Omo Alloy Hybrid 700c Bike Review: Is it Worth Buying in 2024?

by | Sep 23, 2023 | Hybrid Bicycle

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The number of Indian brands producing bicycles has increased along with the number of people purchasing bicycles. 

It so happens that OMO is one such brand. Omo bikes are rapidly becoming more and more well-known around the nation for their affordable, entry-level bicycles that are excellent for commuting and fitness. 

Furthermore, OMO is the solution if you’re searching for bicycles that combine comfort and simplicity of usage. 

After a month of riding this incredible hybrid bike, I haven’t had any problems yet. Thus, through this blog post, I am giving my frank opinion on the OMO alloy hybrid 700c bike review.

In India, alloy bicycles are popular due to their strength, durability, and low weight. The Omo Alloy Hybrid 700c bike is among the top alloy hybrid bikes available in India today.

In order to ensure that I don’t run into any issues when riding, I customised this hybrid bicycle on the OMO bikes brand website based on my height and preferred style of riding.

Before deciding whether or not to purchase the OMO alloy hybrid bike, you should familiarize yourself with all of its characteristics, capabilities, performance, and riding experience described in this article.

Without any further ado, Let’s begin review of the OMOAlloy Hybrid 700c.

Video of the OMO Alloy Hybrid 700c Bicycle Review

OMO Alloy Hybrid 700c Bike Review of the Full Specs and Riding Comfort

OMO Alloy Hybrid 700c in blue Colour


The 6061 alloy frame of the Omo hybrid 700c bike is available in three sizes: 17″, 19″, and 21″. I am five feet eleven inches tall, thus my frame Size is 19 inches. Also, you have the option to choose the frame size based on your height.

This bicycle weighs only 15 kg (about) thanks to its metal frame, which also keeps it free from corrosion. The hue is also quite appealing and stylish.

The bicycle is easily identifiable because of the brand’s emblem on both the top and bottom tubes of the frame. The bottle holder is already equipped with rivets on the downtube of the frame, and the frame is covered by a lifetime warranty by the manufacturer.

The internal wiring of this bicycle is just another excellent element that I really enjoyed about the frame. All things considered, the OMO alloy hybrid bicycle’s frame is of the highest caliber.

The handlebar and fork

There are four types of forks on the Omo alloy 700c hybrid bike:

  • Sturdy Steel Fork (ideal for paved surfaces)
  • 50mm travel steel suspension fork with lockout and preload
  • 80mm travel Zoom Alloy Suspension Fork  with lockout and preload
  • 100mm travel SRSuntour XCT (Alloy) with lockout and preload

Due to the fact that I usually ride on both calm and bumpy roads, I bought a Zoom aluminium suspension fork with a lockout & preload (80mm travel component).

Thanks to its aluminium construction, the Zoom Suspension fork is incredibly light while still providing excellent shock absorption on off-road terrain. Given the state of Indian roads, you should also consider using a suspension fork.

This bike may be used on both level roads and off-road terrain at the same time since the suspension fork includes lock-in and lock-out characteristics. When riding on paved roads, you may increase your speed by locking in the fork.

Alloys used in the handlebar and stem lessen the excess weight associated with steering. To enable you to ride for extended periods of time without feeling fatigued, the handlebar is sufficiently broad to allow for an upright, open-chested riding position.

Its handlebars include incredibly comfy leather grips for a secure grip. I ride this bike without gloves because of these leather grips.

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Seat Post, Pedals, and Saddle

This hybrid bike has an incredibly comfy saddle that is broad enough to allow for a comfortable sitting posture. In keeping with the color of this bicycle, its dark hue seems appealing.

For a variety of riders, the alloy seat post’s numbers and considerable length make it acceptable. For example, my brother likes to ride at 9 inches, but I prefer to ride at 12″.

You won’t need any tools for these modifications, so avoid worrying about them. Due to the fact that the quick-release clamp on the OMO alloy hybrid bicycle is likewise composed of alloy.

The pedals, like the rest of the bike, are constructed from an alloy that allows them to be both lightweight and durable. Along with having reflectors for improved visibility while riding at nighttime , these pedals are also anti-skid.


High-quality parts in the drivetrain of the OMO Alloy hybrid bike improve the bike’s performance. It offers the following gear selections:

  • Seven gears and a freewheel—ideal for urban driving
  • For flat city roads, the 7-gear cassette g earbox with alloy sealed bearing hubs is the best option.
  • A freewheel with 21 gears  which make it suitable for steep inclines.
  • Alloy sealed bearing hubs and a Shimano cassette with 21 gears, ideal for steep inclines.
  • For steep inclines, a cassette including 24 gears and sealed bearing hubs made of alloy is ideal.

