Stryder Bikes Review: What you Should Know in 2024

by | Jan 5, 2024 | Tips & Guide

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Searching for an affordable new bicycle? Well, This Stryder Bikes review will provide you with a brief description of Tata’s formidable Player in India’s reasonably priced yet high-quality cycling market.

Unbeknownst to you, the reasonably priced, well-thought-out two-wheelers you see cruising Indian streets may very well be Stryders. But what actually make this domestic brand distinct than other key players?

First off, Stryder Bikes has one of the largest assortments of bicycles to Fulfill every requirement & price range, ranging from tech-enabled electric cycles for contemporary riders to agile road bikes for fitness fanatics. Additionally, they haven’t sacrificed durability, in contrast to other players, with remarkably sturdy frames and seamless rides throughout their every models.

Stryder’s distinctively Indian design touches, are what really make a difference and gives them a identity of their own; the bikes are made especially for our roads and have unique geometry for optimal comfort. It makes sense now that how, despite fierce competition, they has amassed millions of devoted fans.

Along with adding eye-catching colors and trail-ready mountain bikes that turn heads on trips, the company has also boosted the style factor. Ladies, they also have stylish, fashionable wheels specifically for you!

Therefore, our Stryder Bikes review advises that it’s time to switch to Tata’s pedal powerhouse if you want exceptional value two-wheelers. Continue reading to learn more about what makes Stryder a revolutionary riding tool.

Overview of Stryder Bikes

Stryder Bikes Logo

The Foundation of the well-known Bicycle brand Stryder Bikes was initially done with the philanthropic purpose of providing high-quality bicycles to World Bicycle Relief(Africa). But many few know that it wasn’t until 2009 that the products began retailing in the Indian cycling market under TATA Stryder, which we are familiar with now.

Stryder Bikes is a TATA Enterprise through and through, a wholly owned subsidiary of TATA International, with time stryder bikes have gained prominence in the cycling market & cyclists with its wide range of bicycles from Mountain Bikes, Electric Bikes, Roadsters, Premium Bikes, etc you name it. The Brand left no stone unturned in their mission to provide high-quality bicycles available to the people.

Well as of today, the company is a leading bicycle brand in India and has expanded its presence among the SAARC, Middle East as well. They Today boast more than 3 million riders using their products across various categories and completed their 13 years of operations in 2023.

The brand makes some of the best design bicycles which are made quite creatively, apart from their cycles, Stryder bikes are quite known for their wide range of cycling-related gears & accessories like Bags, Bike Lights, and Sipper among many other things.

What Kinds of Bicycles Are Made by Stryder?

Let’s examine the different product catalogs offered by Stryder Bicycles to get a more thorough understanding of the brand.

Mountain Bikes

While there is a vast array of MTBs on the market today, nearly all of them share basic characteristics, such as large tires and incredibly vivid body designs and colors.

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On the other hand, Stryder’s mountain bikes come with excellent, durable parts, 

Durable chain guards stop road debris from getting into the gears and causing issues, and high-grip rubber tires increase safety and performance on their mountain bikes.

We recommend the Stryder Krueger 27.5T cycle from them if you’re looking to buy an MTB.

In addition to these best options, Stryder also provides a wide range of fat tire cycles and kid’s cycles with various features that are entirely customizable based on your desired riding style. 

Another way that Stryder, who places a high priority on customer safety, demonstrates its dedication to excellence is with a special collection of bicycle accessories.

Is Stryder Bikes a respectable bicycle company? Do you still have doubts? Discover what makes the Stryder Bikes unique by continuing to read.

Hybrid Bikes

Nowadays, hybrid bikes are the most in-demand type of bicycle everywhere, especially in India where there are so many different and well-planned routes. When Stryder took notice of this gap in the market, they made the little but required changes to their hybrid bikes to make them more enjoyable to ride and a suitable match for intricate road designs.

They selected top-notch, low-maintenance bicycle components, such as sturdy brake pads, flat and T-shaped adjustable handlebars, and risers for optimal comfort and ease.

A friend of mine recently bought a Stryder CONTINO 27.5 TORRAC 21 SPEED for Rs. 24k. Well I believe, the money is well spent. As I took the bicycle for a spin I noticed that the bike included two V brakes instead of disc brakes, nevertheless, the braking system is quite well. From cartridge-type cotter-less bottom bracket to 7-speed freewheel, and from 21-speed gearing to SHIMANO/microSHIFT* rear derailleur gear system, which made switching between ratios a snap, was a major selling factor for me.

Electric Bikes

First, let’s note that the e-bike business has been expanding lately and that several manufacturers’ bikes have been using roughly the same design. So what distinguishes Stryder’s e-bikes from the competition?

First and foremost, Stryder bikes need to make sure they have a modest yet effective assortment of electric cycles with numbered key components. It ensures the least amount of misunderstanding and increases usefulness. They may then focus on fine-tuning the e-bike’s key components by doing this.

