Firefox vs Ninety One Cycles: which is the best?

by | Aug 20, 2023 | Brands Comparison

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The Indian bicycle industry is booming as the country continues to develop and embraces emerging manufacturers. Bicycle brands Ninety-One and Firefox are two examples of these recent Indian bicycle manufacturers.

The fact that riders favor both of these brands makes it more difficult to decide which is superior between Firefox and Ninety One Cycles.

Undoubtedly, Ninety-One and Firefox bicycles provide superior, well-crafted, and technologically sophisticated luxury bikes at affordable prices, with cutting-edge features that rival those found in Imported Bicycle manufacturers.

In order to determine which brand offers the ideal bicycle for you, we will thoroughly compare Firefox vs Ninety One Cycles in this post. We will look at their goods, usefulness, and quality.

And to answer any last questions you might have, towards the end, we’ve included FAQs. If we’ve missed any, please inquire in the comments below.

Now let’s get going.

Ninety-One Bicycle Brand

a custom illustration of 91 cycles, a cycle manufacturer in india

In 2015, Ninety-One Cycle was founded with the aim of revolutionizing the Indian bicycle industry. The company offers sophisticated aerodynamic designs and intelligent features to its users, enabling them to use bicycles for purposes more than just transportation.

In order to ensure that their bicycles have the best features possible and provide an opulent riding experience, Ninety-One has worked hard as a bicycle brand.

In addition, they provide a large selection of specially designed bikes, including road cycles, MTBs, ATBs, hybrids, and kids’ bikes. Accessibility and affordability are synonymous with the Ninety-One brand.

Why Choose Ninety-One Cycles?

It was observed by Ninety-One that the Indian bicycle market was devoid of reasonably priced, elegant, and well-functioning bikes.

Their goal is to create and manufacture bicycles that are not just for commuting but also for recreational and fitness use.

Ninety-One Bikes are unique in a number of ways, including the following:

  • Durability: Their premium components are designed to withstand rough and tumble riding, catering to cyclists who demand a sturdy bike to support their daring adventures.
  • Performance: As engineers, the creators made sure to refine the dynamic parts to offer a comfortable, opulent ride on every surface.
  • Flexibility: Ninety-One has been instrumental in bridging a significant need in the market for a wide range of frame types, wheel diameters, designs, and suspension setups. They are well-known for offering a large selection of functional bikes for everyday use, racing, fitness, and much more for kids, women, and men of all ages.

Learn More About Ninety One

Ninety-One Products and Their Variety

The selection of bicycles offered by Ninety-One is enormous, and many different types of riders like some of its offerings. Together, we will examine this wide range of their best-selling items.

Bike Model Types

Bike TypeModels
Electric BikeThe Meraki Bikes
Mountain Bike (MTB)The Wolverine 29T
All-terrain Bike (ATB)Blizzard 26T
Hybrid BikeWanderer Pro 700C
Road BikeTracer 700c

Price Range of Ninety-One Bikes: 

Ninety-One Bikes strives to provide cycling to every rider in India while also improving the quality of cycling. They thus have a very low pricing range for their motorcycles, starting at 5000 rupees in India, in an effort to reach more clients.

Firefox Bikes

a custom illustration of firefox cycles, a cycle manufacturer in India

For all of the millennials born in the 1990s, Firefox bikes—which were founded in 2005—are more than just a brand. The goal of Firefox Cycles is to make bikes more purposeful and passionate, making them adventurous and nonconformist.

Offering top-notch bikes that are designed and developed with riders’ needs and input in mind, their company strives to bring innovation to the cycling community.

The Firefox bike is designed to aid and inspire riders of all levels to push themselves to their limits over a wide range of terrains. 

What differentiates Firefox Bicycles from other bicycle brands? 

Everything from comfort to innovation that Firefox Cycles incorporates into their bicycles to provide an exciting yet safe ride is noteworthy when it comes to emphasizing the unique qualities of their products.

Some of their unique qualities include:

  • Rapid Release (RR): Firefox Cycles offer effective bug-fixing services in addition to substantially faster functional feature releases.
  • Extension Support Release (ESR): Firefox is your long-term riding partner, providing fresh, cutting-edge upgrades for your vehicles every forty-five weeks. Firefox genuinely believes in putting the “customer first” along with diversity and inclusivity in its bicycles.
  • Specialty Bikes: To genuinely upend and transform the cycling world by creating completely usable bikes for individuals with disabilities that defy all accepted conventions.

Firefox bikes models and their types

firefox vs ninety one cycles -  An image of a black firefox bike

Firefox offers a wide selection of bikes for any need, from Gravel bikes to electric bikes, with customizable options for everything from frame material and size to wheel size, bike weight, suspension travel, and more.

Here are some of the best Firefox cycle models and types of bike to check out.

Type of BicycleProduct (Model)
Gravel BikePIRATE 4.0 700c
Mountain BikeNexus-D 27.5T
Hybrid BikeBad Attitude Harpoon 700C
Electric BikeADVENTRON 27.5D E-BIKE
Speciality BikeAVATAR 27.5D
Women’s BikeGLITZ-24
Kids, Marvel and Disney-Themed BikeIRONMAN 18

Prices Range of Firefox Bicycles

Given that Firefox bicycles are made with superior components, their costs are higher than those of Ninety One Cycles or any other Indian bicycle brands. Nevertheless, considering the characteristics that all of their cycles have, their costs are really reasonable. For now, Firefox cycles are available for between 7000 and 60000 rupees and above.

Learn more about Firefox bikes:

Firefox vs Ninety-One Cycles: Which one offers better performance?

It is time to provide a clear framework for this question now that we have assessed the key elements that determined whether or not one bike brand was superior to the other.

Recognizing that they both fulfill different purposes is crucial, and the rider must choose the ideal fit based on our study.

It is important to keep in mind that although Firefox bikes are more geared at enthusiastic riders of all skill levels, Ninety-One primarily designs and manufactures high-end bikes catering to the demands of professional cyclists and athletes.

The fact that these two companies provide cycling accessories in addition to bikes is another notable resemblance between them. On the other hand, bikers favor Ninety-One’s products because of their trendy designs and relatively lightweight material.

But when it comes to bicycles, Ninety-One offers a wider range of models in more colors than Firefox. Excellent post-purchase assistance is offered by both brands.

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FAQs: Ninety-One Cycles or Firefox Bike

Q2. Are Firefox bicycles more expensive than Ninety-One?

In contrast yes, a bike may appear worth the money if you consider all of its features and parts. Nonetheless, Ninety-One offers several pricey bicycles, such as electric and KTM models.

Q3. Are the components of these bicycles build In India?

Most of the bicycle parts, for the Ninety-One and Firefox bike brands, are manufactured in India. Moreover, since their bikes include Shimano and Microshift groupsets, some components, such as derailleurs and shifters, are imported.

Conclusion: Firefox vs Ninety One Cycles

India’s best bicycle brands, Ninety-One and Firefox, both have unique qualities that complement one other. After all, a cyclist’s goal, financial situation, and personal tastes will ultimately determine which brand is best and which one to choose.

According to us, these are two excellent, cutting-edge Indian bike companies, and as a result, Popularity is growing in India of both cycling as a hobby and a career.

Whichever brand you choose, it will help you reach your objective and contribute to the growth of the country.


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