Best BMX cycle under 10000 in 2024

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Are you prepared to compete in India’s BMX cycling scene? There’s a BMX bike out there that’s perfect for you, regardless of your age. We’ll expose you to the top BMX cycle under 10000 available in India in this post and assist you in selecting the one that best matches your requirements and tastes.

In India, BMX cycling is a well-liked sport and pastime. This sport demands talent, balance, and agility. It’s fast-paced and exciting. A wide range of feats and tricks may be performed on BMX bikes, which are built to withstand tough terrain. The top four BMX bikes in India are shown below.

Our Top Pick

BMX CyclePrice (Rs)Key SpecsFrameBrakesWheels/Tires
MDS Daredevil9,499Alloy steel fork & frame, Single speed, 2.125” tiresAlloy steelDisc brakes20” single speed wheels, 2.125″ tires
Hero Rotor6,799Alloy steel frame & fork, Single speed, Quick release saddleAlloy steelV-Brakes20” wheels, 2.125″ tires
Lifelong Falcon6,299Steel frame, Disc brakes, Hi-traction tiresSteelDisc brakes20” double wall alloy rims
Avon Buke Hoot3,943Carbon steel frame, Training wheels, Push-in V-BrakesCarbon steelV-Brakes20” wheels
Hero Superboy 20T7,399Alloy steel frame, Single speed, Coaster brakesAlloy steelCoaster brakes20” wheels, 2.125″ tires
Vaux Excel6,999Hi-Ten steel frame & fork, V-BrakesHi-Ten steelV-Brakes20” wheels, 1.75” tires
SpeedBird Nextra6,999Steel frame, V-Brakes, Upright designSteelV-Brakes20” wheels, 1.95” tires

Research is often necessary before getting the best budget cycle. Here is a list of the top 7 budget BMX cycles for 2024 that you can consider, saving you both energy and time. For children and even grownups who happen to be committed BMX riders, these bikes are a great option.

Our list of the top 7 inexpensive BMX cycles under 10000 for 2024 is provided below. To help you narrow down your search even more, we’ve included a comparison table and a FAQ section at the end.

BMX Cycle Price in India

There are BMX cycles in India that may fit practically any budget, and they are offered at a variety of price ranges. Some of the more expensive types of BMX bikes for adults can cost up to INR 10,000, while entry-level bikes for children and young riders can range from INR 5,000 to INR 8,000. 

It is crucial to keep in mind that you’ll get what you are going to pay for while evaluating the cost of a BMX bike. It’s possible that less-priced models are not as sturdy or contain as many cutting-edge parts. 

On the other hand, if you’re new to BMX riding, an entry-level model might be a terrific way to begin without going over budget. Selecting a BMX bike that best suits your needs is crucial.

Choosing the right BMX bike based on your requirements & price range is crucial, as well as ensuring that you’re buying a high-quality item that will make riding safe and fun. And learn more about the BMX bike tricks.

Top 10 Best BMX Cycle Under 10000 in India Reviews 

1. MDS Daredevil

MDS Daredevil in sky blue color

Get Ready to have your experience pedaling redefined by the MDS UNLIMITED CYCLES Daredevil Fat-Bike, a combination of strength, efficiency, along inventiveness. Take command of all-mountain trails, feel superior control, and enjoy the excitement of exploring with a friend.

The lightweight carbon steel frame of the Daredevil Fat-bike is a technical marvel that ensures shock resistance. Thanks to its cutting-edge dual disc brakes, the Daredevil Fat Bike delivers. The front and rear wheels, which are positioned strategically, provide exceptional stopping power.

With its 2.4-inch wide mountain bike tires, the Daredevil Fat-bike is unstoppable on any terrain. An unwavering grip is ensured by the deep grooves and carefully engineered tire width. The bike’s efficiency and long-term reliability are improved by the alloy rim & spokes.

A well-considered feature that adapts to you is the height-adjustable seat, which fits riders of different heights and guarantees comfort for a broad age range. 



