Hercules vs Firefox Bicycles: Which is the best brand?

by | Aug 20, 2023 | Brands Comparison

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Every bike brand has unique characteristics, thus it is impossible to declare one superior to the other without more investigation into these differences.

Which cycle brand — Hercules or Firefox—is superior will be determined in this essay. To assist you in selecting the best option for you, every necessary information will be given. Read on to learn more and make an informed choice.

Should you go for the Hercules or Firefox cycle?

Hercules vs Firefox: Which is better?

These are two of the best and most well-known bicycle brands in India. Let’s take a quick look at the two businesses’ heritage, features, produced goods, and pricing ranges before moving on to the most important details.

1. Hercules Bicycle Brand

Hercules vs Firefox - Hercules Cycle's Logo

The Hercules Cycle was established in 1951 and is a member of the  (TI Cycles) Murugappa Group. In addition to Hercules cycles, TI Cycles also owns Montra, Mach City, BSA, Track, and Trail. With his creativity and appropriateness, Hercules has transformed the Indian bicycle industry.

The greatest explanation for their products may be found in the moniker, which was derived from the Roman god of strength. We can write entire pages about the robustness and longevity.

They have been successful for many decades in the market, demonstrating that their products and services are of high quality.

We will now examine the features, variety, products manufactured, as well as the price of Hercules cycles.

Features of Hercules bicycles include:

Before we go, let’s discuss about Hercules. This brand of bicycles offers us the following features:

  • Suitable for all age ranges
  • Specific cycles for kids and moms
  • Fulfils the needs of customers worldwide within budget-friendly (not excessively expensive) pricing ranges.


It’s no secret that this is among the oldest cycling companies; as such, it naturally offers one of the industry’s widest selections of bikes and cycling accessories. Which will take ages to count if you start counting at its beginning.

The organization accomplished a number of significant milestones, and they were among its most well-known projects.

You will be able to see the items and their prices clearly if you visit their official website and browse through their products organized by category.

However, if you’re looking for some of the most popular and well-reviewed bicycles, have a look at these:


types of cycles by Hercules cycles

This manufacturer offers a wide variety of the most popular types of bikes on the market today. In case you’re still debating which ones they are,

  • The Road Bikes
  • Ranger Bicycles
  • The mountain Bikes and
  • The Hybrid Bikes

Along with women’s and kids’ bikes.

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Price Range:

We would have a better understanding of how the Hercules and Firefox bike brands differ from one another if we compared the pricing range.

The Hercules bike brand has prices ranging from around 4000 INR to over 25,000 INR. A product’s pricing can distinguish it from others based on its attributes and capabilities.

Only road bikes and mountain bikes are included in this price range, and as you can see, they may satisfy the demands of those on a tight budget who nevertheless want to enjoy riding their bicycles on various terrains.

Read More About Hercules

2. Firefox Bicycle Brand

Hercules or Firefox - Firefox Bikes Logo

Firefox, a privately held firm with headquarters in India and founded in 2004, is among the top bicycle brands in the country, although being somewhat a young brand than Hercules.

Founding member Shiv Inder Singh was 55 years old when he launched his firm. Singh had previously attended IIT. The brand’s success in the marketplace has helped the corporation achieve record-breaking levels of revenue.

Features of the Firefox Bicycle Brand:

  • For all age groups, it is accessible.
  • Specialized cycles are available for women and children as well. The fact that their children’s bikes and accessories come in a variety of themes inspired by Disney films and cartoons is, however, the best thing about them.
  • Serves India’s premium cycling market.

Read More About Firefox Bikes:


Firefox introduced an app that utilizes innovation to its full potential. It helps users choose a bike by providing personal information such as age, height, weight, and the type of terrain they would be riding on. Through the use of a virtual experience, it also allows you to gauge how enjoyable the road trip will be.

And I advise you to repeat your product inspection by following the same procedure you used with the Hercules cycle brand.

