12 Easy BMX Bike Tricks for Beginners in 2024

by | Nov 19, 2023 | Tips & Guide

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Riding BMX is great because your bike is small enough to allow you to add plenty of interesting tricks to it. Before attempting more difficult feats, some of the most skilled riders in the world—those who can flip a bike—studied the fundamentals to make sure they had the foundation down.

This is the perfect place for you if you’re new to BMX riding, confident on the bike, & looking to spice up your rides with a few simple tricks. We’ll talk about ten simple BMX stunts in this post that will assist new riders in advancing.

Make sure you use your helmet and safety gear if you’re learning new techniques to prevent injuries. Try to practice in an open area to reduce the chance of injury should you fall off your bike. To promote improvement, schedule brief yet frequent practice sessions. Now let’s get going!

All the stunts that BMX bikes enable you to execute are among the most popular reasons to get one. Riding BMX bikes has long been a passion of the riders, and as technology has advanced and experience has grown, so too have the bikes and stunts. (Reference)

Caution: BMX biking is accessible to all skill levels, from beginners to professional cyclists, but mastering these sophisticated maneuvers requires years of practice and experimenting.

Here are the top 12 Easy BMX bike tricks for beginners, along with detailed instructions and tons of advice on how to perform them.

12 Easy BMX Bike Tricks For Beginners

1. The Hop

A Boy Hopping on a BMX

BMX biking is a thrilling sport that allows riders to push themselves to the limit while performing a variety of tricks and stunts. One of the most fundamental tricks in BMX is “The Hop.” This trick involves lifting the front wheel off the ground while keeping the rear wheel on the ground.

In this section, we’ll cover everything you need to know about The Hop, including how to perform it and common variations. To start with, let’s take a look at how to perform The Hop.

Begin by standing on your pedals with your feet level and your weight evenly distributed over both wheels. Next, shift your weight forward slightly and pull up on the handlebars while simultaneously pushing down on the pedals.

This action should lift your front wheel off the ground without causing you to lose balance or momentum. As you become more comfortable with The Hop, you can start experimenting with variations of this basic trick.

One popular variation is known as The Nose Manual, which involves lifting both wheels off of the ground and balancing on just your front wheel for an extended period. To perform this trick, start by performing a regular hop but continue pulling up on your handlebars until both wheels are in the air.

Shift your weight forward and use subtle movements of your body to maintain balance while riding only on your front wheel. Another variation of The Hop is known as The One-Footed Manual.

As its name suggests, this trick involves performing a manual (lifting both wheels off of the ground) while taking one foot off of one pedal. To execute this trick properly, start by riding forward at a moderate speed before shifting all of your weight onto a one-foot pedal while lifting on the handlebars simultaneously.

A common mistake that beginners make when attempting The Hop is not pulling up hard enough on their handlebars or not shifting their weight forward enough during lift-off. Make sure you’re using enough force when pulling upward so that you can achieve maximum lift-off height.

Additionally, make sure to keep your weight forward so that you don’t lose balance and fall off the bike. The Hop is a fundamental trick in BMX biking that requires practice and perseverance to master.

With enough time & dedication, you’ll be able to execute this trick with ease and start exploring more advanced variations. Remember to always wear protective gear when practicing BMX biking tricks, and never attempt a stunt beyond your skill level.

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2. Bunny Hop

An Illustration of a Bunny Hop

It is the most versatile & fundamental BMX bike trick out there, that allows you to jump over obstacles and onto ledges. It’s a move that every BMX rider must master at all costs, and in this section, we will discuss the various aspects of performing this essential trick.

Before attempting a bunny hop, it’s crucial to get comfortable with the BMX bike first. Practice riding on different terrains such as grassy fields or flat surfaces to get used to the weight of the bike.

Once you’re comfortable with your ride, it’s time to start practicing. To execute a bunny hop, begin by pedaling forward at moderate speed.

As you approach an obstacle or ledge, shift your body weight back slightly while pulling up on the handlebars simultaneously. This motion will allow you to lift both wheels off the ground simultaneously.

Once your wheels are off the ground, tuck your knees towards your chest while keeping your elbows locked outwards. This position will help balance yourself in mid-air and prepare for landing.

The landing is just as crucial as taking off when performing a bunny hop. Aim for a spot before an obstacle or ledge where it’s safe to land and make sure that both wheels land simultaneously.