  • The MDS Daredevil has a fork and frame made of alloy steel that is strong enough to endure rough riding on different types of terrain. It offers the strength required to manage rough trails and jumps.
  • The suspension fork lessens the force of impacts from uneven ground and bumps. This makes riding off-road more controlled.
  • It has wide 2.125″ knobby tires encircling 20″ single speed wheels. Across grass, gravel, and dirt, the tires have an abundance of traction and grip.
  • The braking system’s front and rear disc brakes provide dependable all-around performance. Especially in loose or wet conditions, children can stop with assurance.
  • This type of gearbox requires less maintenance and keeps things straightforward. Youth can concentrate on handling the trails instead of changing gears.
  • The Daredevil’s brakes, tires, and frame are all designed to withstand rough terrain. Compared to regular BMX bikes, kids can challenge themselves on more difficult rides and terrain.
Cross-Terrain AbilitiesSingle-speed limits the terrainSingle-speed limits the terrain
It has a Sturdy FrameDon’t have enough agility
Single Speed Drivetrain

2. Hero Rotor

Hero Rotor in black & neon combo

For young riders who are just getting started in the sport of BMX cycling, the Hero Rotor Unisex-Youth BMX Bike 20T is an excellent option. It is easy to maneuver alongside and has 20-inch wheels that make it durable enough to withstand challenging surfaces. 

It comes with a tough steel frame that guarantees unmatched strength while also adding a sleek appearance. With the rigid suspension of the Hero Rotor, ride like butter. 

Stability is improved by the steel 20 x 1.75 rim with 48 spokes and a 48-hole hub. With a set of 20 x 2.125 tires, you can confidently navigate through obstacles.

The single-speed gears on the Hero Rotor combine simplicity and excitement. You can customize your comfort with the quick-release seat post with Rexin top saddle, and you can fine-tune your riding position with the steel 60mm extension adjustable stem.

The Hero Rotor’s caliper brake design prioritizes safety. With the Hero Rotor, you can challenge yourself. 



  • Robust alloy steel fork and frame allow for resistance against freestyle maneuvers.
  • The stopping power of the V-caliper brakes is consistent.
  • This 20-inch single-speed wheelset with a hub and 48-spoke rims is impact-resistant.
  • Having a quick-release saddle and an adjustable 60mm extension stem allows for an individualized fit.
  • Designed to help budding young riders hone their BMX freestyle skills for tricks in addition to neighborhood gatherings.
Comes with Disc Brake & SuspensionNot Appropriate for Severe Off-Road
Designed to be used by both men and womenOnly has Single Speed Drivetrain

3. Lifelong Falcon

Lifelong Falcon in all black

Falcon’s frame is made of high-tensile steel, which provides exceptional strength without sacrificing comfort at all. Modern suspension and disc brakes are features of this vehicle.

The goal of the Hi-Traction MTB tires is to endure the most difficult situations. With chic double-wall alloy rims, the ride radiates style as you dominate every road.

Together with the handlebar, which guarantees a comfortable riding position, the soft rubber grips offer a firm hold and lessen fatigue. Although it has a quick-release adjustment, the incredibly cozy PU saddle is ergonomic.



Simple to use and lightweightLittle possibilities for customization
Reasonably pricedUnsuitable for highly skilled BMX stunts & tricks
Robust Steel StructureSingle Speed Limitation
Design for both men and womenNot Recommended for Extended Distances

4. Avon Buke Hoot

Avon Buke Hoot

Stealth and dependability are prioritized by the robust carbon steel frame of the Hoot. For joyful rides, this 11-inch frame provides a robust foundation.

The stiff fork provides stability so they can confidently navigate their surroundings. In addition to the caliper brake’s accuracy, every ride turns into an opportunity to improve one’s skills. 

Making the switch to two-wheeled riding enjoyable is made possible by the training wheels’ assistance and rigidity. Mudguards also provide splash protection, so riders can travel with confidence.

