Hercules Roadeo NFS 29t Cycle Review | Should You Consider this Bicycle in 2024?

by | Aug 20, 2023 | Mountain Bicycle

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Within the Indian bicycle industry, Hercules (TI Cycles of India) is among the most established manufacturer of bicycles. Hercules has also continuously raised the bar for MTBs, as seen by the Hercules Roadeo NFS, which displays the same level of purpose.

Its components and the bike itself are superbly made by the company. This bike was used for a ride on a variety of surfaces.

Check out our test ride’s performance and the Hercules Roadeo NFS review more closely.

Now let’s get going.

Technical Details of the Hercules Roadeo NFS (Short Synopsis)

spec sheet of rodeo nfs 29t
credit: trackandtrail.in

Hercules Roadeo NFS Review by Cyclify India Expert 

You will learn whether or not this mountain bike is right for you after reading our Hercules Roadeo NFS 29t review, as well as whether or not it is worth purchasing in India for less than 20,000 rupees.

1. The Roadeo NFS Frame

With a high matt paint job and water decal stickers, the Roadeo NFS features one of the best frames Hercules has ever made. It is lightweight due to the alloy material used in its making.

With its lightweight design of approximately 16.5 kg, this bicycle is on par with comparable Imported cycle brands. This bicycle’s design and aesthetics are what really make it stand out.

Because of the sloped top tube, this bike is appropriate for all genders. Furthermore, there are already bottleholder rivets included for cycling with a water bottle. All of the bicycle frame’s components—from the head tube to the downtube—have branding mentioned on them.

Regarding the Hercules Roadeo Cycle NFS color options, this bicycle comes in three fantastic color schemes: red, green, and yellow, in addition to a blend of black. The low-profile seat stays give the bike a unique appearance and allow the rider to adopt a more erect riding stance.

A strong 9 out of 10 is awarded to the Hercules Roadeo NFS frame for overall performance.

2. The handlebar and fork

The threadless steel suspension fork of the Roadeo NFS hardtail mountain bike performs a fantastic job of reducing shocks and vibrations and adding comfort to the ride. We have experienced the same thing when riding trails.

This mountain bike has an extra bonus: an aluminum stem from XMR and a 660mm bird-style handlebar with rubber grips from XMR that allow you to ride comfortably open-chested.

In addition, thumb shifters from the Microshift brand have been added; they function flawlessly with only one press and are of excellent quality.

We tested the Hercules Roadeo NFS, and all around, it handled well on all kinds of terrain. Of course, we’d give it a 10 out of 10.

3. Gearbox (drivetrain)

Considering that there are 21 different speed choices on this mountain bike (3 up front and 7 down below). For this reason, a microshift gear mechanism is installed. Each derailleur has a Microshift mezzo M20 on the front and a Microshift mezzo M21 on the back.

Shimano’s tourney groupset is comparable to the Mezzo groupset, in my perspective. On the other hand, we did notice that the mezzo performs considerably more smoothly than the Shimano tourney following our test ride. It made little to no noise when changing gears, and the chain and Shimano freewheel are of great quality.

The micro shift TS-38 (thumb shifters) controls the front and rear derailleurs. It shifts using a push mechanism, and during our test ride, we discovered that both shifters operate flawlessly and smoothly.

Since the shifting was perfect, we had no issues. Thus, the Roadeo NFS’s powertrain is definitely deserving of a 9/10.

4. The Brake System

The front and rear 160mm mechanical disc brakes of the Hercules Roadeo NFS provide excellent stopping power. These brakes are just as responsive and fast as hydraulic disc brakes, based on our testing conducted at varying speeds on various terrains.

This gave us a great deal of confidence when riding on wet roads and downhill. We subsequently tested these brakes in the rain as well, and we were unable to observe any difference in how effectively they functioned.

Indeed, in terms of disc brake maintenance! Unlike rim brakes, these brakes require routine maintenance to work at their best.

Nevertheless, whether you are an experienced rider or a novice, we would advise against applying these or any other brakes quickly when you are riding on the road. Therefore, unless there is an emergency, always apply the brakes gently.

Because these brakes are operated by alloy brake levers rather than plastic ones, they are more robust. You may even use three or four fingers to pull these levers, which gives you more control over the braking.

In light of the fact that these brakes operate really well overall, we would definitely rate it a 9 out of 10.

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5. Tires and Rims

The 29-inch dual-walled metal XMR rims come with 2.25-inch-wide 29t DSI nylon tires, which are great for MTBs. It goes without saying that these rims are robust and long-lasting enough to be used on trails. This bike is even more stylish and hip thanks to the brand’s creative use of the orange color to put Roadeo logo on both rims.

The tires are appropriately sized for both city roads and trails, which have uneven surfaces. Superior traction on both wet and dry roads is provided by the tires’ excellent tread design. By sharing shock absorption with the suspension fork, they also provide enough comfort.

