Hercules vs Schnell Bicycles: Which is the best for you?

by | Oct 4, 2023 | Brands Comparison

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When buying a high-quality bicycle, there are many things to think about, such as which model to pick. Which brand is respectable? Many well-known bicycle companies, including Hero, Firefox, Schnell, Montra, and others, are based in India. In this post, we’ll compare Hercules vs Schnell Bicycles.

Which choice best fits your needs? Schnell and Hercules are well-known, upscale brands in India. Schnell Cycle is well-known in India for offering the greatest and highest-quality bicycles at competitive prices.

Hercules bicycles, on the other hand, are built using High Quality materials and cutting-edge technology, which makes them worth the price.

Once we have a better understanding of the two Indian bicycle brands, we will contrast the Schnell and Hercules models and answer some frequently asked questions.

Schnell vs Hercules Bicycles: Which is better?

Two prominent and well-known bicycle brands in India are Schnell and Hercules. It’s not feasible to contrast the two. Let’s quickly review the brief histories of the two firms, Schnell and Hercules Cycles, as well as their features, products, and prices before moving on to the more crucial information.

1. Hercules Bicycles 

a custom illustration made for Hercules cycles

In 1951, the TI Cycles Murugappa Group created Hercules. Several more brands, such as BSA, Mach 2, and Montra, are affiliated with this organization. This company has been providing the best bicycles to India and other subcontinents for more than 70 years.

On its hardness and resilience, we could write a whole other blog. Considering how long they have been in the business, they obviously have a great deal of experience in it.

Now let’s discuss the attributes, range of costs, and assortment of products (bikes) produced by Hercules Cycles.

Hercules Bicycles’ attributes include:

Let’s now discuss Hercules. Hercules is the most popular bicycle brand in India, and because of its hardness and longevity, it can meet the needs of practically every rider. Among the qualities this brand offers are the following ones:

  • Ideal for people of all ages.
  • At Hercules, a wide range of items are offered, including mountain and regular bikes.
  • Women’s and children’s cycles are not identical.
  • It meets the needs of people at a price that is reasonable (not exorbitant) and fulfills their desires worldwide.

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Most Picked Cycles of Hercules's Collage

Being one of the oldest bicycle businesses, Hercules has one of the largest product lines (source); it certainly would require a while to list them all if you started at the start.

The organization’s several milestones were among its most noteworthy achievements. It’s highly recommended that you browse the products on their official website by category. As a consequence, you’ll comprehend things and their costs really well.

However, if you’re looking for some of the most admired and well-liked bicycles, have a look at these:



Every popular type of bike is represented by this brand. You may still be wondering what those are, and they are as follows:

  • Mountain bikes (Montra and Rodeo models)
  • Rangers Bicycles by 
  • Electric Bicycles
  • Mixed-use bicycles

The pricing range of Hercules Cycles in India

It could be easier to understand the distinctions between the Schnell and Hercules bicycle brands if you compare their pricing points. There are several notable differences between Hero Bicycles vs Hercules Cycles that you could also notice. What is better?

Bicycles from the Hercules brand range in price from around 3,000 Indian Rupees (INR) to over 17,000 INR. The commodities are separated by price according to their qualities and features.

In this price category, road bikes & mountain bikes are the main options for individuals on a budget who nevertheless wish to enjoy riding their bikes on various terrains.

2. Schnell Cycle Brand

schnell cycles custom logo image made by cyclify.in

A high-end bicycle company, Schnell makes amazing bikes and bikes for riders. The name “Schnell” means “fast and quick” in German, which is interesting to know given that the brand is Indian.

Rayyan Khan is the owner of this business, which was founded on January 11, 2013. Schnell Cycle is well known for providing the best customer service along with high-end bicycles to its customers. Based in Pune, Maharashtra, India, Schnell bikes are manufactured.

For all age groups, Schnell offers a wide selection of bikes at affordable prices, including kids’ and women’s bikes.

Why is Schnell Cycles a trustworthy brand?

Schnell Cycle Brand sells top-notch, high-end cycles at affordable prices. Since its establishment in 2013, Schnell has been crafting beautifully designed cycles for its clientele. Here are some of the qualities that make Schnell a superior bicycle brand.

  • All age groups may find bicycles made by Schnell, including bikes for men, women, and children. Their bicycles are now available via internet merchants in addition to traditional marketplaces.
  • A few of the various bicycle models that Schnell provides are road, hybrid, and mountain bike versions.
  • It offers beautifully designed, striking motorcycles with amazing features at reasonable prices.
  • The Schnell motorcycles are made using premium parts. They also give a large selection of gears, brakes, suspension, & wheel sizes in addition to different frame materials.
  • For this brand, bicycle parts are available in all physical and virtual marketplaces.
  • Schnell is known for producing bicycles that are both comfortable and long-lasting.

The Schnell brand’s best bicycle models

Schnell has hundreds of bicycles to choose from. There are bikes ranging in price from the most expensive to the least expensive. Here are a few of Schnell’s best Cycles.

  • Schnell Sierra
  • Schnell king
  • Schnell King Release 29
  • Schnell Holts 008

Price Range for Schnell Cycles

Schnell Bikes has provided a large range of options with regard to cost. Bicycles from Schnell are a dependable mid-range choice. The most expensive Schnell bike is the “Schnell R Bike (24-speed),” which costs 29000 Indian rupees. Moreover, the “Schnell cube,” the least expensive type, costs 6000 Indian rupees.

For this reason, Schnell bicycles cost between 6000 and 30,000, based on their official website.

FAQs on Schnell vs Hercules Bikes?

Is Schnell better than Firefox?

Both the brands make high quality bicycles for their customers and are keen on innovations to improve the bicycles, thus neither of them is better than other one as per our pov.

Is Schnell a bicycle brand that is Indian?

Yes, Schnell cycles is a indian bicycle brand which started as joint ventureship between trinity cycles of india & trinx cycles of germany.

Final Opinion on Hercules vs Schnell Bicycles

Schnell and Hercules are both premium brands. There is no way to say one brand is superior to another. Schnell and Hercules are well-known all over India, and they provide first-rate customer service.

Both of the brands use high-quality parts in their bike construction to provide clients with high-end bikes. 

Schnell and Firefox are well-known for producing bicycles of the highest caliber and for offering their customers first-rate post-purchase support.

So, the question is: Which is a better brand, Schnell or Hercules? Which bicycle brand ought to you buy? And which is the best brand of bicycle?

The excellent news is the fact that both the Hercules and Schnell bike brands are superbly constructed and of great quality. Any of these companies’ bikes would be a good fit for you. It is up to you and your needs if you are prepared to buy a certain kind of bike.

Before selecting a bike from any of these two companies, think about your needs. The cost of the bike is still another important factor. You need to get a bike that satisfies your needs and puts you at rest. In the eyes of the buyer, buying any of these brands is beneficial.

Learn how to choose the ideal bicycle based on your needs and financial condition to prevent second thoughts after making a cycle purchase.

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