Leader 700c Hybrid City Cycle Review: Should you buy in 2024?

by | Sep 25, 2023 | Hybrid Bicycle

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With the adaptable hybrid bike, you may ride anywhere you want to go, whether it’s through urban streets or through rural routes. Combining the speed of a road bike with the stability of a mountain bike, hybrids make the perfect all-arounders.

It might be challenging to choose the finest hybrid bike for your requirements and budget, though, because there are so many types available.

Since 2011, the Indian market has been able to purchase high-quality bicycles from the Leader Cycles brand at reasonable costs. The Leader Cycles brand provides various types of bicycles for children, women, mountain bikers, rangers, and hybrid riders.

The Leader 700c hybrid city cycle review is to make your familiarize with one of this brand’s top hybrid bikes. I’ve used it for a week and also interacted with a rider who owns it and has ridden it on both roads & off-road, and I haven’t encountered any issues yet.

For those seeking a reasonably priced and high-quality hybrid vehicle for their everyday travels or weekend excursions, a deeper examination of the made-in-India Leader 700c is warranted. 

This sub-15k ride has several excellent features, like disc brakes, front suspension, a lightweight steel frame, and 21-speed Shimano gears, all at an affordable price. 

How does it perform in the different regions of India? Is it fast enough on asphalt to feel stable off it?

If you’re thinking about purchasing a hybrid city bike, you should read the Leader 700c hybrid city cycle review to get a sense of its features, cycle’s components, performance, riding experience, and whether or not it’s a good investment.

This article provides an objective of the Leader 700c hybrid bike review.

Video of the Leader 700c 21-Speed Hybrid City Cycle Review

Leader 700c Hybrid City Cycle Review: Is It Spending Money?

Leader 700c 21 Speed Hybrid City Cycle
Credit: Leader Bicycles

The Leader 700c is a geared hybrid bike that is ideal for both recreational and commuter riding. It has a steel frame, twin disc brakes, a 21-speed gearbox, and many other unique features.

For those searching to find the best hybrid cycle in India around 15,000, make sure to read this review through to the conclusion.


The Leader 700c Hybrid City Cycle features a 19-inch-long black TIG-welded steel frame. With its ergonomic design that ensures a comfortable riding position, this frame is also appropriate for women due to its slightly down-angled top tube.

Its high grade paint & water decal images, which combine blue and yellow to create a hybrid bicycle that is more visually appealing, are the result of the brand’s amazing work.

Both the LEADER logo & the model name are prominently displayed on the frame’s downtube and top tube, respectively, for easy identification. For your convenience, two rivets for attaching a water bottle holder have already been added to the downtube.

Entire internal wiring system is one of the greatest features of this bicycle frame. Experiencing this on a bicycle costing roughly 13,000 rupees is really unusual.

All things considered, the Leader 700c hybrid cycle’s frame is robust and light. For adults between 5’6″ and 6′, this frame will work fine. Cons: We were unable to identify any for the frame.

The handlebar and fork

The Leader 700c is a hybrid bike that features a front threadless suspension fork to reduce vibrations and shocks when riding on uneven terrain. Due to the appalling state of Indian roads, suspension forks are essential, even for hybrid bicycles, as they enhance braking efficiency on various terrains.

The metal handlebars and stem ensure a sturdy and ergonomic grip no matter how long you plan on spending behind the wheel. There are also rubberized hand grips to make those lengthy trips more bearable.

On our test ride, the fork’s overall quality and performance were satisfactory. Additionally, the higher handlebar let us to ride upright, which made it easier for us to cover large distances.


An integral part of a bicycle’s ability to move quickly and efficiently is the Drivetrain, which consists of the chain, freewheel or cassette, crankset, & derailleurs. The Shimano Tourney TZ components on this Leader 700c hybrid bike provide a total of 21 possible gear ratios between the freewheel and the cranks.

Using the Shimano tourney thumb shifters, which are both quick and easy to use while pedaling, the derailleurs shift gears with precision and ease. Beginners might benefit from the shifters’ numbers as they inform the rider of the gear combination.

All things considered, the gearsets on this Leader hybrid bike are of the highest caliber; they operate with remarkable speed and smoothness. They are genuine Shimano. Besides being pleasant to ride on, the anti-skid pedals have reflectors for increased visibility.

If you have a geared hybrid bike, you may simply swap to a lower gear to make the ascent easier. There didn’t seem to be any problems with this Leader hybrid cycle’s powertrain.

