12 Best Bicycle Helmets in India You Should Know About

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For many years, the majority of us would just go into a bicycle shop and choose the bike that the owner recommended. 

However, things in India are now beginning to shift gradually.  Now that imported cycles are becoming more popular, consumers are doing research and seeking advice. 

A helmet is the one piece of riding equipment that should come before the bike itself. And not just any old cheap one the shopkeeper throws in for good measure.

When it comes to the best cycle helmets in India, public safety must come first. Whether they’re behind the wheel of a car, motorcycle, bicycle, or scooter, most folks just play it safe. 

Don’t, however, make the decision to get the Best Bicycle Helmets on an impulsive basis. Avoid going to the store and purchasing the cheapest bicycle helmet or the one that the salesperson is offering to give you a discount on.

We scoured the web and prepared a list of the best cycle helmets, an absolute must among other bike accessories for your protection. This list of the best bicycle helmets in India, coupled with a comprehensive buying advice, is the result.

Before buying check if you do you need to wear a bicycle helmet or not as per the law in your state also.

If you’re in a hurry then checkout my selection of the 3 Best Cycle Helmets in India

Here is the first item on my list of the top bicycle helmets available in India.

Best Cycle Helmets Price In India
1. Strauss Adjustable Cycling HelmetRs 799
2. Schwinn Thrasher Micro Bicycle HelmetRs 5,336
3. Strauss Adjustable Cycling Helmet with Detachable VisorRs 1,189

Keep reading for my full evaluation and some further choices.

Please read the part below the suggestion if you are a rookie and need additional information about bicycle helmets before placing your order.

Considerations for Choosing a Bicycle Helmet

  • First and foremost, do not skimp on quality. Putting on a cheap helmet is the same as donning a hat made of plastic. In the event of an accident, it will be of no use.
  • All of the helmets we’ll be discussing here are designed with both sexes in mind.
  • Make sure the helmet fits your head properly before you buy it. The following sizing chart should give you a good idea of what to expect when shopping for a cycling helmet.
  • Keep in mind that not all helmet makers would adhere to this specification. If there are any details provided by the seller, they will likely be listed on the product page.

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Best Cycle Helmets in India

1. Strauss Adjustable Cycling Helmet

Best Bicycle Helmets in India - Strauss Adjustable Cycling Helmet

The standard-size Strauss Adjustable Cycling Helmet has side straps with an easy-to-use dial mechanism that allows it to be adjusted to fit a variety of head sizes.

The exterior material is composed of strong plastic that safeguards your head, while the interior cushion is constructed of breathable fabric for comfort. The entire thing is lightweight.

Riding helmets from Strauss protect the rider’s head in the event of an accident with their high-density, long-lasting, and robust foam.

It may also be utilized for many kinds of activities, including skating, road cycling, and mountain riding. Price of the Strauss Cycle Helmet: Rs 799.

2. Schwinn Trasher

Schwinn Trasher Bicycle Helmet

Worldwide, Schwinn is a well-known brand of bicycles. Their reputation is built on manufacturing well-tested items of exceptional quality. Their helmets is no exception.

We are aware that no one likes wearing a helmet. It’s easy to find reasons not to wear one, such as that it’s too hot, too tight, or doesn’t look well on you. Now is the right moment to treat yourself to a helmet that fits as well and as is super comfortable, the Schwinn Thrasher Micro Bicycle Helmet. With 360° of adjustment, the Thrasher can be perfectly tailored to your unique fit. 

You’ll stay as cool as a slice of cucumber during hot summer rides thanks to its 21 air ventilation holes & moisture-wicking upholstery. Cost of the Schwinn Thrasher bicycle helmet: Rs 5336.

Principal Elements:

  • The helmet’s fit may be readily changed to provide a secure fit around your head.
  • It features 21 airflow vents to help you stay cool when riding a long distance.
  • There are pads that absorb moisture adsorbent substances within. This also aids in keeping you dry while riding.
  • It has a shade that resembles a cap on the front of the helmet.

3. Jaspo Sports Cycling Helmet 

Jaspo Sports Cycling Helmet

The Jaspo cycling helmet is an Indian-made item. This child’s cycle helmet is appropriate for a variety of multisport activities, such as roller skating, inline skating, skateboarding, and cycling.

Hiking enthusiasts should invest on safety gear such as Jaspo helmets. Because of the strap’s adjustable design, kids and youngsters of all sizes may wear them. 

Several vents on the Jaspo cycling helmet help you stay cool and minimize perspiration. Moreover, it lowers elevated body temperatures brought on by vigorous physical activity.

Furthermore, any enthusiast of outdoor activities would find this helmet to be indispensable protective gear. Jaspo Cycling Helmet: 559 rupees.

4. ZAKPRO Inmold Helmet for Cycling

ZAKPRO Inmold Cycling Helmet

An easy-to-use Fid-Lock buckle with both an automated and snap closure is used to secure the helmet. For riders, its straightforward closing mechanism enhances riding.

