18 Best Places to Ride Yulu Bikes in India – Major Cities and Locations

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Yulu bikes, which provide hassle-free last-mile travel on two wheels, have become the new buzz in urban India. Yulu is a dockless bike-sharing service that has rolled out thousands of compact bikes in major Indian cities in recent years.

This article provides an overview of the top 18 Places to Ride Yulu Bikes in India, where Yulu bikes can be found across India’s urban landscape today.  Before finding aout cities you must know how to use a yulu bike then only proceed.

We cover the major cities where Yulu operates, prime neighborhoods and hotspots within these cities, and popular destination accessibility by Yulu bikes.

Key insights include Bengaluru having the greatest fleet size as Yulu’s first market, followed by other prominent cities such as Pune, Mumbai, and Delhi. Given the connectivity requirements, busy central business districts, tech parks, university campuses, and residential neighborhoods are suitable hunting grounds for Best Yulu bikes in India

Yulu bikes are quickly becoming a favorite mode of transportation for urban Indians, because to low usage fees, free-floating pick-up and drop-off, and environmental benefits.

Top 18 Places to Ride Yulu Bikes in India

Places to Ride Yulu Bikes in Bengaluru.

Yulu first launched its services in Bengaluru in 2018 and the city continues to have the largest fleet size.

MG Road.

MG Road is the main commercial thoroughfare that runs through the center of Bengaluru. MG Road, known as a thriving commercial and shopping district, attracts large numbers on a daily basis.

Yulu noticed the area’s potential and ensured that bikes were available along the entire route. Yulu bikes are parked in a queue outside garment flagships, food establishments, Metro stops, and corporations such as TCS. 

Office commuters rely largely on Yulu for transportation along MG Road, which is frequently congested. Shoppers utilize the bikes to get between the various stores located along the long road.

Tourists can also hire Yulues to ride up and down MG Road, taking in the views and sites along the way. Yulu bikes enable sustainable connection along Bengaluru’s famed MG Road, with handy pick-up spots every few meters.


Indiranagar is one of Bengaluru’s most popular neighborhoods, with stylish cafes, clubs, boutiques, and startups.

 Yulu has catered to Indiranagar’s hipsters by Blankinpointing bikes at strategic areas. Yulu bikes are always stationed outside popular gathering spots including 100ft Road, 12th Main, and CMH Road.

 Yulu is popular among the neighborhood’s young professionals for bar hopping and meeting new people. Indiranagar’s residential roads are also dotted with bikes for fast supermarket runs. 

Yulu stations are located near major office hubs such as SAP Labs and Paradigm IT for everyday commuting. From locals to visitors, Yulu has been the preferred form of transportation in this vibrant section of Bengaluru.


Koramangala, Bengaluru’s commercial hub, is home to the city’s IT crowd and millennials. Recognizing this population, Yulu stationed a large number of bikes in Koramangala. 

Yulu caters to daily office commuters outside of tech parks such as Wipro, GE, and Cognizant. Bikes can also be seen at Sony World Signal, Forum Mall, and other congested intersections. 

Yulu is used by young people living in Koramangala’s apartments and PG lodgings for everything from classes to partying. Professionals ride their Yulu bikes to Koramangala’s restaurants and bars. 

The green Yulu bikes have grown prevalent on Koramangala’s roadways for economical last-mile connectivity.

Places to Ride Yulu Bikes in Pune.

Yulu expanded to Pune in 2019. Pune is a dynamic city that is also developing as a technology center. The city has a large population of students and young people due to its many universities. 

Traffic jams and congestion are becoming more common as the population grows. To avoid this, we present Yulu, a service that allows you to reserve your bikes and escape traffic. 

This is particularly beneficial for students and young adults, who cannot afford to be late under any circumstances.

