What is BRM in Cycling? Full Guide for 2024

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Have you ever been on a bike ride when the wind whips through your hair as you speed off into the distance? Ever had the excitement of riding your reliable bicycle across difficult terrain? It’s time to explore the world of Brevets de Randonneurs Mondiaux (BRMs). 

if you’re looking for an experience that will challenge you thoroughly, test your endurance, and give you a sense of accomplishment.

You’ve probably heard the word “BRMs” or “brevets” a few times if you’ve been someone who enjoys cycling adventure and wondered what is BRM in cycling?

As a sport, cycling offers a wide range of tournaments and events. Brevets de Randonneurs Mondiaux, or BRM, is one such event that is a sort of cycling event unto itself, a highly special and lasting form.

Presented by Audax India Randonneurs, the BRM is a self-funded long-distance cycling event.

This event may seem a little confusing to grasp, but this article will clarify any questions you may have about BRM in cycling.

What regulations govern BRM racing? How do you become involved in the event? How do you get ready for a BRM? In the event that you finish the race, would you be validated? All of your inquiries regarding BRM cycling are addressed in this post.

Let’s examine what BRM is all about in this blog post and how to prepare for and succeed at these events.

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What Really is BRM?

“Brevets de Randonneurs Mondiaux” (or “Global Randonneur Brevets” in English) is the French name for BRM. Better than your typical weekend excursion, BRMs are incredible demonstrations of human tenacity and perseverance. The objective of these long-distance cycling competitions is for participants to finish a predetermined distance (200, 300, 400, 600, 1000, or 1200 km) in a predetermined amount of time. 

Who Organizes BRM in India?

The Audax Club Parisian (ACP) of Paris is the global governing organization that oversees all BRMs. All brevets are carried out in compliance with the ACP’s rules and regulations.

The only organization in India with the power to organize and manage any randonneuring event is Audax India Randonneurs (AIR).

In various regions of the nation, a number of clubs connected to Audax India Randonneurs organize the BRMs. 

Various BRM Categories

Distance is the basis for classifying BRMs; 200 kilometres is the smallest and 1,200 kilometres is the longest. The following are the BRM event classifications and distances:

  • 200 km: A intense race for beginners that must be finished in 13.5 hours.
  • 300 km: An event of moderate difficulty that must be finished in 20 hours.
  • 400 km: A challenging race that needs to be finished in 27 hours.
  • 600 km: A difficult race that needs to be finished in 40 hours.
  • 1000 km: An very difficult race that must be finished in 75 hours.
  • 1200 km: The hardest race that needs to be finished in 90 hours.

What distinguishes a BRM in cycling from a Cycle Race?

Brevets de Randonneurs Modiaux, or BRMs for short, are a type of cycling competition. The French bicycle touring group Audax group Parisien first introduced BRM to the cycling races.

The purpose of this specific event is to provide professional, non-competitive cycling rides, and the Indian organisation is known as the Audax India Randonneurs. Typically, brevets are between 200 and 1200 kilometers long.

This isn’t a competitive bike race where winning or losing matters. That isn’t how it is. All-in-all, a big distance ride (BRM) has riders riding a certain distance in a set amount of time. Like this:

A special event for amateur cyclists is also occasionally arranged by the Audax India Club over a distance of 100 or 150 kilometres.

Entire participants must abide by a set of regulations in order to avoid disqualification, despite the fact the brevets are non-competitive.

Throughout the year, from November 1st to October 31st, several clubs in different states in India hold these Bravet cycling competitions at least every month.

Bravets are not competitive, but you still have to finish one ride at a time. Calicut Peddlers, Bangalore Randonneurs, Delhi Randonneurs, and Mumbai Randonneurs are a few of the notable clubs. One exists in your state as well!

While you are free to pick the ride’s length, we advise you to begin with the 200 km BRM. It is important for you to know that Bravet Cycling Rides are entirely self-funded. The complete ride preparation will be your responsibility.

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Five Reasons to Ride in BRM Events

  • Since it’s a self-sponsored cycling race, there are no financial rewards.
  • After completion, an internationally recognized certificate is given.
  • A pleasant and efficient method of meeting new bike enthusiasts.
  • Riding with groups gives you the opportunity to see new locations.
  • Riding through several cities day and night to explore life.
  • You should increase your endurance because the event is a long distance bike race.

What Does Super Randonneur (SR) Mean in BRM Cycling Competitions?

Super Randonneur Medal

A rider is awarded the title of Super Randonner (SR) if they finish all ACP-approved BRM rides (200, 300, 400, and 600 km) throughout the Audax calendar year, which runs from November 1 to October 31.

