Top 4 Best Yulu Bikes in India You Should Know About

by | Sep 17, 2023 | Electric Bicycle

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Yulu bikes have become a common sight on the streets of major Indian cities like Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai. And you must have wondered about the Best Yulu bikes in India out of whole lot while using one.

These smart electric two-wheelers offer an eco-friendly, convenient, and affordable way to get around urban areas.

What makes these Yulu bikes stand out is their electric drivetrain which enables quick acceleration and near-silent operation.

The Yulu bikes are enabled with IoT technology and can be rented through a mobile app on a dockless model, allowing you to pick up and drop off the bikes anywhere within the service zone.

In this article, we will discuss the 4 best Yulu bikes in India currently available for rent in India. We will compare the top models based on important factors like range, speed, comfort, and pricing.

This will help readers understand which Yulu bike would be the best fit for their specific needs, whether daily commuting or occasional leisure rides. Noe Before moving you must know how to ride a yulu bike so do check my article on it.

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Key takeaways:

  • Overview of popular Yulu bike models in India
  • Comparison of their specs, pros and cons
  • Recommendations based on usage – commuting, long rides etc.
  • Yulu offers an affordable and eco-friendly transportation option

Top 4 Best Yulu bikes in India

1. Yulu Miracle

The Yulu Miracle is our top pick for the best Yulu bike available in India right now. This model stands out for its excellent range and robust build quality.


  • Range: Up to 65 km on a single charge
  • Top speed: 25 km/hr
  • Battery: Lithium ion with removable battery pack
  • Load capacity: 110 kg

The Yulu Miracle offers the longest range among Yulu bikes, capable of going up to 65 km before needing a recharge. This makes it ideal for longer commutes and runs errands across the city. It has a top speed of 25 km/hr which is good for urban commuting.

The Miracle has a sturdy steel frame and can take on bad roads easily. It offers smooth acceleration and rides comfortably even with two passengers. The removable battery pack makes it convenient to swap batteries rather than wait for recharging.

On the downside, the steel frame does make the Miracle one of the heavier Yulu bikes. The lack of suspension can also impact comfort on very uneven roads. The Miracle bike is best suited for short to medium distance urban commuting and last-mile connectivity. The robust build and range make it an ideal daily rider.

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2. Yulu Dazzl

The Yulu Dazzle is one of the most stylish and lightweight models offered by Yulu.


  • Range: Up to 55 km
  • Top speed: 25 km/hr
  • Battery: Lithium ion
  • Load capacity: 100 kg

Weighing just 40 kg with the battery, the Dazzle is among the lightest Yulu bikes available. This makes it easy to maneuver through congested city streets. The lightweight frame also makes it a good option for tackling inclines and hilly areas.

The Dazzle offers a decent range of 55 km on a single charge. It has a stylish design with bright color options that appeal to younger riders. The slim frame and low seat height also make it suitable for female riders.

However, the lightweight build comes at the cost of stability – the Dazzle lacks the solid feel of bikes like the Miracle at higher speeds. The range is also limited compared to other Yulu models.

The Yulu Dazzle is best suited for casual city riding over shorter distances. The nimble handling and stylish look make quick trips around the neighborhood fun. It’s especially good for female riders looking for an easy-to-use electric bike.

3. Yulu Deziro

The Yulu Deziro is the most powerful and premium Yulu bike available. It is designed for longer commutes and highway riding.


  • Range: Up to 75 km
  • Top speed: 25 km/hr
  • Battery: Lithium ion
  • Motor: 750W brushless DC motor
  • Load capacity: 120 kg

The Deziro is equipped with a 750W motor that delivers very strong acceleration and high torque. This enables it to reach top speed quickly even with two riders. The top range is an impressive 75 km on a single charge making long commutes feasible.

The Deziro offers a comfortable ride even at high speeds thanks to its telescopic front suspension and dual shock absorbers. The large 17-inch wheels also help stability on highways.

However, the Deziro is one of the most expensive Yulu models. It also lacks some smart features like built-in GPS navigation offered on other Yulu bikes.

The powerful performance and long range make the Yulu Deziro ideal for long urban commutes and even riding on highways. It’s the best Yulu option for those with a longer daily commute.

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4. Yulu Maxi.

The Yulu Maxi is an honorable mention as a heavy-duty option suitable for larger riders.


  • Range: Up to 55 km
  • Top speed: 25 km/hr
  • Battery: Lithium ion
  • Load capacity: 140 kg

The Maxi has the highest load bearing capacity at 140 kg among Yulu models. This makes it ideal for tall or heavyset riders. It uses dual shock absorbers and a sturdy frame to provide stability.

The range and top speed are decent but not on par with premium models like the Deziro. Lack of features like GPS is also a shortcoming.

In summary, the Yulu Maxi doesn’t have the best specifications but fills an important niche – it is the only Yulu model built specifically for larger riders. The high load capacity and stability make it a good choice for heavy riders up to 140 kg looking for an electric.

Conclusion on Best Yulu Bikes in India

Yulu offers some of the best electric bike rental options for urban transportation in India. Models like the Yulu Miracle, Dazzle, Deziro and Maxi cater to different rider needs with their unique specifications and designs.

The Miracle is the best all-rounder with its excellent range and robust build. The Dazzle prioritizes agile handling and stylish looks for city use. For long highway commutes, the powerful Deziro is the top choice. And the Maxi serves heavier riders with its high load capacity.

Before choosing a Yulu bike, consider your regular usage – local errands or long commute, need for power or portability etc. This will help pick the Yulu model that fits your needs best. With their affordable rates and environmental friendliness, Yulu bikes are undoubtedly a leading electric two-wheeler rental service in Indian urban centers today.

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