Bikes are present in busy parts of the city including


Aundh is an upmarket area of western Pune that has evolved as a significant IT and commercial centre in the last decade. Aundh is home to numerous technological parks, BPOs, and corporate headquarters, attracting thousands of white-collar employees. 

Yulu’s introduction in Pune in 2019 ensured broad coverage in the Aundh area to service this big working population. 

Yulu bikes are now widely available at strategic intersections, office complexes, and residential societies around Aundh. During rush hour, Yulu is used by professionals for short office journeys as well as errands to nearby cafes, stores, and parks. 

Yulu bikes have given an eco-friendly first and last-mile connectivity option for Aundh’s congested streets.


Baner is a famous Pune neighborhood noted for its malls, restaurants, pubs, and real estate development. With a strong student population, the region has a vibrant, youthful vibe. 

Yulu made sure to cover Baner extensively when mapping Pune, taking into account the possible usage by students, young professionals, and other inhabitants. Yulu bikes can now be found throughout Baner’s commercial areas such as Parihar Chowk, AIT Chowk, and Balewadi High Street.

 Yulu bikes are used by students living in hostels and PG accommodations to get to college and hang out with friends. Baner’s nightlife culture also draws Yulu riders late at night to pubs, restaurants, and diners. Yulu bikes are popular among Baner’s millennial population due to their ease of use and low cost.

Koregaon Park.

Koregaon Park is one of Pune’s most affluent and exclusive areas. Koregaon Park caters to the city’s affluent and foreigners with its parks, pricey real estate, restaurants, and nightlife. 

When Yulu first launched in Pune, it prioritized coverage in Koregaon Park because to the area’s high concentration of affluent residents and corporate executives. 

Yulu bikes are now easily accessible throughout Koregaon Park’s inner alleys. Yulu is used by residents for short visits to surrounding shops, cafes, and salons. 

Corporate employees utilize the bikes to get to and from offices at Eon IT Park and neighboring complexes. Visitors to Koregaon Park’s famed cafes and lounges frequently rent Yulu bikes to travel between locations. 

The eco-friendly motorcycles have become a staple outside the upscale restaurants in Koregaon Park.


Camp is Pune’s historic heart and commercial district. Camp, with its ancient Puneri enterprises and new-age eateries, draws tourists from all around the city. 

Yulu, realizing the significance of Camp, made certain that there were plenty of bikes available in the vicinity. 

Yulu bikes can now be available in key Camp intersections such as Tilak Road, East Street, and Dastur Meher Road. 

Yulu is used by office workers for short travels within the Camp’s commercial zone. Shoppers and diners who visit Camp’s historic markets and cafés also make frequent use of the bikes. 

Yulu stations are located near important landmarks such as Tribhuvan Darbar, Kasba Ganapati, and Mahatma Phule Wada. Yulu has emerged as the favored short transit alternative for Pune’s heritage center because to its great convenience and cost benefits.


Kothrud is a residential district in Pune noted for its educational institutions, shopping malls, and software firms.

Yulu provides bikes near institutions such as Pune Vidyarthi Griha and DY Patil to Kothrud’s sizable student population.

Bikes are also accessible at busy intersections in Kothrud, such as Paud Phata and Sancheti Hospital Chowk. Locals rely on Yulu to get to work in the EON Free Zone and other IT parks. 

City Pride Kothrud, Nucleus Mall, and Kumar Pacific Mall all have Yulu stations nearby. Yulu bikes give Kothrud people green mobility for all of their neighborhood transit needs, from students to office workers.

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Places to Ride Yulu Bikes in Mumbai

Yulu bikes were introduced in Mumbai in 2020. Key areas include


At the start of this year, the newly launched electric Yulu bikes were making their debut in Bandra West. The Bangalore-based company had just recently begun to expand beyond its base in Mumbai, the bustling Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC) region, with the goal of becoming the vehicle of choice for app-based delivery employees.


The name Andheri was inspired by Udayanagari, the name of a hill near the Mahakali caves. Andheri, a prestigious Mumbai neighborhood, is divided into two parts: Andheri East and Andheri West. 