You are qualified for the Super Randonneur Medal if you successfully finish all four rides within the same season, which runs from November 1 to October 31.

In order to apply for the SR medal online, simply log in to your subscription dashboard. If you are a qualified rider, you will receive a link to do so. It’s that simple!

How Do I Get Into BRM Cycling Events?

Although the majority of States have their own Brevet cycling races, this does not always mean that registering for BRM requires you to live in that state. The following are the actions you need to do in order to take part in the BRM bicycle rides:

  • Indians can register for an account at audaxindia.in by visiting the Audax India website. Once that’s done, you may sign up for any club that interests you.
Audax India Welcome Page.
  • There are now two options available to you: one BRM or a one-year membership that allows you to attend every Brevet event held during the year. A single BRM ride registration costs about 250 rupees, while a one-year membership will set you back about 750 rupees.
Audax India Registration Payments Page.
  • You will be prompted to choose a club to affiliate with after creating your account. You have the option to choose INDEPENDENT INDIA if you choose to remain independent of any club.
Audax India Registration Details page.
  • Furthermore, in order to participate, you must pay the event cost to the club that is organizing it. There is a distinction between the event charge and the subscription fee.
  • After completing the payment, you will receive an AIR number. This is the last step.

During BRMs, you must take a printout of your AIR number, laminate it, and affix it to the front and back of the bike. Don’t forget to renew your membership before it expires, since failing to do so will result in a new AIR number and the need to register again.

Can anyone under the age of eighteen compete in BRM cycling events?

Sure, Bravet bike trips are absolutely open to anyone under the age of eighteen. In addition to obtaining a written authorization letter from your parents, you are required to ride under your guardian’s supervision.

It is required that your guardian ride and participate in the BRM ride if you are a minor (under the age of 18). Unless your guardian also participates, you are not permitted to take part in the BRM ride.

What are the Rules & Guidelines for BRMs?

Bravet races are not necessarily competitive, but it doesn’t change the fact that they are incredibly well-run and planned.

You risk being disqualified at any point if you don’t understand the rules and restrictions. Before taking part in a Brevet Ride thoroughly get familiar with them all.

  • The signed waiver form (which you can obtain from your account) must be carried in addition to your AIR card. This is the primary (and only) restriction.
  • Simply said, a waiver form is a document that acknowledges your responsibility and any associated riding hazards.
  • It is required that every cyclist wear a reflective vest at all times.
  • You must have your cycling lights on during night rides; otherwise, you risk being disqualified. Thus, don’t forget to keep them charged! Find out more about cycling safely at night.
  • You are not allowed to draft behind any vehicles whilst riding; if you are, you will be eliminated from the competition immediately.
  • Each participant’s progress will be tracked at checkpoints every 50 to 60 kilometers during the event. Stamping your Bravet cards at these checkpoints verifies how far you’ve traveled and how long it took.

For detailed rules and regulations. Visit https://www.audaxindia.in/rules-and-regulations.php

How Do I Get Ready for a Bravet Bicycle Ride?

Comfort is the most crucial factor to consider while getting ready for lengthy rides, like 200 km or more. This requires very precise planning since we have very little room and weight to deal with.

Now let’s examine what are the essentials you should consider when getting ready for lengthy Bravet bike rides:

  • First and foremost, we advise you to bring a top tube bag since they are small, assist maintain balance, and can accommodate the majority of essential items.
  • It goes without saying that cycling jerseys are preferable to standard T-shirts for any ride. Because the cycling jerseys are made up of breathable fabrics, you will feel instantly more comfortable on lengthy rides.
  • Icing gel-padded cycling shorts are our top choice since they are really comfortable and offer the best possible cushioning.
  • When riding at night, you have to have Reflectors vest jackets with you. Ideally in the colour of yellow highlight.
  • UV rays may cause severe sunburns on lengthy rides, which can result in severe skin damage, peeling skin, and excruciating pain. For this reason, you should always wear arm sleeves and apply sunscreen to your face and any other exposed skin regions.
  • On lengthy journeys, it’s usual to come across a puncher, therefore you should always have at least two spare tire tubes with you. It is also advisable that you have a tiny puncture kit with you.
  • You will be riding with the top riders, and they will all be more than happy to assist you mend your puncture, so don’t worry if you can’t fix it yourself! That’s the beauty of BRM cycling tours!
  • One headlight and one rear light are required to be attached to your bicycle. Having strong lights that won’t come off on bumpy roads is a specific recommendation here. Don’t forget to bring an additional light and your power bank.
  • Though if you only have one, you can always carry an additional bottle in the tube bag. Personally, I’ve always liked to have atleast two water bottle mounts on your cycle. Of course, you’ll need two bottles of water.
  • Schedule breaks in accordance with your endurance and capability. After 20 to 25 kilometers, I would advise taking a 5-minute rest (for a novice).
  • Keep up your pace during the BRMs. During the journey, resist the need to exert yourself physically. Never forget that this is an endurance test; it is not a race.
  • It is important to equip oneself with some basic energy-giving snacks because long BRM cycle rides may be highly taxing and you wouldn’t always have access to shops. Dates, bananas, dried fruits, protein bars, sprouts, and energy drinks are a few examples. You might also bring hard-boiled eggs.
  • Investing in a high-quality, racing bicycle helmet is the final, but most crucial, item you should consider. Check that the fit precisely matches the size of your head to avoid major complications.
  • If you need assistance, don’t be afraid to ask other riders for it. A BRM’s riders are all modest, down-to-earth individuals. In spite of the fact that it may entail giving up their own ride, they are always willing to assist.

