Cycling Competition in India | How to Take Part in Indian Cycling Competitions, Races, and Events?

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Cycling has always been popular among teenagers and is one of the most convenient routes of transportation.

In this post, we will look at cycling competitions in India and all the important and minor details about them, such as when and where they are conducted, how to participate in cycling events and tournaments, how to find out when they are happening, the distance covered, and the rewards.

Some upcoming cycling events will be highlighted as well. So, read on to learn everything there is to know about bicycle races in India.

List of Indian Cycling Competitions

Throughout the year and throughout India, there are several cycling competitions. The contests are mostly named after locations, but there are several cycle-specific competitions as well.

The following are some of India’s most well-known, famous, and greatest cycling competitions:

1. The Great Himalayan Ultra

A blue cycle resting at the mountain valley.

The Great Himalayan Ultra, as the name suggests, is held in the Himalayan area, notably in Leh, Ladakh. There are three categories or types of distances covered, with the first being 444 km and the others being 600 and 900 km.

The first category is for self-supported cyclists, who will receive minimal assistance from the organizers and no crew support during their race. Solo and relay are the other two options. The event is held in August, and you must register for it and be at the venue a few days before the event.

This event is organized by Inspire India, and it takes place entirely in Ladakh. To register, go to the Inspire India website.

Event Specifics:

Event DetailsDescription
NameThe Great Himalayan Ultra cycling event
RouteAll distance formats start and finish in Leh, Ladakh  passes through Himalayan terrain to Shimla, Kaza, Keylong, Sarchu, Leh. 
Distance444km, 600km, 900km
Elevation GainElevation Gain – 8,318m (for 444km); 10,347m (for 600km); 14,480, (for 900km)
TerrainDiverse landscapes from pine forests to cold deserts of Ladakh
Inaugural Event2018
Time of YearHeld annually in July
Requirements for ParticipantsThorough training and endurance for harsh weather, high altitudes and steep climbs
RegistrationOpens in January, selection based on cycling expertise and achievements
Support ProvidedAccommodation, food and on-road support along the route

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2. The Ultra Spice Race

This event is also organized by Inspire India, this race is beautiful but hard 6-day race through the spice, coffee, and tea farms of south India.

The Ultra Spice Race has race lengths of 1200km and 1750km, and you can choose between Solo Qualifier, Solo Self Supported, and RAAM Style Relay Team. 

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All of the races start and end in Bogmalo, Goa.

 The Solo SELF SUPPORTED category, which means that there is no crew help, does not qualify for RAAM. In short, this race is set up like a stage race with drop bags and a place to stay for the night.

Event Specifics:

Event DetailsDescription
NameUltra Spice Race
LocationStarts in Goa, traverses Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu
Distance1200km and 1750km
TerrainModerate hills, coastal routes, plantation trails
Inaugural Eventin 2020, inspired by spice trade routes
RoutePasses through heritage towns like Old Goa, Mangalore, Calicut, Cochin, Munnar, Thekkady, Madurai
Stages10 stages covering ~150 km daily with timings and cut-offs
SupportAccommodation, on-road support vehicles, medical assistance
RequirementsConsistent training, endurance, bike maintenance skills
RegistrationOpens in April with criteria based on cycling experience
FormatStage-wise timings, total cumulative time decides winners
CategoriesSolo Men, Solo Women, 2-Person Teams
PrizesTop 3 finishers in each category get trophies, merchandise
SignificanceTests cycling abilities while exploring South India’s landscapes and heritage

3. Deccan Cliffhanger 

Cycling Competition in India - A car following a cyclist on a mountain slope road in deccan cliffhanger ultra race.
Credit: Inspire India

The same organization that puts on the Great Himalayan Ultra also manages the Deccan Cliffhanger: Inspire India. This race is likewise divided into the same categories as the previous one: self-supported, solo, and relay. The total distance traveled is 643 kilometers, beginning in Pune and ending in the state of Goa. 

Typically, the event begins on November 25th, although participants must arrive a few days early for a variety of reasons. To participate in this race, you must go to Inspire India’s official website and register there, or you may click here for a direct link –

Event Specifics:

Event DetailsDescription
NameDeccan Cliffhanger
RouteAnnual 643 km race from Pune to Goa
TerrainCrosses Western Ghats, Deccan Plateau with climbs like Kalsubai Peak (1646m), Bhor Ghat
Inaugural Event2016
Time of YearHeld every November
DurationTo be completed within 48 hours with cut-off times at checkpoints
Requirements for ParticipantsThorough training, proper nutrition/hydration, mental preparation. Need to carry spares, repair kits and pace themselves
RegistrationOpens in August, limited spots filled
Support ProvidedCheckpoints along the route
SignificanceCoveted achievement, tests physical fitness and mental grit

4. Tour of Nilgris.

A cyclist riding at tour of nilgiris.