It provides an excellent rolling speed on all kinds of terrain. We had outstanding comfort and grip on our test ride. About 20 km/h is the maximum speed these tires can provide on smooth surfaces.

There are two distinct wheel sizes for the Roadeo NFS: 27.5t and 29t. If you are between 5′ and 5’6″, you can choose 27.5t.

These DSI nylon tires are outstanding in terms of both quality and performance. Thus, we give it a 10 out of 10.

6. Seat Post & Saddle

With its sleek, ergonomic shape and soft PU foam insert, the NFS saddle from XMR has a classic appearance thanks to its themed graphics. For lengthy rides, it’s pretty much soft and broad enough to allow for a comfortable sitting position.

For long-distance riding or situations when your weight is high, gel-padded cycling shorts are always advised in order to help you reach your objective safely.

To further enhance your convenience, the seat post features a quick-release clamp that allows you to effortlessly and tool-free modify the saddle height as needed. A 10/10 is likewise well-deserved.

7. Reflectors & Pedals

By using high-quality plastic pedals, the bike is now somewhat lighter, stronger, and more robust. Given that the pedals have treads, your legs won’t lose control of the pedals, making them anti-skid. For added visibility during the night ride, it has reflectors.

We experienced really smooth and stable pedaling on our test trip thanks to their non-skid pedals. For the purpose of ensuring rider safety at night, reflectors are crucial.

In order to improve visibility in the nigh time in the front, side, and rear, Roadeo NFS is equipped with EN standard reflectors at the handlebar, seat post, and spokes.

The high-quality pedals included on this bike provided excellent grip for my legs when riding, and the reflectors make them visible from a distance at night. We would thus undoubtedly give this a 10/10.

Benefits and Drawbacks of the NFS 29t Hercules Roadeo


  • Smooth-shifting micro shift drivetrain with 21 speeds.
  • A strong logan mechanical disc brake performance.
  • Better gripping is provided with wide DSI nylon tires.
  • Decal stickers and paint are quite beautiful.
  • Includes a high-quality side stand.


  • Negative aspects have not yet been noticed.

Who Should Buy the Hercules Roadeo NFS Cycle?

For someone seeking a robust bicycle with disc brakes that can excel on both Indian roads and trails, this is an excellent option. Roadeo NFS is the ideal bicycle to begin your cycling adventure if you intend to buy one for commuting, recreational riding, and health maintenance.

For almost a month, I have been riding this bicycle on a variety of terrains. It provides me with a fantastic performance, without no question. The metal frame is robust and lightweight, and the design is really appealing. Read more by scrolling up. The best gear cycle in India under 20,000 is therefore the Hercules Roadeo NFS.

Is It Worth Investing in Hercules Roadeo NFS Cycle?

The Roadeo NFS gear cycle is well worth the cost, as it is a high-end model that comes equipped with many useful features. It has an alloy frame, dual disc brakes, wide nylon tires with excellent grips, front suspension, an incredible water decals design, dual wall alloy rims, and 21 speeds, making it suitable for riding on a wide variety of terrains.

When you ride it, it has a lot to offer overall. And indeed, the Hercules Roadeo nfs mtb cycle’s frame and fork are covered by a two-year warranty. Remember that Hercules is one of the top bicycle brands in India as well.

Conclusion:  Riding Experience on the Roadeo NFS 29t

We’ve taken this mountain bike up and down hills, through flat roads, and through trails. This bike was so comfy and safe to ride that I had a terrific time.

Due to its lightweight alloy frame, the mountain bike functioned incredibly well on roads and provided a respectable speed. With the right gear combinations, we may reach speeds of up to 30 km/h on flat road travel. However, this is depending on the individual.

The bigger tires and threadless steel suspension fork make it suitable for riding on off-road (trails) terrain. When mountain biking, they minimize vibrations by absorbing the maximum amount of stress. On trails, we could reach speeds of up to 20 km/h.

It is generally advisable to use a high-quality cycling helmet when cycling, whether you want to ride on highways or off-road. You get more confidence and your head is kept safe.

With all the qualities taken into consideration, the Roadeo NFS is an excellent all-around bicycle that you can ride without a doubt in any kind of terrain. This is among the Best MTB under 20000 available in the Indian market, in our opinion.

It’s a complete win-win for this mtb! For 20k or less.

Where to buy Hercules Roadeo NFS 29t Red? Where can I get it? Below are the top purchasing links:

The Hercules Roadeo NFS is the ideal mountain bike if you’re searching for an exceptional product that can be used for off-roading, long-distance riding, and recreational riding.

Please share your opinions about the incredible Hercules Roadeo NFS 29t mountain bike by leaving a comment below. For further query contact us by clicking the button below. Thank you for reading our review post.

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