Everything you would need to prepare for your BRM bicycle ride is essentially covered by that. It goes without saying that you have to bring your medications and any necessary prescriptions from your doctor.

Which Type of Cycle is Best for BRM Cycling Tours?

The majority of riders typically experience confusion while selecting the ideal bike for extended journeys. Which type of bike should you choose—road, mountain, or hybrid?

You should definitely consider the hybrid model cycles as our top recommendation. Compared to the other two cycles, they are far less resistive. It is easier to ride on different terrain with these models’ middle range of tire width.

Although hybrid bikes are not as suitable for off-roading as mountain bikes, they are nevertheless ideal for BRM riding excursions.

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It’s important to pay attention to your posture when riding long distances, and the hybrid model bikes feature handlebars that are slightly higher. Once more, the seat will feel extremely cushioned and cozy.

In comparison to road bikes, the hybrid cycles have a somewhat heavier but have a  more robust frame. Nonetheless, this small, hefty frame aids in your riding balance and speed control.

When all is said and done, the hybrid model cycle is the greatest choice for your next BRM journey!

FAQ: What Does BRM Mean in Cycling?

Q1. Who plan the BRM events held in India?

The Audax India Randonneurs Foundation holds a minimum of one road cycling race every month in India. The events in their calendar take place annually from November 1st to October 31st. To learn more, go to their website at audaxindia.in.

Q2. How much does it cost to join Audax India?

As of right now, the cost of membership to take part in Audax India events is 250 rupees for a one-time rider (valid for three months) and 750 rupees for a one-year membership. The cycling club receives an additional charge for organizing the race, which is known as the event fee. Learn more.

Q3. In BRM cycling, what is LRM?

Long-distance cyclists compete in the BRM Cycling Race, which spans between 200 and 1000 kilometers, as you may know. Les Randonneurs Mondiaux, or LRM, are the name given to any brm event that is longer than 1000 km. Delhi-Manali-Delhi and Mumbai-Indore-Mumbai journeys are two instances of LRMs.

Q4. What is the BRM cycling event’s AIR Number?

Each randonneur receives an AIR number, which is a subscription ID given by Audax India Randonneurs. You are required to affix this number to the front and rear of your bicycle.

Q5. In BRM tournaments, what is a waiver form?

When the competition is about to begin, the waiver form, which is essentially an agreement, must be turned in to the organizer. You may obtain it from the audaxindia.in profile area. This is an obligatory task.

Q6. Does BRM cycling have any trophies or prizes?

A BRM is not a cycling race or competition where the winner is the rider who finishes first, as I have said previously. All participants in BRM events are winners as long as they successfully complete the assignment, and the Audax Club Parisien (ACP) awards all the winner. like the Super Randonneur Medal and the Bravet Medal. For the medal, however, the rider must pay the cost.

Conclusion on What is BRM in Cycling

One of the most renowned non-competitive cycling events is Bravet Cycling Rides. Bringing together the most passionate riders and highlighting the excitement of riding while overcoming obstacles is the main goal of the entire course.

There is a voyage beyond the ordinary that awaits you in the realm of BRMs. This remarkable journey will challenge you to develop, test your limitations, and leave you with lifelong memories. 

BRM bike rides are one of the rare sports activities that intentionally seeks to instill a sense of competition among its participants! You may pick up a lot of knowledge and develop from the riders’ collective experiences over the whole course.

Thus, get on the beast, welcome the unknown, and discover your astounding potential. Allow the breeze from the broad road to lead you.

Hence, be sporty, respect all the regulations, be well-prepared, and enjoy your bike trip with your new riding friends!

We hope this post was useful to you. Continue Riding.


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