Hercules Vs Hero Bicycles: Which one is better?

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All around the nation, cycling has become more and more popular since the COVID-19 Pandemic happened. You may use this for riding as a recreational or athletic endeavor.

The question now is which cycle—Hercules or Hero—should you choose? Which is better? Due to the numerous characteristics that distinguish the various cycles, we are unable to conclude which cycle brand is better without doing more research.

You will learn about the differences and similarities between Hercules vs Hero’s bicycles in this post. To help you make the best choice possible, all pertinent information has been included. Let’s have a deeper conversation about this to help you make a better choice.

Hercules vs Hero Bicycles: Which is better?

Hercules and Hero are two well-known and prestigious Indian bicycle Brands. It is impossible to compare one to the other. Before we get into the more important details, let’s take a quick look at the short histories of the two companies, Hero Cycles, and Hercules, as well as their features, goods, and pricing.

1. Hercules Bicycle Brand

a custom illustration made for Hercules cycles

The TI Cycles Murugappa Group founded Hercules in 1951. This organization also owns a number of additional brands, including BSA, Mach 2, and Montra. For over seventy years, this firm has supplied India and other subcontinents with bicycles of the highest quality.

We could write whole another blog on its resilience and toughness. Given their extended tenure in the industry, it is evident that they possess considerable expertise in their field.

Let’s now talk about the features, range of prices, and variety of goods (bikes) manufactured by Hercules Cycles.

Characteristics of the Hercules Bicycles:

Now let’s talk about Hercules. As the most well-known bicycle brand in India, Hercules can satisfy almost every rider’s need thanks to its durability and toughness. The following are some of the characteristics that this brand provides: 

Suitable for all age groups.

  • A large collection of products, including both standard and mountain bikes, are available at Hercules.
  • The cycles of children and women are not the same.
  • Meets the demands of people all across the world at a price that is inexpensive (not excessive).

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One of the biggest product lines belongs to Hercules, as it is one of the oldest bicycle companies (source), it probably would take quite a while to tally them all if you start counting from the beginning.

Among their most notable accomplishments were the several milestones the organization reached. Looking through the items by category on their official website is one of the best things you can do. You’ll have a very clear understanding of the products and their prices as a result.

But if you’re interested in some of the most well-liked and well-regarded bicycles, check out these:

most famous cycles of hercules


This brand covers every bike type that is currently in demand. They are as follows, in case you’re still curious about what those are: 

  • Mountain bikes (Roadeo and Montra series)
  • Rangers Bicycles
  • Electric cycles
  • Hybrid bicycles

Read More About Hercules Cycles:

The Hercules Cycles price range in India

The differences between the Hero and Hercules bicycle brands might be better understood by comparing their price ranges. You may also see some significant distinctions between Firefox Bicycles vs Hercules Cycles. Which is superior?

Prices for bicycles from the Hercules brand start at around 3,000 Indian Rupees (INR) and go up to more than 17,000. The price divides the goods based on their characteristics and caliber.

You can see that the only bikes in this price range that are appropriate for those on a budget but still want to enjoy riding their bicycles on different types of terrain are road bikes and mountain bikes.

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2. Hero Bicycle Brand

a custom illustration made for Hero cycles

Hero Cycles was established in 1956 and started manufacturing bicycle parts in Ludhiana, Punjab. Hero Cycles Ltd. is a part of the Hero Motors Company. Hero Cycles is presently among the biggest bicycle manufacturers in the world, producing 18390 cycles a day. Hero is one of the most well-known bicycle brands in India.

Pankaj M. Munjal is the managing director and chairman of Hero Cycles. The company’s remarkable turnover may be attributed to the brand’s performance in the market.

Characteristics of Hero Cycles:

It will be highly helpful to have the right bike, whether you’re wanting to surprise your kid or fulfill a health demand. It’s challenging to choose the best option when there are so many on the market. You may select the best vehicle in this scenario with the assistance of this brand. Here are a few of the features that this brand provides: 

  • These bikes are available for use by all age groups.
  • Additionally, unique cycles for women and children are noted in a column inside this brand.
  • It provides high-end cycles to its Indian clients.


A simulated experience is offered by The Hero to let you get a feel for how seamless the process will be, and the company leverages innovation to its advantage. We recommend that you reevaluate the product using the same method that you used with the Hercules Cycle Company.