I have alloy-sealed bearing hubs, a Shimano cassette, and 21 gears. Any option can be chosen based on your personal preferences. Take a 7-speed gearbox if you’re just starting off.

The Shimano Acera M360 (7-speed) rear derailleur on my homemade hybrid bike allows for smooth gear changing. Also, the Shimano Tourney TY700 (3-speed) front derailleur is used.

The Shimano Altus EF500 thumb shifters control these gears. Push-and-pull mechanisms operate these gear shifters. All things considered, these gears provide exceptional performance on all kinds of terrain.

Tires and Rims

With dual-walled alloy rims measuring 29 inches and gorgeous silver plating on the sides, this hybrid bike’s wheels are really striking.

The Ralson firm produces the 700X35c nylon tires that are used on this hybrid bicycle. Even though these tires are narrower than MTB tires, they are still quite useful for cycling on off-road paths and plain roads, and they offer superior traction in rainy conditions.

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Brake Mechanism

From a safety perspective, the brakes are among the most crucial components of a bicycle. The JAK7 160mm twin disc brakes on the Omo alloy hybrid 700c bicycle provide quick and secure stopping power.

With their excellent performance in all weather situations, these mechanical disc brakes are remarkable. As a result, they are second only to hydraulic disc brakes in terms of stopping force on a bicycle.

Shimano Altus alloy brake levers, which do the job with ease, are used to operate these types of brakes. When used on both paved and rough terrain, these brakes operate flawlessly.

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Riding Feel

The hybrid bicycle I’ve been riding for a month hasn’t caused any problems, as I reported before. Primarily because nearly all of the bicycle’s parts are constructed of alloy, saving weight.

This bike has been used on flyovers, rainy roads, flat roads, and off-roads. The results were excellent across the board. On level roads, I could reach a speed of about 30 km/h, which is fairly impressive considering the small tires.

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Benefits and Drawbacks of the 700c Hybrid OMO Alloy Bike


  • Because of the alloy material, the frame is lightweight and anti-rust.
  • In both the front and back wheels is a quick-release axle.
  • High-end parts include alloy pedals, a stem, and Shimano Acera, etc.
  • Long metal seat post designed for large riders that ride a lot.
  • Zoom aluminum suspension fork equipped with preload and lockout mechanisms
  • Frame covered by a lifetime guarantee; Components are replaceable within 30 days.


  • There is just one color available.
  • This is not a mountain bike.

The OMO Alloy Hybrid Bike: Who Should Buy It?

Long-distance riding burns a greater number of calories than short rides, which makes hybrid bicycles ideal for weight loss. Given that they can be used on both rough and smooth roads, hybrid bicycles are also a smart choice for Indian highways.

In case you’re a novice and wish to buy a bike for travelling, seeing the city, having fun, or planning a cycling vacation in India. Then, for about 25,000 Indian Rupees, you may get a great deal on this OMO alloy hybrid 700c bicycle.

Where Can I Purchase a OMO Alloy 700c Hybrid Bicycle?

Online retailers such as Amazon, Flipkart, and OMO’s website sell the hybrid bicycle Alloy. Online retailers like these sell this bike.

However, when you purchase this bike, or any other bike from OMO, through their official website also.

Conclusion of the OMO Alloy Hybrid Bike

Thank you for reading my thoughts on the OMO Alloy Hybrid 700c bike. With the exception of mountain biking, I would say that this hybrid bicycle is ideal for riding on all kinds of surfaces.

Because it is a high-end bicycle made of premium parts, it is comparable to an imported bike brand. Don’t waste your hard-earned money on imported bicycles when brands like OMO makes all of its bicycles in India for Indian consumers.

For those who truly wish to spend their money on a high-end hybrid bike, the OMO Alloy hybrid 700c is the ideal option.

In my opinion after a couple of weeks, It’s been a terrific experience riding this bicycle for more than two months. Its sturdy components provide for an incredibly steady and smooth ride. The bicycle construction quality is excellent. For that reason, I wholeheartedly endorse this OMO hybrid bike to everyone who enjoys riding and seeks for dependable, well-made gear.

We appreciate you being here to the finish. Please spread the word about this post to your friends and leave a comment below with your ideas.

Continue pedaling and be careful!

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