Additionally, it features a set of straps that are adjustable, allowing the rider to secure the helmet in a way that best suits his needs. Enough airflow is provided via the helmet’s 29 vents.

These additional vents come in quite handy on hot days. Wearing the helmet is made simpler and lighter by the increased number of vents.

There are barely 240 grams in the helmet. You may preserve a signature from a notable rider or even record memorable moments from your journey thanks to the helmet’s brilliant white surface.

5. FIREFOX RD 4 HELMET for the ₹1,820


For recreational & urban riders, the Firefox RD 4 Helmet serves as a fashionable and useful accessory. When worn, the helmet’s improved vent airflow system provides optimal ventilation.

In addition, this Firefox helmet features an Easy Size Adjustment dial and a detachable visor. These are this bike helmet’s specifications:

Built of EPS with a polycarbonate plastic shell, this vent airflow system is optimised, and the visor is removable. It comes in two sizes: medium (53–58 cm) and large (58–62 cm).

6. GIANT COMPEL BLUE for the ₹3,999 


Fit and functionality were the main design considerations for the Giant Compel Helmet, which results in a feature-rich, budget-friendly helmet.

Sweat from a rider’s head is drawn from the padding and sent via the AirFlow exhaust vents of the TransTextura PlusTM anti-microbial padding, which helps inhibit the formation of bacteria.

Impact-tuned structure for both low and high speeds, with an ultra-thin hardened polycarbonate shell and optimized low-density EPS. These are this bike helmet’s specifications:

Building materials: low-density EPS and toughened polycarbonate shell; certifications: AS/NZS, CPSC, and CE

Weight: 335 grams Padding: TransTextura PlusTM anti-microbial padding

7. Adult Shinmax Bicycle Helmet 

Shinmax Bicycle Helmet

With in-moulding technology, the Shinmax Cycle Helmet’s high-density imported PC shell & EPS Foam construction will undoubtedly enhance safety performance.

A removable soft inner cushion and a sturdy hard shell allow this cycling helmet to maximise head protection from all angles while also absorbing impact from the outside world. Shinmax Adult Bicycle Helmet: 6917/piece.

Because the helmet’s inner liners are detachable, you may clean it whenever you’d like. Cost of the Shinmax Cycle Helmet: Rs 6917.

8. Cockatoo Helmets

Cockatoo Cycling Helmets

Now is the time to get a helmet that will suit both you and the Cockatoo. Because of the adjustment strip on the rear of the helmet, it may be adjusted 360° for a perfect, personalized fit (see side image). During hot summer rides, the helmet keeps cool because of its moisture-wicking padding and 21 ventilation holes.

There will be no more pinching or head-scratching—just effortless riding so you can focus on the positive aspects of life. Now that you have the adult Kakadu helmet, you may go riding. Thus, you could choose to use this high-quality cycling helmet!

9. Strauss Adjustable Cycling Helmet with Detachable Visor     

Strauss Adjustable Cycling Helmet

The standard size Strauss Adjustable Cycling Helmet has side straps and an easy-to-use dial mechanism that allow it to be adjusted to fit a variety of head sizes. The material used to make it is lightweight. Topped off with a phone attached bracket stand, the Strauss cycling helmet is the greatest. 

Not only is it a snug and comfortable fit, but it also prevents air leakage. Comfort and breathability are provided by the Smooth inner fabric, which also offers extra protection thanks to its superfine inner layers of cloth. The cost of a Strauss cycling helmet is Rs 1,189.

10. Victgoal Cycling Helmet

Victgoal Bicycle Helmet

Imported high-density PC&EPS foam, which considerably lessens impact and offers superior protection for road or mountain biking, is used in the design of the VICTGOAL adult cycle helmet.

This cycling helmet guarantees your comfort and complete protection. Detachable magnetic goggles with three powerful magnets on them are a feature of this bike helmet that may shield your face from sand and wind while blocking sunlight.

Furthermore, it won’t stop you from wearing your spectacles. The road bike helmet’s 18 vents provide for ideal air circulation. The cooling vents let you distribute airflow over your head to keep dry and cool. Your speed may also be increased by the bike helmet’s vented and aerodynamic design.

What Exactly is the function and protection of a bicycle helmet?

an image showing various protective layers used in helmet

A bicycle helmet consists of three basic parts.

  • The helmet’s outside shell
  • The inside foam
  • The strap used to secure the helmet

Every piece has a specific role to play in keeping you safe. Even when you are flying off your bike, the strap keeps the helmet in place. The other two components cannot function properly if the strap is not in place.

It is the outer shell’s duty to avoid cracking upon impact. Additionally, it facilitates your sliding on the surface or road to prevent jerks to your neck or spin.

The purpose of the foam is to fully absorb the impact. Once your helmet has been in an accident or suffered a severe fall, you should replace it since it will disintegrate upon impact. Under direct contact during an accident, the foam helps shield your brain & skull.

Further information regarding bicycle helmets may be found here and here.

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Cycling Helmet Types:

4 Bicycle Helmets next to each other.

There are three primary types of bicycle helmets that are most commonly used.