Durability, as well as efficiency, are guaranteed by the steel rim, while elegance is added by the matt gloss silver finish. 



  • This frame is strong enough to withstand repeated use by enthusiastic young riders while still keeping weight within children’s reach. The steel fork that matches provides comparable durability.
  • Wider 2.10″ tires are paired with appropriately sized 20″ aluminum alloy wheels to ensure smooth rolling on a variety of surfaces, from grass to pavement. For taller children, this wheel size works best.
  • Rookies can learn the fundamentals of balance with the help of detachable training wheels that are included for added stability. When the time is right, kids become more confident riding on their own.
  • Push-in V-Brakes offer agile control over speed. Children can easily start and stop. Small hands can easily squeeze the levers.
  • Kid-focused components include anatomically shaped saddles, detachable handlebar pads, and brake levers with shorter reach, all of which optimize ease of use and security for young riders.
  • The Hoot’s sturdy construction, upright posture, and training wheels feature prepare kids for success when learning to ride a bike, even though it’s not intended for highly skilled riders.
It has a Kids-Centered DesignAge Range Restriction
20-Inch Wheel SizeUnsuitable for BMX stunts & tricks
Robust Carbon StructureRestriction on Training Wheels

5. Hero Superboy 20T Single Speed BMX Cycle

Hero Superboy 20T

For striving riders between the ages of five and nine, the Hero Superboy 20T is an excellent entry-level BMX bike. Its core is a high-quality alloy steel BMX frame and fork, that manages to maintain a low overall weight for effortless handling & the durability needed to tackle skate park excursions and neighborhood outings. Young riders get stability and confidence-boosting 2.125″ width tires paired with appropriately matched 20″ aluminum wheels. For children who are still learning the ropes, the single-speed drivetrain means less complexity with less maintenance.

You will love cruising around on the Hero Superboy 20T thanks to its chic frame graphic along with matching accessories, which give it a cool, youthful appearance. The coaster brake is a straightforward but efficient way to provide stopping power for young motor skills. Even though the Hero Superboy 20T’s more constrained component specification doesn’t allow for many upgrades or steep ascents, it still provides aspiring tikes with a fun, high-quality riding experience. For the upcoming bunch of BMX riders, the reasonably priced Hero Superboy 20T is a great option, offering ample room for skill & riding development.



  • Suitable for: BMX beginners between the ages of five and nine
  • Frame: Alloy steel frame with 20-inch wheels
  • Components: Drivetrain with a single-speed
  • Brakes: Coaster brakes on the back
  • Tires: 20″ by 2.125″
  • Extras: Reasonably priced, chic kids’ design
Simple to use and lightweightOnly Few possibilities for customization
Reasonably pricedNot appropriate for complex tricks
Ideal for children from 5 to 9 years oldComes with coaster brakes only
Design that is fashionable

6. Vaux Excel

Hero Superboy 20T

The Hi-Ten Steel frame and fork of the Vaux Excel combine style and safety. With great care and attention to detail, the lower frame geometry guarantees both security and ease of use.

The Vaux Excel Bicycle’s 20*2.4′′ Ralson Tyres, mounted on alloy rims, provide excellent stability and grip. On the road, the tires’ well-thought-out tread pattern offers excellent traction.

More than just brakes, the Vaux Excel Bicycle’s V-Brakes are your child’s dependable safety net for responsive as well as secure braking. 

Brake levers made of plastic provide superb control. Smooth paddling is ensured by the heavy-duty single-piece crankset.



  • Intended Use: It’s a Beginner bike for bigger kids
  • Frame: Alloy steel frame & rigid fork
  • Wheels: 20” single speed wheelset
  • Tires: 20” x 1.75” Ralson tires
  • Brakes: Rear and front V-brakes
  • Weight: 9 kg
Age-Related DesignNot Suitable for all Age Range
Made from Durable Alloy SteelNot appropriate for most terrains
Ideal for children from 5 to 9 years oldCarrier in the rear Increases Weight
Comes with Tubular Tires by Ralson

7. SpeedBird Nextra

SpeedBird Nextra in white and sky blue combo

It’s more than just a bike, the Speed Bird BMX Kids Sports Bicycle is an exercise tool and a fun toy. Allow your child to experience the thrill of freedom from traffic, and the wind in their hair, along with the sense of accomplishment that comes with pedaling.