Some of the outstanding characteristics of their e-bikes include a front shock absorbent suspension system with dual-walled alloy rims for enhanced handling on difficult trails and transportable water-repellent high torque motor batteries with a 7.8Ah 36-volt power source that last for at least five years.

Two of our top picks from Stryderr’s limited lineup of electric bicycles are the CONTINO ETB 100 and the STRYDER 26″ VOLTIC GO.

Estimated cost for MTBs and E-bikes from Stryder Bikes

A green MTB by Stryder Bikes

K-Bike is a bicycle company that is based in India and exclusively provides a premium range of products without burdening its customers with additional costs.

They provide premium-grade bicycle components in export-quality conditions on all of their MTBs for a modest Rs. 12,000 for single-speed models, Rs. 27,000 for multi-speed models, and Rs. 38,000 for special e-bikes.

What Is Unique About the Stryder Bikes?

In terms of bicycles, Tata Stryder is a relatively new brand in the Indian market.

They sell bicycles for men, women, and children. These bicycles come with a wide range of specifications and are priced accordingly.

There are several factors to consider while evaluating the cycle’s quality. Let’s examine them in sections:

Frame: Steel and alloy are the two materials available for bicycle frames. These are either Mig or Tig welded bicycle frames. For a better understanding, you can read the website’s explanation. The frames themselves are quite robust and durable. will undoubtedly last you a lifetime. In addition, the bikes have really nice looks thanks to the colors and frames that Tata offers.

Tires: Depending on the bike you choose, Tata Strider’s bicycles have either rubber or nylon tires. In addition, a large variety of wheel sizes are offered for these cycles. You may maximize your ride by selecting a certain tire size.

Parts: The bike has Shimano parts, which are rather good in my experience. In my workshop, I had the opportunity to service a few cycles, and the parts are of decent quality and should endure for a long time.

Ride quality: The bicycles roll rather nicely and are suitable for both rough and smooth terrain. The majority of bicycles with higher prices also include suspension forks, which serve to cushion the jolts throughout the ride.

All of these different factors collectively make Styder Bikes a more unique prospect available in the market to choose from while buying a bicycle.

How the Stryder Bikes is Different Compared to the Opponents

With a wide range of models available for less than Rs. 10,000, Hero is a well-known and fairly priced bike manufacturer in India. However, the poorer materials used to make these bicycles and their lack of comfort features may require more frequent repair. In the same price range, Stryder bikes often have better frames, wheels, gears, and design features.

A well-known feature of Firefox bicycles is their lightweight aluminum frames and stylish designs. However, their expenses are nearly twice as costly as those of identical Stryder Bicycle models. The Stryder provides almost the same features and performance at a far lower price. Firefox does have an edge over highly costly city and mountain bikes that cost more than Rs. 30,000.

World-renowned companies like Trek and Giant provide high-end bicycles with state-of-the-art features. But for the majority of Indian buyers, their prices—which vary from Rs. 40,000 to over Rs. 1 lakh—are too high. Stryder bikes provide 80–90% of the performance at a significantly lower price. Look at the foreign brands if you wish to compete or take cycling seriously.

When all is said and done, Stryder Bikes offers a solid balance between cost and quality. Designed to meet the needs of everyday Indian riders, the motorcycles are moderately priced and of high quality. When compared to competitors, the Stryder does well in the low, mid, and high-range categories.

Accessories to Improve Your Styder Bikes

To get the most out of your Stryder Bike, you’ll need some additional extras that will genuinely improve your riding experience.

Kits and Maintenance Tools

Investing in necessary maintenance supplies like lubricants, hex keys, tire levers, and chain cleaners may help you keep your Stryder in good working order for a long time. Always inspect and adjust your bike before embarking on long rides.

Safety Equipment to Consider

You must wear safety equipment at all times, including locks, lights, reflectors, helmets, and bells. Invest in a robust U-lock from businesses like Kryptonite or OnGuard to deter bike thieves. Riding at night is made more visible with rechargeable LED headlights and flashing rear lights.

Conclusion on Stryder Bikes Review

I hope that this article about the Stryder Bike bicycle brand was helpful to you and will further your understanding of this top brand in the Indian bicycle industry, enabling you to make a more informed choice the next time you’re shopping for a bike—for yourself, your kids, or a loved one.

The quality that the Stryder Bikes Bicycles offer at such an unbelievable pricing point is what we truly appreciate about this particular brand as compared to others available in the market; you should check out this company.

FAQs on Stryder Bikes Review

1. Is Stryder a TATA Product?

Yes, Stryder Bikes is a Subsidiary of TATA International and is a leading bicycle brand in India and has expanded its presence among the SAARC, Middle East as well.

2. Is Stryder a good brand?

The bike made by the brand are well-built, lightweight, and has a nice design. The color is a touch off, but other than that, it’s fantastic.


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