The Wheelset (Rims & Tires)

Ralson brand tires, measuring 700 x 35 cm on double-wall alloy wheels for a comfortable ride on and off road, are fitted to the Leader City Rider, a hybrid bicycle. This explains why the tires are thin.

For effortless removal and installation, the front wheel features a quick-release axle. Because there aren’t many treads on the tires, they are designed only for riding on highways and occasionally off-road; stunt riding is not recommended.

Due to the silver color chrome treatment, the rims are incredibly sturdy, durable, and visually appealing from the side. This bike has great grip and a terrific speed; even on smooth, bumpy, and rainy sections of the road.

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Brake Mechanism

For safety purposes, any bicycle must have strong type of brakes. As a result, the Leader 700c hybrid city bike has rapid-response mechanical disc brakes measuring 160 millimeters in diameter on both wheels. Regarding the brake levers, these are sturdy and long-lasting Shimano brake levers made of alloy.

These brakes provide a controlled and immediate braking sensation; we tested them on nearly every kind of terrain, and they performed well. The most excellent brakes available right now for both hybrid and mountain bikes are disc brakes.

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Seat Post and Saddle

I experienced the same level of comfort throughout our rides as the Leader 700c, a hybrid city bike with a broad, well-cushioned saddle that accommodates all rider types.

Without the need for a tool or a spanner, you can easily change the seat height thanks to the quick-release clamp on the seat post. With the frame being 19 inches, the little length of the seat post is not a major concern.

Leader 700c Hybrid City Bike’s Benefits and Drawbacks


  • For quick removal of the front wheel and seat height.
  • Fit for both short- and long-distance travel on rocky roads and aircraft.
  • One excellent element of the frame is the internal wiring.
  • With a TIG-welded frame and water decal designs.
  • Flawless braking and gearshifting sensation.
  • The bicycle is equipped with all reflectors.
  • The frame has a lifetime guarantee.


  • It is necessary to purchase water bottle holders & mudguards separately.
  • Avoid if you’re a short rider (five feet, six inches or more is ideal).

Why Among Other Brands Did I Select Leader Hybrid Cycle?

You have the power of choice when it comes to the hundreds of bicycles sold by the industry’s leading manufacturers; nevertheless, without familiarity with the steps required to buy a bicycle online, you may wind up with the incorrect size bike.

I was fortunate to know how to buy a bicycle online, and I had a fairly specific budget of between 10,000 and 15000 rupees. I needed a bicycle which I could ride on both paved and dirt routes. I thus made the decision to ride a hybrid bike.

Among the top ten companies, I decided on Leader Cycles since they provided me with the greatest bargain and could meet my needs within my budget. I researched the Leader 700c hybrid city cycle on e-commerce sites and on their website before placing my purchase. I choose Leader Cycle Brand due to:

  • Provides reasonably priced bicycles of the highest caliber.
  • Bicycles from the leader are of a similar quality to those from foreign companies.
  • Bicycle frames are covered by a lifetime guarantee.
  • Provides a complimentary one-year membership to the Goqii app for maintaining health.
  • Delivery and setup of your bike is on the house is free of charge.

Where can I get an online Leader 700c Hybrid City Bike?

I’m glad you like my thoughts on this hybrid bike from Leader. The question of where to get this hybrid bike for less online may be on the minds of some of you. I thank you everybody! You will receive a flat 12% discount on all sorts of cycles from www.leaderbicycles.com by utilising the coupon code I have for you.

Conclusion on Leader 700c Hybrid Bike Review

Up till now, you have read our assessment of the Leader 700c hybrid cycle. The moment has come to review my time spent on this bicycle and its performance on a variety of roads.

This bike’s upright riding stance makes it pleasant for lengthy metropolitan rides. In addition, the front suspension works really well, making riding on uneven roads smooth and shock-free.

On paved roads, I could bike up to 25 km/h, and on unpaved terrain, I could reach up to 18 km/h without becoming fatigued since a geared hybrid bicycle makes cycling really smooth. Because it’s a pedal-powered bicycle, individual riders may experience different speeds.

It’s worth investing in the Leader 700c hybrid bicycle if you’re looking for a weight loss bike and have a budget of between 12,000 and 15,000 rupees. This bike will meet your needs for both city commuting and weight loss (with the help of the Goqii app).

We appreciate you taking the time to read our Leader 700c hybrid city cycle review. Please let us know what you think of this bicycle in the comments area below.

Don’t forget to forward this article to your family and friends. Stay tuned & ride hard till then!

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