However, if you’re looking for some of the most renowned and beloved bicycles, check out these: 

  • Hero Storm
  • Hero Sprint
  • Hero RX2
  • Hero Big daddy
  • Hero Lectro E-bicycles
  • Hero cycles models

most famous cycles of Hero cycles


Riding a bicycle is one of our dearest childhood memories. This was the first thing we did as becoming adults and one of our guiding principles.

So what is more? Riding a bike also contributes to a healthy lifestyle. It can keep our muscles and hearts healthy. Bicycles are also great for the planet if that weren’t enough of a reason to ride one. Hero provides all of the brands best categories, such as:

  • Mountain Bike
  • Cyclocross Bike
  • Road cycling Bike
  • Kids & Women Special Bicycles
  • Electric Bicycles

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Pricing Range:

The Hero cycle brand was established to emphasize the superior quality of the cycles, thus the price range is significantly greater than the Hercules cycle brand. Let’s now examine the price range of Hero Cycles.

Prices for bicycles start at around 4,500 Indian Rupees (INR) and go up to well over 1 lakh INR. As a result, you can comprehend the range of pricing associated with the Hero brand. Meeting the needs of these clients was their primary goal. Thus, if you are considering the long term, Hero is the right choice for you.

Key Distinctions Between the Hercules and Hero Cycles

Following our analysis of the two brands’ essential characteristics, we need to do more research to determine which is better: Hero or Hercules. In terms of braking and shifting, these two brands are almost identical. Making the distinction between the two is somewhat challenging. Everything relies on the preferences of the clients who must make the buy.

Some found Hero more attractive because of the aluminum frame. A useful baggage carrier at the rear of the Hercules, though, makes some people prefer it for mountain biking. Hero Sprint and Hercules Roadeo both are special on their own.

Differentiating between the two and determining which is superior is quite challenging. Both are distinct. Both target the same demographic in terms of age. The same premium materials are used in the production of both brands. The bikes from both companies are robust and well-made.

Regarding variety for these companies, there are several options, like Hero vs. Atlas vs. Hercules. In case you are not fond of any of these bicycle options, be sure to explore other options available.

Frequently Asked Questions: Hero vs Hercules Cycle Which is Better

Q1. What do I think About Hercules vs. Hero Cycle?

Between Hercules and Hero, which cycle is better? Before you is all the information you require. If you’re worried about making the wrong choice, know that both companies are top-notch in their respective industries and won’t let you down.

Q2. Are Hero bicycles made of high quality?

Yes, in my opinion. Hero, the top bicycle brand, offers a range of models, including electric and MTB, in the Indian market. The organization is well known for its prompt resolution of customer concerns and after-sales service.

Q3. Are the bicycles made by Hercules of high quality?

If you go with the more pricey choice, then yes. With a very lengthy history, this organization has been helping its clients. This is a wonderful brand to buy if you have at least 5,000 to spend.

Q4. Which cycle is better Hero or Hercules?

Everything relies on the preferences of the clients who must make the buy. Some found Hero more attractive because of the aluminum frame. Nonetheless, because of the useful baggage carrier in the rear, some people favor Hercules for mountain riding.

Q5. Is Hercules cycle a good brand?

One of the finest cycling brands in India, Hercules offers a top-tier geared bicycle with 21 gears, seamless shifters, and front and rear disc brakes that let you explore unexplored areas while you’re on the road.at the rear.

Q6. Is Hero cycle a good brand?

Hero Cycles, which was founded in Ludhiana in 1956, first focused on producing bike parts before gradually rising to the position of one of India’s “Best Cycle Brands.” Presently, Hero Cycles is without a doubt India’s biggest bicycle manufacturer, turning out 5.2 million bikes annually.

Final Verdict on the Hercules Cycle vs Hero Cycles

Below is a summary of the standards that were applied to decide if a comparison between the two brands—Hercules and Hero—was warranted. But it’s totally up to you which one you choose from among them.

Which qualities you want or how much you can afford are entirely up to you. To let you make the decision that best suits your needs, we have just included the essentials in this post. It should clear up your doubt about which cycle—Hercules or Hero—is superior.

Please let me know in the comments below if you found this post on Hercules vs Hero Bicycles useful, and don’t forget to read my most recent blogs for further cycling-related information. It’s also OK to ask questions in the comments section if you have any about the post.

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