minimal misunderstanding. By doing this, they are able to concentrate on fine-tuning the e-bike’s essential components.

Their e-bikes have some excellent features, such a front shock absorbent suspension system supported by dual walled alloy rimmed rims for improved handling on rough trails, and portable water-repellent high torque motor batteries that endure for at least five years with a 7.8Ah 36-volt power source.

The E-Power L6 27.5T and the L7 version of the same model are two of our favorite electric bicycles from Leader’s small selection.

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Hybrid Bikes

The most popular cycles right now are hybrid models, particularly in India because the roads are so well-planned and varied. When the leader saw this issue, they made the necessary but little adjustments to their hybrid cycles to make them both more pleasant to ride as well as a fitting complement to the sophisticated road constructions.

They chose high-quality, low-maintenance bicycle parts including strong brake pads, adjustable handlebars (which can be changed from T-shaped to flat) and a riser for maximum convenience and comfort.

I recently paid Rs. 15k for a Leader 700c hybrid city bike. Still, I believe it’s worth the cash. Enhancing the braking system, the bicycle was equipped with two disc brakes and a quick-release hub. A big selling point for me was the 21-speed Shimano tourney gear system, which made shifting between gears a breeze. I go over a lot of other important details in the article, which you can check below for my review:

Mountain Bicycles

There is a wide range of MTBs available on the market, with certain common qualities including wide tires and strikingly vibrant body patterns and colors.

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However, Leader’s mountain bikes are equipped with superb, long-lasting components and a phosphating paint machine for that flawless, shiny frame paint.

High traction rubber tires improve safety and performance on their mountain bikes, and durable chain guards prevent road debris from entering the gears and causing problems.

To purchase an MTB, we suggest the Leader Scout 26T cycles from them.

Leader offers a large selection of fat tire cycles and kid’s cycles with different features that are fully configurable based on your preferred riding style in addition to these top cycle kinds. A dedicated line of bicycle accessories is another way that Leader, who prioritizes client safety, shows their commitment to quality.

Is Leader a decent cycling brand? Are you still unsure? Keep reading to find out what sets the leader cycle apart from others.

What Is Unique About the Leader Cycle? Unique attributes, affordability, and longevity

One of Leader Cycles’ main advantages, in our opinion, is their more than ten years of expertise in creating, developing, and producing high-quality, long-lasting bicycle parts.

They were much boosted by this to apply their technology and create the greatest cycles possible employing those internal components.

Leader Cycles has also been committed to producing very durable cycles from its founding, offering frames in a variety of metals that are appropriate for different weather conditions.

For their cycle components, a leader had become a nationally recognized cycle brand through a stunning evolution.

How the Leader Compares to the Opponents

Leader Cycles is a relatively young brand, but it has already established a strong reputation in India’s cheap and mid-range cycling industry. However, how does Leader stack up against imported brands along with other well-known Indian brands? After analyzing a few major rivals:

Hero is a well-known and reasonably priced bike brand in India, offering a large selection of models for less than Rs. 10,000. But these bicycles lack comfort features and are made of inferior materials that can require more maintenance. Better frames, wheels, gears, and design elements may be found on Leader bikes in the same price range.

Firefox bicycles are renowned for their chic styles and aluminum frames that are lightweight. But compared to equivalent Leader models, their costs are about twice as high. For much less money, the leader offers almost the same features & performance. For really expensive city & mountain bikes costing more than Rs. 30,000, Firefox does have an advantage.

Global brands like Giant and Trek provide high-end bicycles with cutting-edge features. However, their costs, which range from Rs. 40,000 to over Rs. 1 lakh, is too expensive for most Indian purchasers. At a far lower cost, leader bikes offer 80–90% of the performance. If you’re serious about cycling or you want to compete, you should look at the imported brands.

All things considered, Leader Cycles strikes a good mix between price and quality. The bikes are well-engineered and reasonably priced, catering to the demands of regular Indian riders. Leader performs well in comparison to rivals in the low, mid, and high range categories.

Does Leader Offer Competitive Prices?

The quality you receive at a very cheap price from Leader. Their mountain bikes and hybrids cost between Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 25,000. Leaders are marginally more costly than larger brands like Hero or Firefox, but they include superior components and finishing. For a comparable model, foreign manufacturers like Giant or Trek will cost two to four times as much as Leader.

All in all, Leader offers an excellent mix of quality and cost, making it the perfect choice for Indian consumers searching for value. Because of the sturdy materials and well-thought-out design, the costs are reasonable.

Accessories to Improve Your Leader Bike

You can truly elevate your riding experience by adding accessories to your Leader bike to get the most out of it.

Kits & Tools for Maintenance

Purchasing essential upkeep items such as tire levers, lubricants, hex keys, and chain cleaners may help you maintain your Leader for many years. Before going on extended rides, always check and adjust your bike.

Safety Gear to Take Into Account

It is important that you always use safety gear such as helmets, lights, reflectors, bells, and locks. To discourage bike thieves, get a strong U-lock from companies like Kryptonite or OnGuard. Rechargeable LED headlights and flashing backlights enhance visibility during night time riding.

Final Thoughts on the Leader Cycle Review

Without a doubt, Leader is a reputable bicycle brand in India, with a range of bikes that demonstrate their promising performance. While it may be quite costly to produce all of the cycles in-house using the newest technology and best-engineered methods, Leader Cycles offers a selection of goods at reasonable prices for its clients.

The criteria of a reputable brand are met by Leader Cycles, which combine the newest styles, cutting-edge technologies, and the ideal amount of safety & comfort.

We believe that our understanding of this new brand will enable you to select the best net ride possible.

Keep Exploring & Riding!

Frequently asked questions on Leader Cycle Review

Is the brand Leader Cycle Indian?

Yes, Ludhiana, Punjab is home to the Indian bicycle company Leader Cycle. The Jindal brothers, Aman and Sahil, founded the brand in 2011. The primary goal of the brand is to offer bicycles of superior quality at reasonable costs. Find out more by clicking this link.

Are Leader Cycles worth it or not?

Yes, I agree that Leader cycles are beneficial; in fact, so do many others. Reputable manufacturer Leader Cycles produces inventive and high-quality bicycles for various riding styles.

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