Comfort along durability are important factors in the Speed Bird BMX Bicycle, in addition to riding enjoyment. featuring tube tires that can handle a variety of terrains and a PU Foam set that guarantees a comfortable seating experience. Sleek and functional design meet at the 20-inch wheel frame of this bicycle.

The 6 to 9-year-old age group of riders is catered for with the Speed Bird BMX Bicycle. This bicycle becomes a dependable companion on their growth journey as kids in this age range go from training wheels to solo rides.



  • A robust BMX silhouette, influenced by professional stunt bikes, is achieved by NextEra’s use of high-tensile steel. Years of use are guaranteed, and young riders gain bold styling and confidence.
  •  Well-made, bearing hubs and spokes are laced onto appropriately sized 20-inch wheels. For skating at the skate park or around the neighborhood, the 1.95″ wide tires provide traction and stability.
  • Both front and rear linear-pull V-brakes use synthetic brake pads to deliver responsive speed control. These levers are simpler for younger children to operate correctly than caliper types.
  • The child rides in an upright position due to the combination of the slim medium-density seat and the higher sweptback handlebar. Comfort is increased by the improved visibility and control.
Age-Related DesignNot Suitable for all Age Range
A more Youth Focused DesignSize Issues
Only has Basic Features


Which BMX bike, then, is the most appropriate for you? Your age, ability level, and financial situation all play a major role. The Hero Rotor Unisex-Youth BMX Bike 20T and the Cyclo India Stryder Rage 20 T Semi-Installed are excellent choices if you’re a young rider who is just getting started. The Hero Superboy 20T Single Speed BMX Cycle and the Lifelong LLBC2603 Spirit 26T with Disc Brake and Suspension BMX Cycle are excellent options for adult riders or those seeking more advanced BMX cycles.

It’s crucial to take pricing, suspension, wheel size, and frame material into account while selecting a BMX bike for yourself. One should also think about their ability level and the kind of riding you’ll be undertaking.

whichever BMX bike you decide on, make sure you’re wearing the right protective gear, such as gloves, knee & elbow pads, and a helmet. Although BMX cycling is an enjoyable and thrilling sport, it can also be risky if necessary safety measures aren’t followed.

We trust that this post has assisted you in selecting the finest BMX cycle in India based on your requirements and tastes. There is a BMX bike out there that is perfect for you, regardless of your age. Enjoy your ride!

FAQs on BMX Cycles.

1. Are BMX bikes appropriate for people new to it?

Yes, BMX bikes can be a good option for novices, but it’s crucial to select the appropriate bike for your level of expertise. Adult riders may favor larger wheel sizes as well as more sophisticated components, while children and young riders should opt for BMX bikes with smaller wheels along with lightweight frames. Prior to attempting more difficult riding tricks or stunts, always make sure you are wearing the proper safety gear & start with the fundamentals.

2. Are BMX bikes suitable for other kinds of riding?

Although BMX bikes are made primarily for BMX riding, a few types are capable of being utilized for different types of riding, like riding for fun or commuting. It is critical to select a BMX bike that is appropriate for the kind of riding you intend to undertake. Additionally, Remember that BMX bikes are typically less efficient or comfortable than other bike types suited for particular riding styles.

3. How to take care of your BMX Bike?

Maintaining your BMX bike properly is essential to keeping it in good working order and guaranteeing a fun and safe ride. Check for wear & tear on the tires and brakes, lube the chain as well as other moving parts, and tighten and check bolts & other parts on a regular basis. Take your BMX bike to a qualified bike technician for routine maintenance if you’re not comfortable doing it yourself.


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