Remember to bend at your knees upon impact and let your body absorb any shocks from landing. Bunny Hop is an essential trick that every BMX rider must master before attempting more advanced moves.

It requires good bike control skills, balance, timing, and fearlessness to execute it correctly. Practice regularly on various terrains until you feel confident in executing this move like a pro rider!

3. The Drop

Well, Drop is one of the most fun and exhilarating BMX tricks for beginners to learn. It involves riding off a high ledge or ramp, usually while performing some kind of trick in mid-air.

Here are some tips and techniques to help you master the Drop. First, it’s important to choose your drop carefully.

Start with something small and gradually work your way up to larger drops as you gain confidence and skill. Look for a drop that is slightly higher than the height of your bike’s handlebars.

Next, approach the drop at a moderate speed, keeping your weight centered over the bike’s pedals. As you near the edge, lean back slightly and lift on your front wheel to prepare for takeoff.

Once you’re airborne, keep your knees bent and use your arms to absorb the impact when you land. Try to land with both wheels hitting the ground at roughly the same time to maintain balance and control.

As you get more comfortable with basic drops, try adding some style by incorporating tricks like barpins or tailwhips into your jump. Practice these moves on flat ground before attempting them on a drop.

Be sure to wear proper safety gear when attempting Drops or any other BMX trick. This includes a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and gloves.

Always ride within your skill level and never attempt anything that feels too dangerous. Mastering The Drop takes time and practice but with these tips in mind, anyone can begin learning this fun trick!

4. X-Ride

X-up is a popular BMX bike trick that combines balance and coordination with technical skills. The X-Ride involves standing on the bike pedals with one foot while holding onto the handlebars and steering the bike with the other foot. This trick is a great way for beginners to learn how to ride their bikes in unconventional ways, building their confidence and control over the bike.

Here’s how to get started: To start, slowly pedal your bike forward and then stand up on your pedals.

Get some forward speed at the beginning of this maneuver before raising your handlebars into the air. Turn the handlebars to turn the front wheel 180 degrees while it is up. Next, lower yourself to the ground while maintaining your twisted arms on the bars. Return to riding normally by raising your front wheel again and releasing your arms from their raised position before lowering it again to roll away.

You’ll need to keep pedaling to maintain momentum during this part of the trick. As soon as you’ve got both feet positioned properly, take a deep breath and dive down towards the ground before lifting yourself back up quickly into an X position once more!

The X-Ride may seem intimidating at first but once mastered can lead to all sorts of other tricks such as 180 spins or even tail whips! Remember always wear a helmet when attempting this or any BMX bike tricks!

5. 360° Barspin

The 360 Barspin is one of the most difficult and impressive BMX tricks to learn.

It requires a lot of practice and coordination, but it’s worth the effort once you land it. In this section, we will take a closer look at how to perform the 360 Barspin correctly.

First of all, you need to be able to do a 180-degree turn in the air before attempting the 360 Barspin. Once you have mastered this move, you can start working on the barspin itself.

Begin by pulling up on your handlebars and twisting them 180 degrees in one direction while keeping your feet on the pedals. As soon as you reach that point, start spinning your body around as if you were doing another 180-degree turn.

As you spin around, release your hands from the handlebars and let them rotate with your body. Remember to keep your eyes focused on where you want to land and keep your feet level with each other during the spin.

Once you complete the full rotation, catch the handlebars again with both hands before landing. One important thing to note is that timing is crucial when performing a Barspin.

You need to make sure that both turning motions are in sync so that your bike doesn’t tilt during mid-air and throw off your balance. Another tip for mastering this trick is to practice it in small steps rather than trying to go for a full rotation right away.

Start by doing half-barspins or spinning just once before catching the bars again, then gradually work your way up until you can complete a full rotation smoothly. Mastering the 360 Barspin takes time and patience but once achieved it’s an amazing trick that looks impressive!

Remembering these tips will help increase success rates of learning this trick: start with half-barspins first; timing is critical; always focus on where you want to land; keep your feet even throughout the entire spin. With enough practice, anyone can learn this challenging trick and add it to their BMX repertoire.

6. Nollie

Nollie is a BMX bike trick that’s perfect for beginners who want to add some flavor to their riding experience. It involves doing an ollie, which is a jump with both wheels leaving the ground, but from a stationary position on the front wheel instead of the back wheel. The nollie can be challenging at first, but once you get the hang of it, it will feel natural and make any rider look like a pro.