While these areas are adjacent, they have vastly different characteristics.


Yulu has begun offering its app-based bicycle and e-bike rental services in Mumbai’s Powai neighborhood. Allowing users to pick up and drop off bikes at specific places in the area.

Powai is a posh residential neighborhood in Mumbai that has seen a surge in real estate demand in recent decades. Powai is a popular place to live and work because of its magnificent lake (Powai Lake) and equally impressive Hiranandani Complex.

Lower Parel

Lower Parel is a lively business district in Mumbai, full of workplaces, leisure opportunities, and things to do. This region offers it all, whether you’re looking for the greatest co-working spaces, restaurants, or retail complexes. Parel used to be home to many textile mills, which have now been converted into commercial areas packed with office workers.


Kurla is one of the busiest stations, particularly since the growth of the BKC region. The debut of Yulu’s public bike-sharing (PBS) project in cooperation with CR at Kurla station is another step toward offering Mumbai residents with a safe, economical, and environmentally friendly commute choice. Users can now rent sanitized Yulu Miracle vehicles from Kurla station as more companies reopen in BKC in the coming days,” said Amit Gupta, co-founder, Yulu & Green Entrepreneur.

Places to Ride Yulu Bikes in Delhi.

Delhi joined as a Yulu city in 2021. Bikes can be hired in central and southern districts like

Connaught Place.

Delhi will not be Delhi without its soul and people. The center of this city is CP, both literally and metaphorically. There are possibilities for everyone, whether you are a foodie, a shopaholic, or a businessman. Its central position makes it a great spot for a quick break, and with Yulu, you’ll never have to worry about parking!

The closest metro station is Shivaji Stadium (on the Airport Express Line) or Barakhamba Road (on the Blue Line).

Hauz Rani market.

The nearest metro station to this famous ceramic market is Malviya Nagar Metro Station on the Yellow Line, which is located in Malviya Nagar. After booking your Yulu, you can ride through the market, which is famed for its awe-inspiring displays of colorful pots, mugs, crockery, and plant holders, to name a few. Furthermore, the well-known Select CITYWALK and DLF Avenue are located on the opposite side of the street!

Malviya Nagar Metro Station (Yellow Line) is the nearest metro station.

Khan Market.

Khan Market, one of the most expensive retail markets in the world, is a mecca for renowned brands, cafes, and bookshops. If you’re thinking about spending the weekend here, make sure to check first since the majority of the market is closed on Sundays! 

Khan Market Station on the Violet Line is the closest metro station.

Lodhi Art District

The enormous Lodhi Gardens are a perfect site for a picnic or to soak up the sun this winter, as there is never a shortage of room. For those interested in history, there are a few historical monuments within the garden, or you can Yulu out to the neighboring Humayun’s Tomb.

Jor Bagh Metro Station (Yellow Line) is the nearest station.

Green Park Market

The market, which boasts a variety of eateries and shops, including the venerable Evergreen Sweet House and the hip Funnel Hill Creamery, has long mesmerized the populace with its brilliant vibes and excitement. And Yulu is always available to assist you with your stop-and-go travels in and around the market!

Green Park Metro Station (Yellow Line) is the closest.

Therefore, all you need to do to start exploring is install the app, head to the closest Yulu zone, and pick up a ride rather than waiting for one.

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Conclusion on Places to Ride Yulu Bikes in India

I hope you found this article on best places to ride yulu bikes in India helpful to you, Yulu Bikes are available in almost many of the famous Indian cities, you can easily find a yulu rent station to get one of the best yulu bike for yourself.

We tried to cover all the places where you can take the bike for a stroll in all the cities where yulu bikes are available.

We’ll try to cover and update all the information on any existing and new city whenever any changes will occur to them.

Until then, Get a Yulu Have Fun with your Friends!

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