This international cycling race takes place in the southern Indian southern states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Karnataka. It began in 2008 and has been conducted every year since. It is organized by Veloindians and spans 876 kilometers.

The Kalhatty Challenge is a section of the race that is thought to be the most tough. It is held every year in December, and you may register for the competition by visiting the official website or clicking here

Event Specifics:

Event DetailsDescription
NameTour of Nilgiris
LocationTamil Nadu, India
Route876 km were traveled in the tour of  Nilgiri mountains over 8 days starting from Bangalore through Ooty, Mysore, Coonoor, Kotagiri, Coimbatore etc.
Inaugural Event2008
Time of YearHeld every December
DistanceOver 900 km in 8 days
TerrainTea/coffee plantations, hills, national parks, villages, rivers
Participants200 amateur riders, professionals and enthusiasts from India and worldwide. Individuals or teams of 8.
Support ProvidedAccommodation, food, on-road assistance, gear transport by support vehicles
SignificancePremiere cycling tour in Asia, milestone for endurance and enjoying natural beauty

5. The Nandi Epic

Riders riding for Nandi Epic.

The Bangalore Bicycle Championship (BBCH) committee organizes the Nandi epic in Bangalore, India. The event covers a total distance of 100 kilometers, with a final 7-kilometer ascent over Nandi Hill.

If you live in India, you might have guessed the location, which is Bangalore, with the finish line at Nandi Hill. To register for the competition and to participate further, go to

BBCh’s Facebook page and register using the links there. The page will provide you with further information about the other races that take place throughout the year.

Event Specifics:

Event DetailsDescription
NameNandi Epic
LocationBengaluru, Karnataka, India
Route100+ km through Nandi Hills, forests, villages, trails
Inaugural Event2020
Time of YearAnnual event, last held in October 2022
Race Categories50km, 100km,
TerrainChallenging with steep climbs, gravel, streams, boulders
ParticipantsAmateur and professional cyclists from India
RegistrationOpens 3-4 months prior, limited to 300 riders
SupportRiders must be self-sufficient with supplies, spares, navigation skills
Cut-off TimesAt checkpoints for each race distance
SignificanceFlagship cycling race blending adventure, endurance and competition
AchievementCompleting 300km course considered major achievement in India

6. Ahmedabad Cyclothon.

Cyclist riding at Ahmedabad Cyclothon.

The Ahmedabad Cyclothon, one of the most popular cyclothons and marathons among locals, is conducted in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. It is divided into two distance categories of 10 and 25 kilometers. People aged 18 and up are eligible to apply or register for the tournaments.

Gujarat’s income tax department is organizing the competition. It takes place in the month of September. You may get more thorough information about the entrance, criteria, and so on citywoofer’s website or click here:

Event Specifics:

Event DetailsDescription
NameAhmedabad Cyclothon
LocationAhmedabad, Gujarat, India
Inaugural Event2015
Time of YearAnnual event held every November over 2 days
ParticipantsOver 15,000 participants
Categories30km,  50km
RouteCovers landmarks like Sabarmati Riverfront
ParticipationOpen for people across age groups, cycles provided on rent
PurposePromote cycling, sustainable transport, environmental causes
SignificanceOne of Asia’s biggest cycling events, expanded culture to Tier-2 cities
AwarenessBuilds awareness on sustainable living, traffic management, health
AchievementCompleting any ride category regarded as achievement for amateurs

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7. The Impossible Race

Cyclist riding at the The Impossible race.

In India, a competition known as the “impossible race” is held for cyclists. This race takes place in the state of Gujarat, but it is held a significant distance from Ahmedabad, the state capital. It has 115 kilometers of forest roads. They have a Facebook page where they post additional information about the races, and if you follow it, you will learn more about the impossible race.

It is held in the month of February. They have a website called where you may get updates, registration links, and other information.

Event Specifics:

Event DetailsDescription
NameThe Impossible Race
RouteIt has 115 kilometers of forest roads
Inaugural Event2020
Time of YearHeld annually each , February
TerrainFrom Himalayas to coast, diverse landscapes
Self-sufficiencyRiders carry all gear and spares, need navigation skills
SupportBasic accommodation in camps, support crews
ElevationClimbs over 65,000 meters elevation
TrackingRiders tracked via GPS, cut-off times at checkpoints
SignificancePinnacle endurance achievement globally
ChallengeTests ultimate mental, physical resilience
AchievementCompleting it puts rider in elite league globally

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8. Shivalik’s Signature

A bunch rider posing before the shivalik signature race.