To start, position yourself on your bike with your feet placed in the same positions as if you were going to do a regular ollie. However, instead of leaning back and popping up with your back foot to initiate the jump, you’ll need to lean forward and push down on your front foot while bringing your shoulders down towards the handlebars.

This will lift your back wheel and start the hop. As you’re lifting off of your front tire for the nollie, make sure to keep control of your handlebars by keeping them straight.

Once you’ve lifted off completely from the ground with both wheels up in the air, level out by pushing down hard with both feet equally and bringing yourself upright on top of the pedals again. When landing from doing a nollie it’s important to remember that you’ve landed on your front tire first so as soon as that tire makes contact with whatever surface you’re landing on (ramp or flat) lean back slightly so that weight is evenly distributed between both wheels.

This will help prevent any crashes due to losing balance or accidentally falling over. One thing that can help when learning how to nollie is practicing stationary hops first before trying them while riding.

This helps build up muscle memory for pushing off from one foot instead of two which can sometimes confuse initial attempts. Nollies are an exhilarating trick that every beginner rider should learn how to do correctly.

With consistent practice and patience, anyone can master this trick and add it to their arsenal of BMX bike tricks. Just remember to keep your weight balanced and work on controlling the handlebars and you’ll be nollie-ing in no time!

7. Drop-In

The drop-in is a classic BMX trick that every beginner should learn. It’s essential for getting started with more advanced tricks like vert riding and jumping from high places.

A drop-in is when you ride down a ramp or slope and start riding on a flat surface without having to stop. This trick can be challenging for beginners, but with a little practice, you will be able to pull it off.

To start, find a small ramp or slope that won’t be too difficult for you to ride down. It’s best to use a smooth surface with no bumps or cracks in it so that your bike can roll smoothly.

Once you have found the perfect spot, position your bike at the top of the ramp facing downwards. Next, put your weight on your back foot and lean forward slightly towards the handlebars.

This position will help you gain speed as you roll down the ramp. When you are ready, let go of the brakes and start rolling down.

As soon as your front wheel touches the ground, quickly shift your weight forward onto both feet while keeping your arms straight and relaxed. This position will help absorb any impact as you land on flat ground.

Another key thing to remember is to keep your eyes focused ahead of you at all times. Don’t look down at your feet or the ground as this can throw off your balance and cause a crash.

With practice, dropping in will become easier and more natural over time. You can also experiment with different types of ramps and slopes to challenge yourself further once you have mastered this basic BMX trick.

Overall, mastering how to drop in is an excellent skill for any beginner BMX rider looking to progress their skills further into intermediate levels such as jumping ramps or street riding tricks. Keep practicing until it becomes second nature!

8. 180° Hop

When it comes to BMX bike tricks, one of the most important skills to master is the 180 hop. This trick involves jumping into the air and spinning your bike 180 degrees before landing back on both wheels.

While it may seem daunting at first, with practice and dedication, anyone can learn how to do a 180 hop. To start learning this trick, you’ll wanna first focus on your bunny hop technique.

A strong bunny hop is essential for being able to jump high enough to complete a 180 hop. Practice compressing your body as you approach the jump and then exploding upward as you pull up on the handlebars.

As you reach the top of the jump, begin rotating your body and bike in preparation for the spin. Once you’ve got a solid bunny hop down, it’s time to add in some rotation.

Practice turning your head and shoulders as you approach the jump so that when you leave the ground, your body is already starting to rotate. As you pull up on your handlebars, use your legs and hips to continue twisting in mid-air until you’ve completed a full 180-degree turn.

Another key element of this trick is learning how to spot your landing. As soon as you start rotating, look over your shoulder toward where you’ll be landing so that when it’s time to touch down, you’ll have an easier time finding your balance.

While mastering this trick may take some time and practice, once you’re comfortable with a basic 180 hop, there are plenty of variations that can be added to make it more challenging or impressive. For example, try adding in some style by doing a no-handed variation or combining multiple spins.

Overall, learning how to do a 180 hop is an essential step towards becoming a skilled BMX rider. With patience and perseverance, anyone can master this trick easily!

This video teaches how to do a manual for beginners..

9. Manual

A Person performing a Manual on a BMX bike

Manual is one of the most basic tricks that beginners should learn, but it is also one of the most difficult to master. The objective of this trick is to ride on the rear wheel while keeping balance without pedaling.