However, allow me to list a few of the best models now in production:

  • Firefox Bikes Bad Attitude Grunge
  • Firefox Bikes Cyclone series
  • Firefox Bikes Nexus-D, etc


types of cycles by Firefox cycles

However, Firefox offers all of the types listed in the aforementioned brand, including

  • Road Bikes 
  • Mountain Bikes and
  • Hybrid Bikes and Accessories.

However, for the premium characteristics, they employ materials that are utilized to create airplanes, which raises their production costs and, ultimately, the price at which their customers pay.

Price Range:

Since the primary goal of this company was to provide high-end bicycles, the price range for these bikes is considerably higher than that of the Hercules brand.

Beginning around 8000 to 9000 INR, the cycles end up being close to one lakh INR. You can thus understand how much the cost of the Firefox brand varies. Serving this kind of client was their only goal. For those who fall into the premium customer category, Firefox is the recommended choice.

We have examined the two brands’ fundamental details, and now we need to go further to determine if Hercules or Firefox is superior.

Let’s get right into the discussion about what’s better; we have a full section dedicated to it.

Which cycle is better Hercules or Firefox? (Difference Between Them) 

Basis OfFirefoxHercules
FoundedThough not as old as Hercules, it has established itself in the marketplace over the years.People all throughout the world see it as one of the most reputable and established oldest brands.
Made forDesigned to satisfy the high-end premium consumers of the Indian bike market. As a result, the costs are significantly high.Created to accommodate those who are not as well-off financially.
Price-RangeThe price varies from 7,000 to over a lakh rupees.The price range is 3000 INR to 17,000 or 18,000 INR.
Age groupThe bikes of this company also cater to the same audience.They cater to all age groups with bikes, offering anything from children’s bikes to adult bikes and bikes for both men and women.
TypesAll three types of bikes—road, mountain, and hybrid—are readily available to Firefox’s clientele.Within the brand, there is a product for each of the three bike categories that are now popular.
QualityThe grade of the employed materials is unparalleled and ranks among the best in the country.The materials are strong and well-made.
VarietyThere are several cycles available with various features.There are a lot of cycles available to pick from in terms of diversity. Furthermore, this variety is still present in the competition.

The list of criteria that I felt made sense to use while comparing the two brands, Hercules and Firefox, is provided. However, it is entirely up to you to decide which option to choose among them.

You decide how much money you’re willing to spend or what features you absolutely must have. You now have the choice to choose after I just provided you with the essentials.

Frequently Asked Questions: Which is better Hercules or Firefox

Q1. Is Hercules a good cycle brand?

If you’re willing to spend a lot of money on it, then yes. For a very long period, this brand has been providing for its clients. If you have 8,000 or more to invest, this brand is good.

Q2. Is Firefox a good cycle brand?

Absolutely, in my opinion. Firefox is a high-end bicycle manufacturer that provides a variety of options for the Indian consumer market. In addition to providing prompt customer service, the business is renowned for its after-sales help.

Q3. How much cost to buy a cycle, Hercules?

A bicycle with the Hercules brand does not come with a high price tag. In India, it starts at about 3000 rupees and goes up to about 17000 rupees. However, the cost varies depending on the Caliber and Type of bicycles.
In comparison to the hybrid bikes offered by this company, mountain, and road bikes are more costly. For those on a tight budget, consider hybrid bikes.

Conclusion on Hercules vs. Firefox Cycles

These are the comparisons between the two cycle brands: Firefox and Hercules. and everything is in front of you, including the facts and the information. You won’t be disappointed if you buy from either brand because they are both brands are best in their respective fields, so you shouldn’t worry too much.

For additional information about cycles, please check out my most recent posts, and feel free to let me know if this article was helpful to you in the comments section below. You may also ask questions in the comments section if you have any about the post. For further queries contact me by clicking the button below.

Until then, Continue Cycling!


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