One of the most renowned cycling races in India, the Shivalik Signature, allows you to experience Punjab’s breathtaking landscapes. The race is open to all types of competitors, from solo to 8-person teams. Of course, they will not cover the same distance, and the rules will alter for each section.

So, if you want to learn more about it, go to the website for complete information, which will be much easier and more informative. Here is the link to the Shivalik signature:

Event Specifics:

Event DetailsDescription
NameShivalik Signature
Distance 615 km
LocationEvent is going to be held in Punjab
Inaugural Event2015
Time of YearAnnual event held in October
Categories100km, 200km through Shivalik mountain range
TerrainDirt trails, gravel paths, streams, hilly slopes
Participants150 mountain biking enthusiasts from India
Self-sufficiencyRiders carry tools, spares, hydration, navigation equipment
Skills RequiredClimbing and descending steep slopes
SupportRiders camp in tents along the course
AchievementFinishing 200km race a badge of honor among MTB community

9. MVS Cycling Carnival: Criterium

Bunch of cyclist at MVS Cycling Carnival.

One of the most consistent organizers of cycling competitions is the MVS Cycling carnival, which just completed its seventh edition in the year 2020. The competition takes place in Coimbatore and Bangalore, with different age groups competing on different tracks. As a result, this competition is regarded as one of the top cycling championships in India.

The seventh iteration was conducted in February of this year. It is primarily a short road race in which many people of all ages compete. Their website is pretty extensive, and it is worth looking out:

Event Specifics:

Event DetailsDescription
NameMVS Cycling Carnival: Criterium
LocationCoimbatore and Bangalore
Event TypeCompetitive cycling event with criterium race format
Inaugural Event2013
RouteShort looped circuits of 0.5km to 15km with multiple laps
ParticipantsAmateur and professional riders across age categories
Race FormatLoops closed from traffic and timed based on laps completed
CategoriesA-Category Crit with average speeds of 35-40 km/hr
Other ActivitiesRace clinics, kids events, bike expos
PurposePlatform for riders to test skills before major races
SignificanceFosters Pune’s growing cycling culture
AchievementCompleting A-Category crit a milestone for amateurs

Upcoming Cycling Competition in India

As previously stated in the preceding paragraphs under the respective contests, the date and location for the competitions to be held, but aside from that, there is a competition that will be held this year and you can register for it.

The competition is called the 19th National Mountain Bike Cycling Championships (Maharashtra), and it is hosted by the Indian government. Anyone who is chosen by the selection committee can compete. 

Follow the official Twitter account or any other social media account for updates on cycling competitions across the country. It is critical to be a part of an online community that can assist you in a variety of ways. You may also follow us on Instagram, where we routinely update our readers on the newest cycling industry news.

Tips for participating

Training and preparations:

  • Long rides (increasing weekly distance) and interval training can help you build endurance.
  • To strengthen muscles, work on cardio through jogging, swimming, and strength training.
  • Practice climbing and descending hills. To prepare, ride with weight.
  • Adapt dietary and hydration requirements. Consume plenty of carbohydrates and electrolytes.
  • Do back-to-back lengthy rides to improve stamina for multi-day events.
  • Get enough rest and recuperation time after tough workouts.
  • Maintain and tune your bike for the terrain of the event.

Equipment/Gear Required:

  • Road or mountain bike with additional tires, tubes, tools, lubricants, and bike lights.
  • Cycling clothing includes jerseys, padded shorts, shoes, gloves, and helmets.
  • Hydration packs, energy foods/gels, and electrolyte supplements are all options.
  • First aid, sunscreen, arm/leg warmers, and a wind jacket for variations in weather are also recommended.
  • Bicycle computers, GPS gadgets, and power meters (for competitions).

Selecting a Cycling Club:

  • Joining clubs aids in training, learning about races, and finding teammates.
  • OTYM (Mumbai), IRC (Bangalore), PMC (Delhi), and FTC (Chennai) are the top clubs.
  • Club cyclists can organize teams for multi-stage tours such as the Tour of Nilgiris.

Process for Registration:

  • On their websites, events list registration dates and conditions.
  • Sign up and pay during the registration time.
  • Provide information about your fitness, cycling experience, bike kind, and so on.
  • Confirm your participation before the deadline. Look for a pre-race briefing.

Conclusion : Cycling Events in India

Cycling competition in India are helping to expand the number of cyclists in India while also establishing trust so that we can witness the benefits of cycling for ourselves. Participating in these cycling competitions in India benefits us on many different levels of fitness and cycling.

So, that’s all for this blog; I’d love to hear how you liked the material and if you have anything to add. Visit the official website for further information on how to compete in cycling competitions in India.

Keep cycling and following us until then. For any further contact us in the meantime browse more bikes by clicking the button below:

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