Well to do a manual, you need to have a lot of control over your bike as well as your body. The key to executing a manual successfully is finding your balance point.

Begin riding at a comfortable speed, pull up on your handlebars, and shift your weight towards the back wheel. Keep your elbows straight, and use your hips to maintain balance while you keep pedaling with gentle strokes.

It’s important to keep in mind that doing manuals requires good body positioning and technique. You will need to use your legs and arms as shock absorbers to absorb the bumps in the terrain while keeping balance.

Moreover, make sure that you have enough speed before attempting a manual; otherwise, you might lose momentum and fall off eventually. Another thing you can do to improve your manuals is to start practicing them on different surfaces like grass or gravel before attempting them on concrete surfaces.

In this way, you’ll easily learn to balance yourself without the risk of getting hurt if you fall off by any chance. Keep in mind that practice makes perfect when it comes to learning how to ride manuals effectively or be anything.

Though You will find it difficult to do them right away; instead, start by doing shorter manuals for short distances until you build up enough confidence and control over your bike. With time and dedication put into practicing this trick correctly, however, challenging it may seem at first sight, executing successful manuals can become second nature with enough practice & dedication over time.

10. Nose Manual

It is one of the most impressive & difficult BMX bike tricks to master by any beginner wishing to learn BMX tricks. In a Nose Manual, the rider balances on the front wheel of the bike while rolling forward Thus, this trick requires a lot of patience, practice, and attention to detail to learn it.

To execute a Nose Manual you will require proper body positioning & balance. The rider must shift their weight forward and lean over the handlebars while keeping their arms straight.

To start, practice balancing on the front wheel with both feet on the pedals and your body leaning towards the handlebars. Once you have mastered balancing on your front wheel, begin practicing small hops by pushing down with your feet to lift the back wheel off of the ground slightly.

As you gain more confidence, increase the height of your hops until you can keep your front wheel up for an extended period. When attempting a Nose Manual, start by riding at a moderate speed with your pedal level and your weight centered over both wheels.

Begin shifting your weight forward gradually until you feel comfortable lifting onto just your front wheel. Keep your arms straight for balance and use subtle movements to maintain control as you roll forward.

To maintain balance during a Nose Manual, it’s important to keep your eyes focused on where you want to go rather than looking at the ground underneath you. Make subtle adjustments with your body as needed by shifting side-to-side or adjusting pressure on either pedal.

Mastering a Nose Manual is no easy feat for a newbie, but it’s quite an impressive trick that will take any rider’s skills to new heights for sure. With enough practice & patience, this trick can be added to any rider’s arsenal of BMX bike tricks in no time!

Frequently Asked Questions on BMX Tricks for Beginners

1. What kind of tricks can you do on a BMX bike?

There are many tricks that you can perform if you have a BMX Bike like Bunny hopping, 180° turn, 360° Spin, X-ride, Drop, Nollie, Superman, one-hander, no-hander, X-up, Turndown, Unturndown, among many others.

2. Are BMX bikes made for tricks only?

The BMX Bikes are made for Freestyle Ride, which you can use for any activity that you like be it going to school, to a store, to a friend’s house, etc. The Freestyle nature & design of a BMX makes it popular for performing tricks of any kind, Though it can be used just like a regular bike as well.

3. How BMX Bikes are so Strong?

The Reason for BMX bikes are so strong is the Durable Frame Materials which are used to withstand the impact during landing, also the small size along with fat & thick tires are used to absorb the force of shocks.

Conclusion on Easy BMX Bike Tricks

Acquiring these skills is a fantastic method to advance as a BMX rider. Before going on to the following trick, always remember to start carefully and perfect each one.

You’ll need to make sure that your body picks up on each action correctly by doing this, which will make it simpler for you to master each trick when you go to review.

Furthermore, certain techniques are complementary to one another, such as the bunny hop and falling in. You may learn additional tricks more quickly if you master tricks along this route. Go ahead and practice outside now! 

The majority of these 11 very difficult BMX bike feats are performed by professional riders. Every BMX stunt has some degree of risk and peril.

Few individuals dare to get to the level of experienced BMX athletes, and even fewer are capable of doing all of these tricks.

One-hander, no-hander, X-up, Turndown, Unturndown, Lookback, Tailwhip, Toboggan, Seat Grab, Luc-e, Crank Slide, Crooked, and many more BMX stunts are renowned for being challenging.

Before you choose to do or practice any of these tricks, be sure you are in a safe environment. 

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