1. Helmets for recreation or commuting:

Among the helmets available for purchase, these are the most popular. This list includes the majority of the helmets that are on my list.

Long distance riding & racing are not their intended uses; instead, they are meant for novices and/or commuters. Many times, these helmets include several practical features like lights and visors.

2. Road Helmets:

Because of their focus on speed, these helmets include extensive venting to keep the rider’s head dry and comfortable even over long distances.

To increase their aerodynamics, they are a little longer and more streamlined. In general, their cost is slightly higher than that of commuter helmets of equivalent quality, but they are lightweight.

3. Helmets of MTB:

Offroad trails are a common place for MTB riders to test their abilities. That’s why the MTB helmets are made to be the strongest.

However, in retrospect, this also makes these the least ventilated of the three helmets.

4. Time Trial and Triathlon Helmets:

Invest in a time trial helmet if you want to start competing in triathlons or time trials. Because of their unique design, these helmets can slice across the air at a rapid speed. Since they are unique and have an odd appearance, it is easy to distinguish between them.

You hardly ever see them on Indian roadways. They are located in a cycling shop. These helmets feature a long, pointed rear and are rounded at the front, perhaps with a face shield.

Should you attempt one, you will instantly resemble the creature from “Alien.”

How Do I Pick the Correct Size?

Measuring Head Size

The method for determining your head size was covered at the outset of this post. You must accurately measure the circumference in order to purchase the appropriate size helmet. Go back up and take a look at that picture if you still haven’t completed it.

After you’ve completed that, you may get an approximate idea of the helmet size you require by looking at the table below. Keep in mind that any business may slightly alter their goods, making it inaccurately suit the specs shown here.

General recommendations for helmet sizing: (Based on your head’s diameter)

  • Small: 54cm – 57cm
  • Medium: 58cm– 60cm
  • Large: 61cm – 62cm)
  • Extra-large: above 63cm
  • Men – One size fits all: 54cm – 61cm
  • Women – One size fits all: 50cm – 57cm
  • Kids – One size fits all: 46cm – 57cm

How Should a Cycling Helmet Be Worn Correctly?

It is your duty to bike safely before you hit the streets and start having fun. Any cyclist knows that sharing the road with cars is a serious matter, but any bicycle “crash” or fall has the potential to result in harm. Wearing a helmet is important in these situations. It will undoubtedly stop fatalities, severe brain damage, and head traumas.

Putting on the finest bicycle helmet is one approach to avoid death. This is our how-to tutorial for properly donning the finest bicycle helmet. Even while many individuals purchase helmets, most of them are not worn properly. They are therefore unable to provide complete protection.

The forehead is exposed because the helmet is positioned too far back. The straps are not fastened properly.

The rear of the head is exposed because the helmet is positioned too far forward. The straps are not fastened properly.

The helmet is put on backwards.

The helmet is at the proper place. The straps are securely fastened beneath the chin.

Take into consideration asking yourself these questions once you’ve worn or are wearing the helmet.

Does the bike helmet rest firmly on the head?

Is the forehead protected by the front of the helmet positioned low on the brow?

Are the side straps fastened forward and just below the ears?

The helmet will ultimately slip back, exposing your forehead, if it is worn too loosely.

Adhere to the 2V1 rule as stated in point no. 3 Fit.

Check the mirror for the helmet posting.

Turn the helmet on your head slowly from side to side and front to back. Observe the skin around your brow while you do this.

A correct fit is achieved if the skin moves with the helmet and the fit is pleasant. In the event that it is not, your helmet is too loose; repeat the adjustment instructions until they are correct.

Remember these things now that you are aware of the advantages, how to select the Best Adult Bicycle Helmets, and how to wear one. Later, you’ll undoubtedly thank us.

When should you get a new helmet?

In the event that your helmet has been in an accident or struck by a very hard object, you will need to replace it. If a helmet has been improperly stored for more than a year, do not use it. Overheating, air pollution, or moisture can damage the material’s integrity.

Replace the helmet if you see any cracks or lumps on the outside shell.

Recall, while not in operation. Properly store your helmet inside your house.

I’ve now concluded the article featuring the top bicycle helmets available in India. Wishing you luck in finding the ideal one for your requirements. Which option did you select? Are you still in need of clarification? Please let me know by leaving a comment below. I’ll do my best to respond to them with the information I know.

When you are riding, always wear a helmet to stay safe!

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Bike Helmets in India: 

1. Is it mandatory to wear a helmet when cycling?

Wearing a helmet is mandatory for your own protection.

2. What if I don’t use a helmet?

In order to prevent head injuries, you must always wear a helmet.

3. Does wearing a helmet while cycling keep our heads safe?

Yes, a quality helmet will keep your noggin safe from harm.

4. How much do bike helmets typically cost?

Helmets for cyclists are cheap.

Conclusion on Best Bicycle Helmets in India

My list of the Top Bicycle Helmets for Novice Riders in India comes to an end here. I really hope you made a wise choice in helmet quality to protect yourself.

If you found this helpful, Share your thoughts on it the comments section, For any further query you can contact me by clicking the button below.


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